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Farewell Party in Abhyaas The Global School

A farewell party is a way to express good wishes and bid goodbye to people who are leaving.

The Grade 10 farewell party held at Abhyaas the global school, on 28 February 2024, was a memorable event filled with laughter, tears and nostalgia.

Students dressed to impress, reflecting on their journey through high school as they bid farewell to the  years spent at Abhyaas.

Mrs. Prabha sang a prayer song with deep devotion while the Principal Mr. V. Satyanarayana showered his blessings and good wishes.

The venue was adorned with decorations, creating a festive atmosphere. Speeches from teachers and classmates stirred emotions, celebrating achievements and reminiscing about shared experiences.

Dance floors buzzed with energy as students danced, cherishing their final moments together as a class.

The farewell party marked the end of one chapter and the beginning of new adventures, leaving indelible memories etched in the hearts of all who attended.

Dear Parents’ Admissions are open for 2024-25

S Jayadeepika of Grade X, won the Girls Musical Chairs competition while, S Vinay Kumar bagged the boys Musical Chairs competition.

May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields.  May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.

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Sports Day Prize Distribution Ceremony 2023-24

Sports teaches people great lessons. Sometimes, you win, and sometimes you lose. Participating in various games and sports develops a feeling of sporting spirit. The students learn to accept both victory and defeat with grace.

During the last week of December many Abhyaasians participated with great gusto in the Annual Sports Day celebration. The Principal, Mr. V. Satyanarayan, the Vice Principal Mr. G. Rajesh and the Academic Coordinator, Mrs. D. Prasanna Ma’am felicitated the winners with medals and certificates.

The tiny tots from Nursery to UKG put up a great show.

The tiny winners of the running race are M. Siddharth Abhiram Sai of LKG who bagged the first prize. P. Naga Siva Sathvik of UKG who bagged the second prize and K. Dhansh Madhav of Nursery who bagged the third prize.

The winners of pattern walk are M Nainika Sri of Nursery, S. Pragathi Jaya of LKG and K Vaishnavi of UKG who bagged the first, second and third prizes respectively.

The winners of the Lemon and Spoon race are B Jyotsna, S. Hima Nandani and P. Satya Varshini who bagged the first, second and third prizes respectively.

The winners of the Musical Chairs competition are P. Aleesha Angelina, K.Joshitha Naga Sri and K. Bhanvi who bagged the first, second and third prizes respectively.

The winners of the hoop running race are K.Ganesh Satya Sai, D. Devansh and G Eshwar Venkat Sai who bagged the first, second and third prizes respectively.

In the Sub-junior category, the students Grade I and II put their best to show off their motor skills.

In the 60 Metres running race, T. Suhas Ram and B. Moksheeth Vijay Varma bagged the first and second prizes respectively whereas M. Abhinai and G. Jeshwanth Kumar bagged the third prize.

The winners of the Lemon and Spoon race are K. Rishika Varma, K. Heshwini and M. Udbhavi who bagged the first, second and third prizes respectively.

The winners of pattern walk are Y Sai Yokshika and S Dakshayani who bagged the first and second prize respectively whereas B Tejaswini and D Relina Princess together bagged the third prize.

The winners of the hoop running race are Y Issac, R Aasish and M Ghanan Karthik who bagged the first, second and third prizes respectively.

The winners of the musical chairs are J. Reuel Shekhar, K. Geetha Sameeksha and G. Viraj who bagged the first, second and third prizes respectively.

In the Junior category the students of Grade III, IV and V, participated actively with a competitive enthusiasm.

The winners of the 80 Metres Running race are D Hepsiba and P Sanjayana who bagged the first and second prizes while R Chaitrika and V Preeti bagged the third prize.

In the Lemon and Spoon running race, S. Kavya Sri, M. Bhavishya and A. Bhavya Sri bagged the first, second and third prizes respectively.

Y. Deekshika, G. Abhijna and V. Amulya have bagged the first, second and third prizes respectively in the hoop rotation competition.

D.V.S. Chandu, M. Reyansh and R. Revanth Avinash have bagged the first, second and third prizes respectively in the Hurdles Running race.

The winners of the Junior Kho-kho match are the Sapphire House students. They are DVS Chandu, T. Sashidhar, V. Raghuram Raju, P S Alfred, V. Nithya Prakash, V. Mokshajna, B.S.N.V Ravi Chandra, B. Gowtham Sai, K. Robin and N. Tejeswar

The runners up of the junior Kho-kho match are the Ruby House students. They are P Vikas, R Revanth, S Hima Rama Shankar, G. Kasi, M V. Karthik, T. Prabhath, A. Santosh, B. Kodanda Venkat, N. Yashwanth, K. Devansh Aditya and N. Raghuram.

In the Seniors category, the Grade VI and VII students displayed a spirit to win at all costs.

U. Vaishnavi, B. Lakshmi Chaitanya and V. Drushya Ananya have bagged the first, second and third prizes respectively in the rope skipping competition.

In the carrom board competition B Lakshmi Chaitanya, P. Hashwitha and S. Bhavya Sri bagged the first, second and third prizes respectively.

V. Vikhyat, A. Ram Kumar and M. Rup Shekhar bagged the first, second and third prizes respectively in the chess competition

G Chidvesh Pavan, R Nitish Varma and K Gopal Krishna won the first, second and third prizes respectively in the 100 Meters Running race.

Sapphire House students are the winners of the Seniors Throwball match. They are U Vyshnavi, M Vaibhavi, M Vyshnavi Sri, N Mounika and K Dhedeepana.

The runners up of the Throwball match are S Nizoni, V Drushya Ananya, K Jyoshna, P Hashwitha, K Poojitha and T Deekshikha.

Emerald house bagged the winners position in the Kho-kho match. The winners are M Rishith Varma, M Revanth, K Karthik, M Mahesh, G Sudheer, V Santosh, O Yapaphra, P Bharath, P S Ganesh, Ch Jethin and N Damodhar.

The Ruby House students out up a stiff competition and bagged the runners up position in the Kho-kho match. The runners up are G Hari Narayana, G Nishith, K V Aditya, K Yashodhar, N Rajkumar, T Dhruvan, K Vijay Venkatapathi Raju, B Shreyas, M Krishna and A Ramkumar

In the Super Seniors category the students of Grade VIII, IX and X fought tooth and nail to bag the top positions.

S Pranav, P Manohar and Y Rishi bagged the first, second and third prizes respectively in the 400 metres running race

P Sujitha, D Beulah and V Druthi bagged the first, second and third prizes respectively in the 100 Metres running race.

N Keerthana, P Tejeswari and K Beja Sri bagged the first, second and third prizes respectively in the rope skipping competition.

The winners of the Super Seniors Throwball match are the Ruby House students. They are R Gowthami, Ameemah Meher, V Druthi, P J Harshita, Ch Sai Divya, K Beja Sri, N Jhansi, Sk Halimunisa and R Vennela.

The runners up of the Super Seniors Throwball match are the Sapphire house members. They are G Sneha, P Tejeswari, S Jaya Deepika, R Anusha, K Roshani, Sk Parvin, V Rasagna, and D Pragna.

The winners of the Super Seniors Volleyball match arethe Sapphire house members. They are S Vinay, E Dileep, Akhil, Ganesh, G Naveen, G Beshu, Akhileshwar and G Dinesh.

The runners up of the Super Seniors Volleyball match are the Diamond house members. They are G John Suresh, S Pranav Jai Prakash, S Praneeth Jai Prakash, T Rajesh, R Kodanda Hemanth Varma, T Ramakrishna, G Sravan Varma, D Deepak and P Shankar Kumar.

The winners of the Super Seniors Kho-kho match are the Emerald house members. They are P Akhil, B Mohan Sai, K Uday, Y Asa Bounds, B Anji, M Jaswanth, Y Rushikesh, K Akhileshwar, P Naveen and Y Lakshmi Ganesh Kumar.

The runners up of the Super Seniors Kho-kho match are the Sapphire house members. They are B Harsha, N Akshay, V John Reginold, G Beshu, P Ganesh, E Dileep, G Dinesh, G Naveen, R Hemanth Varma and S Vinay

All the winners held their heads high as they displayed their medals and certificates with broad smiles.

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Vasantha Panchami _ Abhyaas The Global School

14/02/2024, WED

Vasantha Panchami is dedicated to Goddess Saraswati, the deity of wisdom, knowledge, learning, music, and the arts. Devotees perform puja (worship) to seek her blessings for wisdom, intellect, and success in academics and creative endeavors.

Vasantha Panchami heralds the arrival of spring, symbolizing renewal, growth, and vitality. The festival is marked by the blossoming of flowers and the onset of warmer weather, signifying the rejuvenation of nature.

Devotees wear yellow attire and offer yellow flowers to Goddess Saraswati, as yellow is considered her favorite color and symbolizes auspiciousness and knowledge.

Books, musical instruments, and other items associated with education are placed at the feet of the goddess as offerings.

Vasantha Panchami or Sri Panchami is considered an auspicious day for initiating children into the magical world of learning.

Abhyaas the global school has organized a special Saraswati Puja ceremony, where students of Grade X offered prayers to Goddess Saraswati and Lord Ganesh, to excel in their studies.

The principal Mr. V. Satyanarayana and the Vice Principal Mr. G. Rajesh blessed the Grade X students that they will achieve their dreams.

Prasad was distributed amongst the students after the Pooja ceremony. Later, Mr. V. Satyanarayana handed over the admit cards to the pupils.

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” 75 th Republic Day” Celebrated in Abhyaas The Global School.

Indians mark and celebrate 26 January 1950 as the date on which the Constitution of India came into effect.

This is very important to us because the Indian constitution replaced the Government of India Act 1935 as the governing document of India, thus turning the nation into a republic that is separate from the British Raj.

Today, we, at Abhyaas the global school celebrated the 75 th Republic Day in our sprawling campus to commemorate this great achievement by our patriotic forefathers.

Prabha Madam and the Grade 10 girls led the congregation by singing the National song.

Next the dignitaries paid their respects to the portrait of the Father of the Nation before hoisting the National flag and singing the National Anthem.

The Principal, Mr. V. Satyanarayana reviewed the colourful parade marching past him, led by the school’s SPL and the House leaders.

Principal Sir spoke on the responsibility placed on the shoulders of the teachers to imbibe the sense of patriotism, righteousness and truthfulness in the malleable young minds of our students so as to mold them to be worthy sons and daughters of our motherland.

Mr. Vinod Richards spoke about the reason for celebrating the Republic Day, its importance and how it is different from Independence Day.

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‘Makar Sankranti’ Celebrations @Abhyaas The Global School


Makar refers to the Zodiac sign of Capricorn, while Sankranti means transition. The festival ‘Makar Sankranti’ celebrates the Sun’s shift into the zodiac sign of Capricorn. It is celebrated in reverence to the deity Surya (Sun). It is observed each year in January. It marks the first day of the Sun’s transit into the Makara Rasi (Capricorn) and marks the end of the winter solstice.

Being a festival that celebrates the solar cycle, it usually falls on the same Gregorian date every year. This festival officially announces the beginning of the spring season. The festival highlights the importance of pulling back unethical and unhealthy behaviors while practicing peaceful and positive ones instead.

The harvest festival of ‘Sankranti’ is celebrated in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana for three days as ‘Bhogi’, ‘Sankranti’ and ‘Kanuma’. Sankranti is the main festival, followed by ‘Kanuma’ when cattle are worshipped.

Abhyaas the global school too celebrated ‘Sankranthi’ over a period of three days i.e on the 5th, 6th and 8th of January 2024.

Mehendi competition was held on the first day i.e on 5th January 2024 for girls across grades 4 to IX. The competitors tried to outshine each other by drawing intricate designs on the palms of their classmates and teachers.

In the junior category, Preethi of Grade V, Bhagya and Navya of Grade IV bagged the first, second and third prizes respectively whereas in the senior category, Poojitha of Grade IX bagged the first prize and Akshaya Deepika of Grade VIII bagged the second prize. Nehamrutha Sri and Druthi of Grade IX shared the third prize.

The second day of the festivities was happily spent with boys across Grades I to IX flying kites that seemed to touch the sky and girls across Grades V to IX drawing beautiful rangoli patterns.

In the high school category, D. Pragna and T Poojitha of Grade IX bagged the first place in rangoli competition. K. Varshini of 7 IIT and Lakshmi Chaitanya of Grade 7 bagged the second place while Srihitha, Renuka and Annanya of VI IIT bagged the third place.

In the primary category, Amulya and Bhavya of Grade IV got the first prize in rangoli competition while Dusana and Kavya Sri of Grade IV got the second prize. Kashifa, Meghana and Rushita of Grade V got the third prize.

In the primary school category, Lokesh of Grade V bagged the first prize in the kite flying competition. Tanuj of Grade III bagged the second prize while Viraj of Grade I got the third prize.

In the High school category,  Nageshwarrao of Grade VII bagged the first prize and Rushikesh of Grade IX won the second prize whereas Srujan of Grade VIII got the third prize.

The third day i.e the 8th of January, the festival was celebrated with great pomp and splendor  where students came gaily dressed in  multicolored, vibrant, traditional Indian traditional dresses.

A model village hut  with motifs and sweetmeats related to Sankranti, colourful rangoli and flowers caught the attention of all present.

Bommala Koluvu (display of dolls) was arranged with images of Gods, toys, and dolls that were brought by the students and teachers.

The celebrations were started by the Principal who lit the bonfire as a symbol of discarding outdated things and ideas welcoming new things and new ideas to prosper.

Next, kids of Nursery, LKG, UKG, Classes 1 and 2 were blessed by their Principal, teachers and parents with auspicious akshintalu, coins, ber fruits and flowers.

Students danced around Gobbemmalu that were placed on colourful rangoli with the accompaniment of songs related to gobbillu.

A Haridasu sang many devotional songs and accepted dakshina from parents, teachers and students alike. A group of six Gangireddys skillfully handled two Gangiredulu (gaily decorated bulls) much to to joy and excitement of the children.

Later, to enhance the festivities in the children, a few students dressed up as Haridasu, Buddabukkalavadu, Sodi Amma, farmer, Pittala Dora, Komma Dasari, Goda Devi and village lady, and entertained all with their dialogues. This was followed by dances by cultural programmes

To kick off the festivities, enchanting Grade V girls presented a classical dance performance titled ‘Maha Ganapati Manasa Smarami.’

The tiny tots from Nursery to Grade II enthralled the audience with their charm as they danced with glee.

The youngsters across Grade III to Grade V captured the hearts of all present with their foot-tapping dance performance.

The boys and girls of High School stomped the stage with their fast-paced intricate dance steps.

The boys and girls of Grade VI performed a dance based skit depicting the problems faced by the farmers and urged the audience not to waste food as it is very precious.

The girls of Grade VII, VIII and IX  stole the show with their Ammoru dance. The image and glory of Goddess Durga continued to resonate in our hearts for a long long time.

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Junior Sports Meet @ Abhyaas The Global School


The Junior Sports Day organized by Abhyaas the global school was a vibrant celebration of youthful energy and sportsmanship.

Amidst cheers and laughter, our budding athletes showcased remarkable talent in various events.

From the thrilling Hoop races to the adorable lemon and spoon races, every moment was filled with enthusiasm.

The camaraderie among participants and the cheers from the audience created an atmosphere of joy and encouragement.

In the Pre-junior  category, cute little LKG and UKG kids had a gala time playing games. The energetic boys participated in Hoop Running, 50 Meters Running and Pattern Walk while the tomboyish girls participated in Lemon and Spoon Race, Pattern Walk and Musical Chair games.

In the Sub-junior category, students of Grades I and II the sense of competition was observed in many kids.

While the boys competed with one another to win the 60 Meters Running and Hoop Running events, the girls proved to be no less competitive in the Pattern Walk, Lemon and Spoon and Musical chair events.

In the junior category boys and girls of Grades III, IV, and V tried to surpass each other in an attempt to bag the coveted first place.

Be it the 80 Meters Running Race, Hoop Rotation or the Lemon and Spoon race, the girls proved that they were second to none.

The boys showed promise of being great sportsmen as they breezed through the Hurdles Running race and Kho-kho.

As we witnessed these young talents giving their best, it was evident that the spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork was very much alive and well in our junior category.

Congratulations to all participants and their ever supportive teachers for making this Sports Day a memorable and heartwarming event!

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“Christmas Celebrations” _ @Abhyaas The Global School

Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a frame of mind. It teaches us to love the giver more than the gift.

Christmas is a time of spiritual reflection on the important foundations of the Christian faith. It is also a celebration of sharing God’s gifts. It is a time when Christians celebrate God’s love for the world through the birth of the Christ child: Jesus.

With the blessings of our ever encouraging Chairman Dr. Girrem Bharadwaja Naidu garu and our dynamic GM. Mr. T. Pavan Kumar and under the able guidance of the Principal Mr V. Satyanarayana, the Vice Principal Mr. G. Rajesh, the AO. Mr. Ramesh and the Coordinator Mrs. Prasanna, Abhyaas the global school celebrated the birth of Christ with great pomp and splendor.

The celebrations began with Mrs Mary Jones explaining about the importance of Christmas.

Mrs Prabha, our Abhyaas’ nightingale gave a soulful rendition of the prayer ‘Vittanam Virigite’.

Solemn Bible readings were done by Mrs Nirupa, Mrs. Rajeshwari and Mrs Neelima.

The tiny tots from Nursery set the mood by swaying to the tune of the most loveable song ‘Jingle Bells’.

Cute little children from LKG performed superbly to the tune of the song ‘This Little Light of Mine’ followed by tiny little girls of UKG who danced to the song ‘We Wish You a Happy Christmas’.

Little Jessica, Manya and a few children of UKG recited a few verses from the Bible while a cute little Santa Claus captured the hearts of the children.

The Principal, the Vice Principal and the Coordinator greeted the children with warm Christmas wishes.

The Pre Primary students performed a skit on the birth of Jesus the Christ. A role play about King Herod educated the children about the situation before the birth of Jesus.

Angelic kids of Grade I performed a liturgical dance to the song ‘Praise – Praise’ followed by the Lively Kids of Grade II who gave a scintillating performance to the song ‘I Love to Praise Him’.

Boys of Grade III gave a lovely dance performance to the tune of

‘Yese Sarvam’ whereas the girls presented a worship dance to the song ‘We Wish You a Happy Christmas’.

Girls from Grade 4 gave an exciting performance saying ‘Thara Velasindi’ while the boys enthralled the audience with their dance ‘Super Naturals’

Girls of Grade V displayed their dancing skills by performing the dance number ‘Baludu Kadamma’ followed by the boys who expressed praise to God through dance form to the song ‘Everybody Everywhere’.

Girls of Grade VI captured the hearts of the audience by dancing to the song ‘It’s Christmas Time’ while the boys communicated God’s heartful message to His people as they danced to the song ‘Grow – Grow – Grow’.

Grade VII girls danced gracefully to the song ‘Prabhu Yeshu Naam Pukare’ while the boys captured many hearts with their soulful dance rendition of ‘Only Jesus’.

Girls of Grade VIII proclaimed to all that Nothing is Impossible through a dance performance whereas the boys enthusiastically rendered a dance to the tune of the song ‘I Will Follow’.

Girls of Grade IX performed a splendid dance saying ‘Yehova Na Mora Lalinchenu’ while another set of enthusiastic girls gave a scintillating dance performance to the song ‘Yelo Yelo Antu’.

Finally, the boys of Grade IX danced in the presence of God to the song ‘Faith in Jordan’

The Closing Prayer by the Principal Mr V. Satyanarayana ensured the continuity of the festive mood.

The curtains closed with Mr. Vinodh Richards’ giving of the vote of thanks.

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“Mathematics Day” in Abhyaas The Global School

The National Mathematics Day is celebrated annually on December 22 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. Born in 1887 in Erode, Tamil Nadu, Ramanujan had almost no formal training in pure mathematics.

While Ramanujan passed away at the mere age of 32 (in 1920), it was years later that the Government of India decided to celebrate his birth anniversary in the form of National Mathematics Day.

In 2012, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh declared December 22 as National Mathematics Day, and the year 2012 was also termed and celebrated as the National Mathematics Year.

The aim of celebrating this day is to highlight the achievements of Srinivasa Ramanujan and to stress on the idea that having formal and high-end educational training is not the only way to achieve great accomplishments. Like Ramanujan, many children are motivated to go beyond textbooks and engage in critical thinking and logical reasoning.

To celebrate National Mathematics Day, schools and colleges hold competitions, Olympiads and other educational events. The Mathematics Department at Abhyaas the global school loves to do things differently by thinking out of the box. The Mathematics teachers believe in Nelson Mandela’s famous quotation, ‘It always seems impossible until it is done’.

The day began with a special assembly which set the stage for an action filled day. The regular assembly proceedings were modified to suit the occasion so much that even the Indian Pledge was modified to suit the subject Mathematics.

Tiny Abhyaasians of Grade I performed a dance number, ‘Maths is The Queen of Sciences’ to explain about the different signs used in Maths, while the little ones of Grade II enthusiastically performed  to the tune of the song ‘We Are Shapes’ by displaying the different geometric shapes.

Dynamic children across Grades III to IX showcased their talents in front of parents, teachers and fellow students.

Grade III students displayed projects explaining about Place Value, Time, The four Mathematical operations, Ascending and Descending order, Odd and Even numbers and about Successors and Predecessors.

Students of Grade IV enthralled their audience with their projects explaining about the nuances of Fractions, 2-D Shapes and their properties, Clocks, Perimeter of Polygons, LCM and HCF, Months of the Year and about Weekdays.

Students of Grade V display their projects explaining about different Types of Angles, Types of Fractions, Nets, 3-D Shapes, Measurement of Length and 3-D Shapes using matchsticks.

Children from Grade VI captured the hearts of one and all with their projects explaining Squares and Cubes, Lines and Angles, Types of Triangles and LCM and HCF.

Children of Grades VIII and IX showcased their projects explaining Real Numbers and 2D, 3D City.

Many enthusiastic students, eagerly listened to the explanations given about each project and how it works while others participated wholeheartedly in games involving Mathematics in daily life.

Students across Grades VI to IX enthralled their audience with numerous games including decimals, integers and roman numbers, quizzes, puzzles, riddles, fun with balloons, memory games with shapes, Tangram Puzzle, Puzzles with icecream sticks to name a few of them.

Both the projects as well as the games captivated the hearts and minds of teachers, students and their parents. All this was possible only because of the tireless, dynamic and multifaceted Coordinator Mrs. Prasanna and her Mathematics team. Kudos to all of them.

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World AIDS Day @Abhyaas


World AIDS Day is observed on December 1st each year  to raise awareness about the AIDS pandemic caused by HIV infection. It’s also a day to remember those who have died from AIDS-related illnesses.

The theme for the year 2023 is “Let Communities Lead”. The theme focuses on the need for social communities to come together to:

  • Stop misinformation
  • Spread awareness
  • Fight stigma
  • Support patients.

World AIDS Day has been observed since 1988. The day recognizes the tens of millions of people living with HIV/AIDS and the tens of millions who have died from AIDS-related causes.

This annual event serves as a reminder of the global struggle to end HIV-related stigma, an opportunity to honor those we have lost, and a rallying cry to commit to working toward a day when HIV is no longer a public health threat.

Over the past 35 years, there has been significant progress in addressing HIV and AIDS thanks to advancements in medical research, increased access to treatment and prevention, and a broader understanding of the virus.

Mt. D. Prabhakar Babu garu, councillor at ART, spoke about the positive and negative sides of using the cell phone. He urged the students to use the cell phone to learn about burning topics like AIDS and Good Touch and Bad Touch.

The program was presided over by Mrs Mary Jones.

D. Harshith Sai of Fantastic 4 spoke about Nutrition while A. Bhargav Sai Krishna and B. Bhargava Amruth of Fabulous 4 spoke about Balanced Diet and the benefits of Exercise and yoga respectively.

Y. Jessica of Furious V, spoke about the extent to which the HIV virus will negatively effect our internal system.

Preethi and J. Hemanth of Fascinate V spoke about ‘Balanced diet’ and our ‘Immune System’

Rishi Varma, Vikyath and Ram Kumar of Class VII  I.I.T, spoke not only about HIV virus and AIDS’s disease but also about the diet that is beneficial to the HIV patient.

Varshini and Bhargavi of Class VII IIT spoke about how the HIV virus effects our body negatively.

Sri Vyshnavi of Class. VI IIT gave a speech on AIDS while Renuka and Dhrushya Ananya spread awareness on AIDS.

B.Sreyas of Succulent VI gave a speech on AIDS Day.

G. Naveen of Elegant VIII spoke about Immunity.

Boys from Class. VIII IIT, N. Akshay Swaroop appraised everyone about the causes of AIDS while P.Sai Ganesh educated all present about the symptoms of AIDS. R.Srujan and B. Sai Harsha Akhil spoke about the Orizons of AIDS.

Girls from Class. VIII IIT, Akshara and Ch. Divya spoke about the Precautions and Prevention of AIDS

Pragna of Naive IX described the Human Immune System’

Druthi.of Class IX IIT spoke about the Symptoms of AIDS

Dinesh, Hanuvardh, Sravan and Beshu spoke about the prevention, symptoms and causes of AIDS while Shahil and Vinay spoke about the different Stages of AIDS propagation.

Finally, the vote of thanks was given by Mrs. Bala Durga.

Kudos to the science department who took special interest in training the students to perform the activities impeccably.

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Constitution Day @Abhyaas The Global School


Constitution Day, also known as Samvidhan Divas or National Law Day, is celebrated in India on November 26. This day commemorates the adoption of the Constitution of India by the Constituent Assembly on November 26, 1949. The Constitution came into effect on January 26, 1950.

The Constitution of India provides a framework to govern the country, taking into account its unique social, cultural, and religious diversity. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, the Chairman of the Drafting Committee, is considered the chief architect of the Constitution.

honor and acknowledge the constitution of the Founding Fathers, to highlight and to reiterate the values and principles enshrined in the Constitution.

The Indian Constitution is a document that embodies the aspirations and ideals of a united and just society.

Today, the Social Science department, at Abhyaas the global school, has put a few heads together to commemorate the foundation of our nation’s guiding principles and values.

Let us reflect on the significance of our constitution. This celebration allows us to take a moment to acknowledge the sacrifices made by our forefathers in shaping our constitutional framework. This day serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding the principles of democracy, justice, and equality that are enshrined in our constitution.

The celebration began with Mr. V. Satyanarayan, the  Principal, Mr. G. Rajesh, the Vice Principal along with Mr. Vinod Richards and Mrs. Nirupa Rani of the Social Science department who garlanded the portrait of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

Pragna of Grade IX read out the Preamble which was followed by all the teachers and students present.

Mr. Vinod Richards enlightened all by speaking on this august occasion.

Girls of Grade V sang a song in praise of our beloved leader Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar without whom this colossal work of compiling the Constitution would be just a dream.

Boys of Grade VI and VII performed a splendid skit on the life of Ambedkar.

Akshay Swaroop, Akshaya Deepika and N.Navya of Grade VIII rendered their  speeches on the occasion.

Renuka of Grade VI IIT and T. Mahidhar of 6-IIT shared their thoughts on the occasion.

Bubbly girls of Grade VIII performed an awesome patriotic dance.

Mr. Vinod Richards elucidated the Fundamental Rights so that the children familiarize themselves about the different rights of the Indian citizen. This was visually presented by the boys of Grade VII and VII in the form of a skit.

Mrs. Nirupa Rani of the Social Science Department spoke on the occasion.

A few students dressed up  representing the great leaders who have spent quality time together in the preparation of the Indian Constitution.

The girls of Grade  IX performed a dance appraising the audience on the duties of the Indian constitution.

A Quiz on Constitution Day was conducted by Mr. Vinod Richards to sharpen the brains of the future citizens of Mother India.

The program was  anchored by Pragna and Hanuvadh of Grade IX.

Mrs. Bala Durga of the Science department gave the vote of thanks.

The grand celebration was concluded by singing the National Anthem.


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Social & English Club Activity @Abhyaas

Club activities assist students to cultivate a sense of unity and work with others in reaching the same goals. Students develop social skills: Clubs facilitate students to meet, mix, and work together with other students from different backgrounds in a diverse environment.

Keeping this in view the English and Social teachers at Abhyaas the global school conducted a few activities to enhance soft skills in the children. Students across Grades I to 9 have enthusiastically participated in the activities.

As part of Social Science activities, Tiny T. Suhas Ram, D. Relina Princess and Y. Anjana Sri of Oceanic – 1 came up with a conversation about plants.

Little J. Reuel Shekhar  and G.Sudheer Varma of Tender – 2 spoke about the difference between clean drinking water and dirty water.

Prudhvi Raj, Ranveer and Rithika of Class 3, spoke on the topic, ‘Solar System’.

Students of Grade – 3 came up to recite the different states in India with their states:

Abhijna spoke about the Northern states while Gautam Chandra spoke about the Southern states. G. B. T. Karthik spoke about the Eastern & Central states while Swaroopa Rani spoke about the Western  states.

Finally, Revanth Avinash spoke about the North eastern states.

Amrutha, Bhargav Sai, Bhargav Amruth, Lakshmi Sruthi, Harshith Varma and Prem Tej of Class 4 spoke about the  physical divisions of India.

Mokshjna, Chandni, Akshay, Raghu Ram, Rushitha and Meghana of Class 5 spoke about continents while Jaswanth, Akshitha Geethaanvitha and Ritesh spoke about oceans.

Jessika, Mokshjna, Chandu and Raghuram of Furious 5, spoke about volcanic eruption

Renuka, of Grade 6 IIT explained about the solar system while Pavan Kumar of Grade 7 IIT recited the names of all the Indian states and their capitals.

Ramakrishna and Deepak of Grade 8 IIT spoke about the Fundamental rights expounded in the Indian Constitution.

Likhita and Saraswati of Naive 9  read out the Preamble and explained it word by word.

As part of English club activities, the tiny tots S. Dakshayani, M. Guna Sai Srinidhi, A.Y. Sri Sai, P. Kavya Sri and M .Ghanan Karthik of Oceanic -1 sweetly lisped the Vowels song.

M. Abhiram Varma and J. Reuel Shekhar of Tender-2 together described a few objects.

T. Harshitha, T. Lohitha, J. Reuel Shekhar  and M. Abhiram  Varma of Tender-2 recited the singular and plural forms of some nouns.

B. S. D. Karthik and K.Gowtham Chandra of Grade 3 shared a few words and their opposites

Prudhivi Raj and Tanuj Varma of Grade 3 discussed the situations where we use the terms ‘May I ask?’ ‘Could you please?’.

Harshith of Class 4 told a beautiful story About Sheba and the Monkey while, Prem Tej and  Bhargav Sai spoke on Dussehra celebrations.

K.Thanmai and Amrutha Siva Parvati spoke about the importance of a library while, Sanvitha and Dusana  shared her thoughts on Verb forms

Sparjan Lee of Succulent 6 narrated a small story about the crow and a jar with waterl.

Joshna and Rupa Sahasra of Succulent 6 interacted with their audience with a game of scrambled words.

Vikhyat, Harshavardhan and Pavan Kumar of 7 IIT discussed about the importance of reading stories from the Panchatantra.

Bhargavi and Varshini of Grade 7 IIT had a short discussion on articles and their usage.

Navya of Grade 8 played a game called word ladder with her audience.

Finally Shravan, Shravani and Chasmitha of Grade 9 IIT played a highly interactive game called Boggle with their enthusiastic audience.

Akshara and Nehamrutha of Grade 8 IIT anchored for the Social activities whereas Mokshit of Elegant 8 anchored for the English activities.

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Prize Distribution in Abhyaas The Global School

Prize distribution helps in motivating students by recognizing and rewarding their efforts and achievements. It instills a sense of accomplishment, boosts confidence, and encourages a positive attitude towards learning. Additionally, it can foster healthy competition, inspiring students to excel in various fields, contributing to overall personal and academic development.

  • Recognize students’ efforts
  • Encourage students to feel good about their work
  • Promote feelings of pride and happiness
  • Generate enthusiasm in students and staff
  • Improve school efficiency
  • Establish strong links between parents and teaching staff
  • Celebrate students’ pursuit of education

Abhyaas the global school leaves no stone unturned to encourage her students to excel in academics as well as co-curricular activities. Keeping this in view, the Principal Mr. V. Satyanarayana and the Vice Principal Mr. G. Rajesh requested the school GM. Mr. T. Pavan Kumar.

to take time out of his busy schedule to distribute the prizes to the enthusiastic winners.

The first ones to share the stage with Pavan Sir were the winners of the Drawing Competition. They are Gowtham Chandra of Grade III, B. Bhagya of Grade IV, K. Meghna of Grade V, Nithila of Grade VI, Ritwik of Grade VII, Vijwal Amogh of Grade VIII and P Karthikeya of Grade IX.

Next to share the stage were the winners of Spell Bee Competition. They are R Revanth Avinash and B. S. D. Karthik of Grade III, A Bhargav Sai and Manvitha of Grade IV, A Santosh and A Niharika of Grade V, B Sreyas and Aman Khalid of Grade VI, B Lakshmi Chaitanya and V Vikhyat of Grade VII, V John Reginold and Ch Divya of Grade VIII, and V Druthi and N Vinay Venkat of Grade IX.

Next to come up on stage were the winners of the Handwriting Competition. They are P Vikas of Grade III, B Hemanya of Grade IV, V Preethi of Grade V, T Mahidhar of grade IV,  G Hari Narayana of Grade VII and K Vasavi Sai Priya of Grade VIII.

The next batch were the winners of the Times Table final round. They are G Viraj and R Ashish of Grade I, Anusri, Reul Shekhar and Vijay Ram of Grade II, Bhagya Sri, Bhavya and Prem Tej of grade IV, J Hemant and Niharika of Grade V, Sreyas and Mahidhar of Grade VI, R Bhargavi, K Varshini and V Vikhyat of Grade VII and Akshaya Deepika of Grade VIII.

The winners of the Essay Writing Competition (Telugu) queued up next to collect their prizes. They are B Kondanda Venkat and J Hemanth of Grade V, D Harshith and Shanvitha of Grade IV, T Mahidhar of Grade VI, V Vikhyat and Hari Narayana of Grade VII, K Beja Sri of Grade VIII, Ch Chasmitha and B Saraswati of Grade IX.

The IIT Foundation Course Toppers made a beeline to the stage to receive their prizes. They are S Bhavya and K Vijay venkatapati Raju of class 6th IIT who bagged the first rank and their classmate J Nithya Srihitha who bagged the second rank, A Ram Kumar and K Pujitha of Grade VII-IIT who bagged the first and second position respectively, B Sai Harsha Akhil and Ch Divya of Grade VIII-IIT who bagged the first and second position respectively, and Y Harsha Sri Sai Teja and G Beshu Guna Pavan of Grade IX-IIT who won the first and second position.

Finally the toppers in academics proudly went up to the stage to collect their prizes. They are K Dhanush Madhav of Nursery, P Alessa Angelina and K Bhanvi of LKG, V Thamogna of UKG, T Suhas Ram and G Viraj of Grade I, J Reuel Shekar and G Sudheer of Grade II, G Abhigna, K Prudhvi Raj and B Ravi Chandra of Grade III, A Bhargav Sai and D Harshith of Grade IV, A Santosh, V Preethi and J Hemanth of Grade V, B Sreyas, T Mahidhar and K Vijay Venkatapati Raju of Grade VI, R Bhargavi, K Varshini, B Lakshmi Chaitanya and K Vikhyat of Grade VII, N Akshay Swaroop and Ch Divya of Grade VIII, Y Harsha Sri Sai Teja and D Pragna of Grade IX, and Y Vinay Sai Abhiram and U Ganesh of Grade X.

Kudos to the teachers and the students for achieving this milestone.

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Math Club Activity _ Abhyaas the global school

#abhyaas the global school

Math clubs can have many benefits for children, including:

Developing knowledge and understanding, applying math in real-life situations, strengthening cross-curricular links, providing opportunities to try new things, enhancing mathematical reasoning skills,promoting collaborative learning, developing math resilience

Boosting self-confidence, cultivating creativity and most of all – building a positive relationships between teachers and children

Math clubs can also help children:

  • Explore math beyond textbooks
  • Develop their explorative, creative, and inventive faculties
  • Inculcate the habit of self-study and independent work
  • Offer an ideal avenue for a free exchange of mathematical ideas
  • Promote frank and helpful criticism of mathematical ideas
  • Math clubs can be social occasions that provide opportunities to showcase being a math champion and help children become math catalysts and math ambassadors themselves.

The Mathematics teachers at Abhyaas the global school organized a few Maths club for students across Grades 1 to 9 to encourage them to put on their thinking caps.

From the junior team, T. Suhas Ram, Y S. Sai, D. Relina Princess, M. Ghanan Karthik and S. Dakshayani of Class 1 performed an activity using body parts to measure length such as hand span, foot span and cubit and foot pace.

Class 2 pupils, T. Reuel Shekhar, T. Harshika, T. Lohitha and M. Abhi Ram performed an activity to explain Shapes.

R. Revanth Avinash and P. Vikas of Class 3 performed an Activity to demonstrate measurement of objects like pencil, eraser and book with a scale while N. Yuva Kireeti and G. Saniya performed an activity to explain Time .

Class 4 students V. P . Sanjayana,

P.S.R.Thanmai, N. Nishitha Varma and K.V.S. Madhurima performed an activity to explain about Mass and Measurement.

N. Manvitha, Bhaghya and B. Cherithesh explained about Capacity through an activity.

Class 5 students, V. Preethi and V. Kodanda Venkat explained about the concept of Time while M.V.Karthik explained about Mass and Weight.

Coming to the senior school, Pragna of Ruby House did the anchoring.

B. Sreyas   of Class VI enlightened the audience about the different types of fractions.

Sk. Halimunnisa and S. Bhavya of Grade VI IIT an activity on HCF.

Varshini and Rishith from the audience did a given sum using the play way method.

B. Lakshmi Chaitanya and M. Sindhu of Class VII explained about the different types of triangles.

A. Ramkumar of Grade VII IIT explained about the Anglesl Sum  Property of a triangle using cutouts of interior angles of a triangle.

M. Krishna Varma, G.Chidvesh Pavan and K.Vijay Venkatapathi Raju  conducted a Quiz.

S. Sai Durga of Class VII IIT recited the squares of numbers from 1 to 20 by heart.

G. Harinarayana  of Grade VIII-IIT recited the cubes of numbers from 1 to 15.

K. Bejasri and Sk. Munthaj VIII performed an activity to explain the concept of Inverse Proportion.

G. Shyam of Class VIII conducted a very proactive Quiz.

S. Hanuvadh, S. Prudhvi and Y. Harsha of Class IX performed an activity on ‘Circle to Cone’ and also asked a few questions to their audience regarding circle and cone.

R. Vennela and P. J Harshita of Class IX have explained about the different types of Lines and Angles.

V. Druthi and D. Pragna of Class IX explained about the Cartesian Plane.

All of this was possible because of the Mathematics teachers who encouraged the students to showcase their talents. Kudos to them.

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Dussehra – 2023, Celebrations

13/10/2023, Fri

#Abhyaas The Global School, @Bhimavaram, Ap

Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashami, marks the victory of Lord Rama over the demon king Ravana. It symbolizes the victory of righteousness over evil forces and the beginning of a new era filled with positivity and hope.

Today’s celebration at Abhyaas the global school was filled with an array of activities and performances that reflected the spirit of Dussehra.

The festivities had begun with Mrs. Prabha and Mrs. Syamala who sang a song praying to God Almighty to bless us all with lots of health, happiness and prosperity.

Mrs Prabha also enlightened the audience about the importance of Dussehra.

The Principal, Mr. V. Satyanarayan spoke a few words to bless the gathering on the auspicious occasion.

The children enthusiastically organized some wonderful cultural activities from traditional dances to melodious songs with the support of their teachers

Naturally talented Niharika of Class V started the celebration by enthralling her audience by performing a classical dance – ‘Mushika Vahana’.

Amazing Kashifa Sumanha of Class V entertained all with her impeccable performance of the classic devotional dance ‘Aigiri Nandini’.

The ‘Dazzling Duo’ Sujitha and Keerthana of Class 10 sizzled their audience with their performance of ‘Pranavalaya’.

Boys will be Boys! They too wanted to show off their dancing skills by dancing to the tune of a ‘Bonalu’ song.

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A troupe of High School girls across grades 7 to 10 showcased their dancing skills as they gracefully swayed to the tune of the classical prayer song ‘Aigiri Nandini’.

Soon it was time for another grand display of dancing skills by Ritvika of Class V with the song ‘Ettaagayya Shivaya’.

Rishith Varma from Class VII IIT spoke a few words on the occasion.

A mind-blowing group presentation of ‘Om Sarvani’ by Kashifa, Geethanvitha, Deekshitha, Chaithrika and Yokshika had the audience glued to their seats.

A group of boys and girls who have been learning music in the school sang a beautiful song called ‘Peddla Mata Vindam’

Last but not the least, boys of Class 10 had dazzled the audience with their dance number ‘Peddapuli’.

Mrs Jyothirmaie closed the celebration by giving the vote of thanks.

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Telugu & Hindi Club Activities @Abhyaas the global school

Abhyaas The Global School @Bhimavaram, Ap

Today, Abhyaas the global school conducted Hindi and Telugu club activities.

Punya Satya Sri and Eekshitha of Class 9,

Sri Vaibhavi and Mahidhar of Class 6 IIT recited Neeti Padhyaalu.

Srujan, Ganesh, Akshay and Harsha Sai Akhil of Class 8 IIT, Aditya of Class Succulent 6 and Mounica 7th IIT recited a few slokas from the Bhagvad Gita.

Rup Shaker and G Krishna asked a few riddles in Telugu.

Ritwik and Sahvas Class 7 also asked another set of riddles in Telugu.

Vaibhavi and Vaishnavi of Class 6 Gen sang a patriotic song in Telugu called Maa Koddi Tella Dora Tanamu.

Vaishnavi of Class Succulent 6 gave a thought in Hindi

Deekshitha spoke about trees in Hindi.

Mani Teja recited a poem Pani Rinji in Hindi

Guna Shekhar Class 6 translated the names of Weekdays from Hindi to English.

Beshu, Prudhvi, Dinesh, Sravan and Hanuvadh of Class 9 performed a Skit in Hindi.

Dhedeepana Class Shrewd 7 spoke about computer in Hindi.

Aman Khalid of Class 6 IIT spoke about the Indian flag in Hindi

Kudos to the teachers who supported and trained their children to take active participation in the club activities.

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24th RSFI National Rope Skipping Championship were held at Nashik in Maharashtra

#Abhyaas The Global School, @Bhimavaram, AP

Abhyaas the global school proudly announces that once again one our prodigious students actively participated in the championship and secured medals.

Kashifa Sumahna of grade 5 bagged one silver medal in Single Leg Switch category and two Bronze medals in Relay and in Double Touch categories.

Kudos to Kashifa’s parents who are encouraging her to be an all-rounder.

This is indeed a proud moment not only for Kashifa’s parents and teachers but also for Abhyaas the global school.

It is very happy occasion for abhyaas school, that one our student who participated
and secure medals.
Kashifa got one silver medal in single leg switch and 2 Bronze medals in Relay,Double touch.

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“Science Club Activity” @Abhyaas The Global School

#Abhyaas The Global School, Bhimavaram-AP

Science clubs help in the development of scientific attitude and a genuine interest in science and scientific activities. They act as a supplement to the teaching-learning process in the classroom and the laboratory. They enhance the parts of the syllabus on a practical basis.

Mrs. Mary Jones introduced the occasion to the children while Mr. V. Satyanarayan the Principal spoke about the importance of participating in Science Clubs.

After a great start by the senior boys and girls from Abhyaas the global school, today the juniors across grades 3 to 5 have proved their calibre by participating in the science club activities with the same gusto as their seniors.

Bhargav Sai and Bhargav Amruth from Class 4 explained about how the human Digestive System works by using a model.

Gowtham and Prudhvi of Class 3 explained about the Parts of a Plant in a conversational method while displaying a real tree.

Jessica and Preethi of Class 5 enlightened the audience by giving factual information about the different types of Joints in our skeletal system by taking the help of a model. Later they asked a few questions to check how far their audience was attentive.

Finally, Hashrith and Delisha threw some more light on the working of our digestive system.

Club activities encourage students to develop a sense of unity and teamwork, learning how to work with others in reaching the same goals. They help learners develop social skills.

We, at Abhyaas the global school, have marked this day, 19 September 2023 to celebrate Science Club activities.

Mr. Chakravarthy began the celebration by speaking on the importance of Science club.

Boys of Class Succulent 6 performed an experiment on Light, reflection and shadow. They explained about shadows and the conditions necessary for the formation of shadows.

Boys of Class 7 IIT demonstrated and explained about how to recognise acids and bases by using natural indicators like blue and red  litmus papers and turmeric. They also gave examples of neutralization in everyday life experiences. They also showed how to change acids into bases and vice versa.

Boys of Class-8 IIT performed a simple but effective demonstration to explain the phenomenon called combustion, its cause and how to control it.

Girls of Class 8 performed an activity to talk about ignition temperature using balloons, one filled with water and the other with air. They explained about heat and temperature with reference to why we should not use mobile phones in petrol bunks.

Class 7 girls explained about the parts of the buccal cavity and its use. They also explained how and why we should maintain oral hygiene.

Pragna from Class 9 explained about DNA and chromosomes using a model.

Boys of Class-9 IIT took turns to explain about the different parts of a human cell and their uses. They also explained about the components of blood and the different types of blood groups. They also explained about the different parts of the brain and its role in our body. Later, they enthusiastically asked the audience a few questions to test their knowledge about science.

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Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations-Abhyaas The Global School

#Abhyaas The Global School , Bhimavaram, AP

The auspicious Hindu festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated annually with pomp in India. Also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi or Ganesh Utsav, the day marks the birth of Lord Ganesha and is observed for ten days by devotees.

Lord Ganesha is the god of wisdom, knowledge, prosperity and happiness. Devotees seek Lord Ganesha’s blessings before starting any work, exam, wedding or new job.

Children at Abhyaas the global school too participated in the celebration in their own style. Students across grades 3 to 9 showcased their talent at making little idols of Lord Ganesha using clay, a mixture of wheat flour and maida, leaves, vegetables, fruits and flowers. They took care to use eco-friendly colours, turmeric and kumkum to decorate the idols.

Ch Siddharth Varma of Grade X spoke about the story behind the birth of Lord Ganesha and how he lost his human head and got the head of an elephant.

Students across grades 3 to 9 also participated in a drawing competition where they tried their level best to outdraw each other.

Mr. Kollati Narasimha Swamy’s Children from Grade X, XI, VII, I and UKG distributed idols of Lord Ganesha to all the teachers and staff.

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Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations @ Abhyaas

06/09/2023, Wed

@Abhyaas The Global School, Bhimavaram, AP

This year, Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated from 6th evening to 7th morning of September to mark the birth of Lord Krishna who is believed to be the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was born on the 8th day of the dark fortnight of the month of Bhadrapada (August-September).

Krishnam Vande Jagatgurum. We, at Abhyaas the global school, offer our deep devotion and salutation to Sri Krishna, who is teacher for the world.

His teachings in a nutshell are:

  • Karma or duty is important.
  • Everything happens for a reason.
  • Never give up what you love, try until you succeed.
  • Don’t remain silent when a woman is disrespected.
  • Live in the present moment.
  • Practice mindfulness for mental well being.
  • Uncontrolled anger is the reason for misery.

Mr. V. Satyanarayan the principal of Abhyaas the global school began the celebration by speaking a few words about the greatness of Sri Krishna.

Next, Mrs G. Prabha melodiously sang a soulful song in praise of Shri Krishna.

Any festive occasion calls for songs and dance. Abhyaasians are always ready to show off their dancing skills even at short notice.

Tiny Krishnas and Gopikas from Nursery & LKG, UKG and Grade 1 captivated all hearts by gracefully swaying to the dance numbers ‘Mukunda’, ‘Gopikamma’ and ‘Gopala Gopala’ respectively.

Class IX girls enthralled the audience by performing to a Remix of ‘Kanna Nidurinchara’ and ‘Brindavanam’

Class 2 Krishnas and Gopikas shook their legs to the tune of ‘Woh Kisna Hai’.

Class VI boys thumped the stage with a thunderous ‘Go Go Govinda’

The class 3 little boys’ and girls’ performance of ‘Govinda Bolo Hari’ was really very cute.

The girls of class VI gave us a scintillating performance of ‘Kanna Nidurinchara‘.

Class IV children have swept the audience off to Brindavanam with their dance performance of ‘Brindavananiki Chindulu Nerpi’.

Class VIII girls took the audience by storm with ‘Woh Krishna Hai’.

Class VII girls gave a graceful performance of the song ‘Brindavanam’

Class V students gave a fantastic performance of ‘Kanna Nidurinchara’.

Class IX boys performed a lovely Remix of Gopala song  and a dialogue of ‘Karthikeya 2.’

Last but not the least, graceful Kashifa Sumanha gave superb dance performance of the song Pranavalam

Kudos to K. Sravani and J. V. Harshita of Grade IX who not only participated in the dance performance but also did the anchoring very gracefully.

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Teachers’ Day Celebrations @ Abhyaas The Global School

05/09/2023, Tue

@Abhyaas The Global School, Bhimavaram, Andra Pradesh

Every year, India celebrates Teachers’ Day on 5th September to commemorate the birthday of the illustrious Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the country’s first Vice President and former President, scholar, philosopher, and Bharat Ratna awardee, who was born on this day way back in 1888.

To show respect and appreciation for all the educators in India, the students express their gratitude to their instructors in a variety of ways by devoting this particular day in their name.

Abhyaas the global school’s observance of Teachers’ Day, serves as a reminder to her highly respected teachers of their responsibilities that come with passing down their knowledge from generation to generation.

The outgoing Grade X Student-Teachers organized an excellent power-packed, fun-filled day to honour their teachers.

The celebration began with honoring Mr. Valavala Satyanarayana, the Principal of Abhyaas the global school.

Right from the start, the game of  Musical Chairs saw teachers seriously competing with each other for the coveted Winner’s Chair which was ultimately bagged by Mr. Vinod Richards.

The teachers were reminded of their teen years as they gleefully participated in Dumb Charades. Some of them were even found arguing about points just like teenagers do.

Teachers forgot their age and enthusiastically participated in the Treasure Hunt. The lucky super treasure hunter was Mr. Murali Krishna.

After a sumptuous lunch, the Principal, along with his team of teachers garlanded the portrait of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Mrs. G. Prabha sang a beautiful song in praise of the Guru.

A fun-filled Ramp Walk by the teachers and the Grade X Student-Teachers kept the children cheering and clapping hands non-stop.

P. Govind Siva Sai of Grade X performed a solo dance, captivating the hearts of both, teachers and students.

A much awaited Teachers’ Felicitation by the Grade X Student-Teachers accompanied by toe-tapping music electrified the dais sending sparks everywhere.

Ch. Siddharth Varma of Grade X spoke a few words on the occasion.

Girls of Grade X performed a skit on a typical day in the life of the teacher both at school and at home.

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