Mega Mehendi Competition @ Greenwood High School. Hasanparthy

In the Indian context, Mehendi, also known as henna, is a paste associated with positive vibes and good luck. It’s a common knowledge that Henna is a color made from the henna plant. It’s used for temporary body art, like designs on the skin. When you put henna on your skin, it shows its best color after a while and stays for a few days. Then, it slowly fades away as your skin naturally sheds, usually within one to three weeks.

Greenwood High School, Hasanparthy, has organized the lively Mehendi competition, on January 6, 2024, exclusively for 7th to 10th-grade girl students, getting ready for the upcoming Sankranti Festival. The whole idea of competition was our students to explore and nurture traditional values, let their artistic inspiration flow, and give them a chance to showcase their artistic skills through a variety of Mehendi patterns.

Mehendi, reflecting the rich Indian culture, combines knowledge of medicinal herbs with many sentiments and beliefs. It’s believed that the deeper color of the Mehendi on the hands symbolizes profound love. In certain communities, the darkness of the Mehendi signifies the strength of the relationship.

The goal of this competition was not just to assess the drawing skills of the students but also to appreciate their creativity and their unique ways of expression, contributing to the overall personality development of the students. The Mehendi competition began with students enthusiastically joining in, each showing off these intricate and beautiful designs on their partner friend’s hands. The school grounds were all dressed up with colorful decorations and elaborate arrangements, truly embodying that festive vibe of Sankranti.

Forty-seven students enthusiastically took part in the competition and crafted beautiful designs based on different themes. Some designs were conventional, while others were unique and trendy.

During the competition, our Respected Director Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu sir, Greenwood General Manager – Sri. A. Prabhu Kumar sir, Academic Principal – Sri. V.V.V Naveen Kumar sir, Administrative Principal – Sri. T. Pavan Kumar sir, and Vice Principal V. Suresh Kumar sir actively participated in guiding the teachers, other staff, and students for all the arrangements, ensuring the competitionis held in a super successful manner.

Cultural Preservation: Mehendi competitions allow students to connect with and appreciate their cultural heritage. It’s all about getting involved in traditional art, feeling proud, and keeping those cultural practices alive.

Creative Expression: These events are like a canvas for students to let loose their creativity. With the delicate art of Mehendi, participants flaunted their unique designs, mixing tradition with their own artistic flair.

Skill Development: Applying Mehendi is a detailed process, working those fine motor skills and paying attention to every detail. Students get better at patience, precision, and concentration – skills that contribute to their overall growth.

Interpersonal Skills: Competitions encourage teamwork and friendship. Working together with classmates creates a supportive vibe, promoting healthy competition and social interaction.

Cultural Awareness: Mehendi competitions open eyes to diverse cultural practices. Students get to know why Mehendi is a big deal in various celebrations, broadening their understanding of cultural diversity.

Celebrating Festivals: Aligning competitions with festivals like Sankranti brings a festive spirit to the school community. It’s a time for students to celebrate together, fostering unity and shared cultural experiences.

Boosting Confidence: Showing off your creative work in public boosts confidence, making students more willing to embrace their talents.

Fostering Exclusivity: Events like Mehendi competitions ensure every student, regardless of academic strengths, gets a chance to shine and be recognized for their unique abilities.

Parental Involvement: Cultural events strengthen the connection between the school and families. Eventually, the school management hopes that parents appreciate the school’s effort to provide a well-rounded education.

Therefore, this Mehendi competition at Greenwood High School wasn’t just about celebrating artistic talents; it was a nod to cultural preservation, creativity, and personal development. Such events really spice up the school experience, adding to the holistic education of students.

Winners of the Mehendi Competition will be announced shortly.

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Junior Sports Meet @ Abhyaas The Global School


The Junior Sports Day organized by Abhyaas the global school was a vibrant celebration of youthful energy and sportsmanship.

Amidst cheers and laughter, our budding athletes showcased remarkable talent in various events.

From the thrilling Hoop races to the adorable lemon and spoon races, every moment was filled with enthusiasm.

The camaraderie among participants and the cheers from the audience created an atmosphere of joy and encouragement.

In the Pre-junior  category, cute little LKG and UKG kids had a gala time playing games. The energetic boys participated in Hoop Running, 50 Meters Running and Pattern Walk while the tomboyish girls participated in Lemon and Spoon Race, Pattern Walk and Musical Chair games.

In the Sub-junior category, students of Grades I and II the sense of competition was observed in many kids.

While the boys competed with one another to win the 60 Meters Running and Hoop Running events, the girls proved to be no less competitive in the Pattern Walk, Lemon and Spoon and Musical chair events.

In the junior category boys and girls of Grades III, IV, and V tried to surpass each other in an attempt to bag the coveted first place.

Be it the 80 Meters Running Race, Hoop Rotation or the Lemon and Spoon race, the girls proved that they were second to none.

The boys showed promise of being great sportsmen as they breezed through the Hurdles Running race and Kho-kho.

As we witnessed these young talents giving their best, it was evident that the spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork was very much alive and well in our junior category.

Congratulations to all participants and their ever supportive teachers for making this Sports Day a memorable and heartwarming event!

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Opening Ceremony of Annual sports meet at Greenwood High School, Hunter road.

16/12/2023, SAT

Opening Ceremony of Annual sports meet at Greenwood High School, Hunter road.

If there is one field of life which teaches us the most valuable lessons about perseverance, patience in fact what constitutes a perfect character, it is sports. Thus, on the 16th  December, 2023, Greenwood High School has organized  Annual Sports Meet  inaugural for the Primary School.

Mothers are a priceless gift from God and a perfect amalgamation of love, devotion and sacrifice. The bond of a mother and her child is inexplicable and to celebrate this bond,  Greenwood  High School has invited the parents to   Annual Sports Meet( Me and My Mom)it was celebrated with great zeal and exuberance to foster the social and emotional health of the learners through motherly love and compassion.

The Programme  started by Lighting of torch by our  beloved director sir Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu garu   followed with march the splendid March Past by the four house groups.

The highlight of the event was the dazzling ramp walk by our incredible mothers along with their kids showing  their fondness and affection for each other. The children were very excited to showcase their love for their parents and this was evident on their faces while they were performing. It was a moment of elation to see the happiness ushering in the faces of all the parents who made the most of this wonderful day with happiness. 

The little tots of Grade -2 came up with scintillating performances as they danced to the melodious tunes with  Dumbles .

 Grade I  students  tied the entire show and left everyone spellbound with cheerful faces with umbrella dance. 

The Games  started with the ‘Oath Taking Ceremony’ by the students  in which they pledged to play with sportsmanship besides keeping in mind all the rules and regulations of different events.

Director sir Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu garu   addressed the gathering  and  explained the benefits of playing sports, how it helps to stay fit both mentally and physically. He requested the students to participate in more sports activities. He also  reiterated the role of parents in all our lives, as parents are “ A little bit of parents, a little bit of teacher and a little bit of friend”.

The parents appreciated and shared their views on the Greenwood High School   effort to make a connection between the generations through these events.

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” Indian Mapping Skills ” @Greenwood Mancherial

On a vibrant Saturday at Greenwood High School, Mancherial, under the thoughtful guidance of Principal Mr. Chandramohan, Admin. Mr. Ayub and the enthusiastic Social Department, an engaging activity unfolded, centered around the theme of “Mapping Skills.”

The focal points of this exploration included honing Indian map-drawing proficiency, delving into the intricacies of Indian relief features, comprehending the river system, and mastering the states and capitals of our diverse nation.

Principal Mr. Chandramohan, along with the adept Social Department, ensured that these specifications were not only introduced but also elaborated upon, fostering a comprehensive understanding among the participating Grade 8 and 9 students.

The event proved to be an educational spectacle as students from grades 1 to 10 flocked to the activity. Their curiosity piqued, they absorbed knowledge about mapping skills with great enthusiasm.

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This initiative stands as a testament to Greenwood High School’s commitment to holistic education, emphasizing practical learning experiences that go beyond the conventional classroom setting.

The Social Department has undoubtedly enriched the educational journey of the students, providing them with a solid foundation in mapping skills.

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Math Club Activity _ Abhyaas the global school

#abhyaas the global school

Math clubs can have many benefits for children, including:

Developing knowledge and understanding, applying math in real-life situations, strengthening cross-curricular links, providing opportunities to try new things, enhancing mathematical reasoning skills,promoting collaborative learning, developing math resilience

Boosting self-confidence, cultivating creativity and most of all – building a positive relationships between teachers and children

Math clubs can also help children:

  • Explore math beyond textbooks
  • Develop their explorative, creative, and inventive faculties
  • Inculcate the habit of self-study and independent work
  • Offer an ideal avenue for a free exchange of mathematical ideas
  • Promote frank and helpful criticism of mathematical ideas
  • Math clubs can be social occasions that provide opportunities to showcase being a math champion and help children become math catalysts and math ambassadors themselves.

The Mathematics teachers at Abhyaas the global school organized a few Maths club for students across Grades 1 to 9 to encourage them to put on their thinking caps.

From the junior team, T. Suhas Ram, Y S. Sai, D. Relina Princess, M. Ghanan Karthik and S. Dakshayani of Class 1 performed an activity using body parts to measure length such as hand span, foot span and cubit and foot pace.

Class 2 pupils, T. Reuel Shekhar, T. Harshika, T. Lohitha and M. Abhi Ram performed an activity to explain Shapes.

R. Revanth Avinash and P. Vikas of Class 3 performed an Activity to demonstrate measurement of objects like pencil, eraser and book with a scale while N. Yuva Kireeti and G. Saniya performed an activity to explain Time .

Class 4 students V. P . Sanjayana,

P.S.R.Thanmai, N. Nishitha Varma and K.V.S. Madhurima performed an activity to explain about Mass and Measurement.

N. Manvitha, Bhaghya and B. Cherithesh explained about Capacity through an activity.

Class 5 students, V. Preethi and V. Kodanda Venkat explained about the concept of Time while M.V.Karthik explained about Mass and Weight.

Coming to the senior school, Pragna of Ruby House did the anchoring.

B. Sreyas   of Class VI enlightened the audience about the different types of fractions.

Sk. Halimunnisa and S. Bhavya of Grade VI IIT an activity on HCF.

Varshini and Rishith from the audience did a given sum using the play way method.

B. Lakshmi Chaitanya and M. Sindhu of Class VII explained about the different types of triangles.

A. Ramkumar of Grade VII IIT explained about the Anglesl Sum  Property of a triangle using cutouts of interior angles of a triangle.

M. Krishna Varma, G.Chidvesh Pavan and K.Vijay Venkatapathi Raju  conducted a Quiz.

S. Sai Durga of Class VII IIT recited the squares of numbers from 1 to 20 by heart.

G. Harinarayana  of Grade VIII-IIT recited the cubes of numbers from 1 to 15.

K. Bejasri and Sk. Munthaj VIII performed an activity to explain the concept of Inverse Proportion.

G. Shyam of Class VIII conducted a very proactive Quiz.

S. Hanuvadh, S. Prudhvi and Y. Harsha of Class IX performed an activity on ‘Circle to Cone’ and also asked a few questions to their audience regarding circle and cone.

R. Vennela and P. J Harshita of Class IX have explained about the different types of Lines and Angles.

V. Druthi and D. Pragna of Class IX explained about the Cartesian Plane.

All of this was possible because of the Mathematics teachers who encouraged the students to showcase their talents. Kudos to them.

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Special campaign 3.0 /Swachhata Abhiyan/Swachh Bharat Diwas/ Swachhata Hi Seva competition held on 29 Sep 2023

29/09/2023 Fri # Greenwood High School Erragattugutta ( Main Campus )

As a part of the Special campaign 3.0 /Swachhata Abhiyan/Swachh Bharat Diwas/ Swachhata Hi Seva competition held on 29 Sep 2023 at 1030 at 10(T) Bn. NCC warangal under the aegis of the DGNCC, Delhi, six girl cadets of the School took part. The theme of the competition being on:

(i) Waste to Wonder: Creative artistic or functional items from Waste materials.
(ii) Waste to Wealth:- Develop entrepreneurial ventures using recycled materials.

The DGNCC had in a circular clearly mentioned the awards for the directorate level entries.
Thus the battalion level had nearly 30 schools and 11 colleges participating.
The cadets of our school presented a village model with a caption ‘Indian Village over the border’ depicting the war front at the bordering villages in the country.

Using newspaper wastes, the cadets created a normal household, women at the water point and a well designed well. These were laid on a platform of greenery crisscrossing roads over Armed tanks parked nearby.

Cadets who won the first prize in the concept Best from waste.
1. M. Hanshitha – TG2022JWA207441
2. P. Nakshathra – TG2022JWA207461
3. B. Keerthana – TG2022JWA207459
4. T. Sai Rakshitha – TG2022JWA207469
5. E. Haripriya – TG2022JWA207468
6. T. Charvitha – TG2022JWA208508

The exhibit was adjudged the first prize and forwarded to the NCC Group at Warangal by the Commanding officer Col. Ajayand Khanduri.

The commanding officer appreciated the effort of the cadets in bringing out Creative endeavor. He hoped the cadets would further advance over the Group level, Directorate level and the National level.

The cadets were appreciated for their effort by the Associate NCC Officer, First officer S. Radha Krishnan and the Officer Cadet M. Ramakrishna.

The Director Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu appreciated the cadets, the Art team of the School for guiding the students in their effort.

The Principal (Academic) V.V.V. Naveen kumar and Principal (Administration) T. Pavan Kumar spoken on the ways children need to learn to use waste materials in a proper way to have them reused and recycled in a creative way.

General Manager Sri. A. Prabhu Kumar spoken on the need to guide students in Creative paths so that their innate talents can be well unearthed for the future generations.

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“Science Club Activity” @Abhyaas The Global School

#Abhyaas The Global School, Bhimavaram-AP

Science clubs help in the development of scientific attitude and a genuine interest in science and scientific activities. They act as a supplement to the teaching-learning process in the classroom and the laboratory. They enhance the parts of the syllabus on a practical basis.

Mrs. Mary Jones introduced the occasion to the children while Mr. V. Satyanarayan the Principal spoke about the importance of participating in Science Clubs.

After a great start by the senior boys and girls from Abhyaas the global school, today the juniors across grades 3 to 5 have proved their calibre by participating in the science club activities with the same gusto as their seniors.

Bhargav Sai and Bhargav Amruth from Class 4 explained about how the human Digestive System works by using a model.

Gowtham and Prudhvi of Class 3 explained about the Parts of a Plant in a conversational method while displaying a real tree.

Jessica and Preethi of Class 5 enlightened the audience by giving factual information about the different types of Joints in our skeletal system by taking the help of a model. Later they asked a few questions to check how far their audience was attentive.

Finally, Hashrith and Delisha threw some more light on the working of our digestive system.

Club activities encourage students to develop a sense of unity and teamwork, learning how to work with others in reaching the same goals. They help learners develop social skills.

We, at Abhyaas the global school, have marked this day, 19 September 2023 to celebrate Science Club activities.

Mr. Chakravarthy began the celebration by speaking on the importance of Science club.

Boys of Class Succulent 6 performed an experiment on Light, reflection and shadow. They explained about shadows and the conditions necessary for the formation of shadows.

Boys of Class 7 IIT demonstrated and explained about how to recognise acids and bases by using natural indicators like blue and red  litmus papers and turmeric. They also gave examples of neutralization in everyday life experiences. They also showed how to change acids into bases and vice versa.

Boys of Class-8 IIT performed a simple but effective demonstration to explain the phenomenon called combustion, its cause and how to control it.

Girls of Class 8 performed an activity to talk about ignition temperature using balloons, one filled with water and the other with air. They explained about heat and temperature with reference to why we should not use mobile phones in petrol bunks.

Class 7 girls explained about the parts of the buccal cavity and its use. They also explained how and why we should maintain oral hygiene.

Pragna from Class 9 explained about DNA and chromosomes using a model.

Boys of Class-9 IIT took turns to explain about the different parts of a human cell and their uses. They also explained about the components of blood and the different types of blood groups. They also explained about the different parts of the brain and its role in our body. Later, they enthusiastically asked the audience a few questions to test their knowledge about science.

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Yellow colour day in Abhyaas The Global School

02/09/2023, Sat

@Abhyaas The Global School, Bhimavaram, Andra Pradesh

Yellow colour stands for freshness, positivity, intellect and joy. The motive of celebrating yellow day is to inculcate awareness about yellow colour in nature, its significance and to develop fine motor skills in the students.

Today, at Abhyaas the global school, little children dressed up in different hues and tints of yellow. The children were not only beautifully dressed in their favorite yellow dresses but also brought yellow objects to make it a complete “Yellow Day”!

Various yellow objects were also displayed as the colour of wisdom and intellectual energy spread positive vibes in our little ones. The teachers patiently explained about the significance of the vibrant yellow colour to their cute little Jems and Jellies as well as Cherries and Berries.

The precious kids melodiously sang a rhyme called ‘Yellow is the Colour of the Day’.

Then the kids were asked a few questions about  yellow things and they did a great job identifying yellow things properly.

Joyful Jensica gave a speech about yellow lemons while Talented Thamogna spoke about yellow bananas, Beautiful Banvi gave information about the sun and Awesome Aleesa about yummy yellow mango.

The session ended with clicking beautiful pictures of children wearing vibrant yellow dresses.

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“Rain Day Celebrations” in Abhyaas The Global School

##Abhyaas The Global School,Bhimavaram, AP

After enduring the the long scorching summer, the earth eagerly waits for the rain to fall and cool her parched crust. In the same way little children wait for the rain with eager hearts to get drenched naughtily in the rain chance to play with their paper boats in little puddles.

We at Abhyaas the global school have given our tiny tots a much awaited chance to dance and sing in the rain by celebrating ‘Rain Day’.

The teachers took this occasion as a chance to give their tiny pupils hands on experience of what is rain and monsoon season.

It was a heartwarming sight to see them all lined up in their colourful umbrellas and raincoats singing ‘Pitter Patter Raindrops’

The tiny tots shook their best legs to an accompanying lively song.

Joyful Jensica from UKG sang ‘I Har Thunder’ so realistically that it seamed as if it was really thundering at the moment.

Beautiful Bhanvi from LKG sang ‘Rain Rain Go Away’ very sweetly.

Finally the cherished tiny tots gleefully played in the water with their paper boats.

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Instilling the art & craft skills among students

@Erragattugutta #Greenwood High School

The art department of our Greenwood High School believes that every student should have the right to have personalised support to reach the limits of their capability.

Talented students in art require increased stretch and challenge in the classroom, and the opportunities to further their talents outside school. Therefore, our Art Department aims at all students to be potentially talented and to show the following skills:

  • Think and express themselves in creative, original ways.
  • Have a strong desire to create in a visual form as they are driven by ideas, imagination, humour or personal experience.
  • Show a passionate interest in the world of art and design
  • Use materials, tools and techniques skillfully and learn new approaches easily and they are keen to extend their technical abilities and sometimes get frustrated when other skills do not develop at the same time

Our Students are identified as gifted for a variety of reasons:

##They perform at an advanced National Curriculum level

 ##Their outcomes are of exceptional quality

 ##They show excellent skills in a specific area

Our student M. Amruth Sai, (Class-10, Aryabhata),  S/o Surender, has been the student of Greenwood since his 6 th class and a Greenwood Art Club Member as well. He is one of the best instances for exhibiting his distinguished skills in the Art & Craft. He has produced many art works in his Art & Craft clasess.

The Management of Greenwood High School is always ready to encourage the talent of the students.  So, our beloved Director Dr. Girrem Bharadwaja Naidu garu, General manager A. Prabhu Kumar garu, Academic Principal V.V.V. Naveen Kumar, Administrative Principal T. Pavan Kumar garu and Art & craft Teacher Banaja Sahoo appreciated the Art & Craft Department for instilling the Artistic skills among the students. And they also appreciated all the students who are exhibiting their Artistic skills being the Art Club Members.  

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Green Day Celebrations @ Abhyaas The Global School

Abhyaas The Global School @ Bhimavaram, AP

The first of June 2023 seemed to be as if it was springtime. There was a burst of green colour everywhere at Abhyaas the global school as the tiny Gems and Jellies as well as the  super tiny Cherries and Berries celebrated Green Day in their own style.

The tiny nightingales wearing green clothes sang a lovely rhyme ‘Do you like the colour green?’, showing off their vocal skills to their beloved Principal Mr. Valavala Satyanarayana.

The little ones cleverly identified all the green coloured toys, vegetables and fruits that were spread out across their classroom. The teachers took this occasion as an opportunity and left no stone unturned to spread awareness amongst the little ones to protect our nature as it is the basis of our life.

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Winter Sports Carnival – 2023 starts with lots of zest and fanfare.

Hunter Road @ Greenwood Group of Schools

Winter Sports Carnival of Greenwood High School, a weeklong sports meet for all the classes and a much awaited sporting event in the school calendar, began with a great fanfare with Director Sir. Dr.Girrem Bharadwaja Naidu garu, declaring the Sports Carnival open at a specially held ceremony in the school playground on the 18 January, 2023

Leading up to the sporting carnival, all the students of all the classes were given a chance to choose sports of their interest to take part in and the response was huge.

After all, it was the first major sporting event in the School post COVID-19. With an aim to provide a sporting opportunity to everyone, all the participants are drawn into teams, house-wise, for team sports and preliminary rounds are formalized for individual games. It’s been a painstaking process since almost all the students are eager to participate in one or the other game.

On 18th January, the day of re-opening of the School after the Sankranthi vacation, Sports Carnival opening ceremony took place. A makeshift stage was arranged in the ground and arrangements were put in place for the program. All the students gathered on the ground dressed in white for the program. First, the guest of honour for the ceremony, respected Director Sir, was called on to the stage, and he was followed by CAO Prabhu Kumar Sir, Principal Manjula Madam to the dais. Vice-Principal Mahender and ACOs K Harshavardhan and K. Srikanth adorned the stage as well.

A March-past of houses led by respective House Presidents and guided by the Head Boy and the Head Girl was conducted and while the march-past passed the stage they saluted the dignitaries on the dais. Guests gladly accepted the salute. The march-past with perfect synchronization resembled a military parade. Speaking about the same, the PETs-Mr. Rajkumar, Mr.Praveen and Mr.Ramesh said that, “we have been making students practice whenever we get time. Thankfully, all our efforts paid off.”

It was followed by the National Flag hoisting by our respected Director Sir and the School Flag hoisting by the Head Boy. Director Sir lit the torch and passed the torch to the Head Boy who passed it to the Head Girl. Likewise, it was passed on to other House Presidents and all the cabinet enthusiastically accompanied them in the march. Finally, the torch was brought to the stage and Director Sir lit the Sports Carnival flame with the torch and declared the sporting carnival open and he administered the oath of fair play with all the participants. Speaking on the occasion, Director Sir said, “Put aside winning and losing and stay focused on bringing the best out of you.” He also emphasized on how important it is to abide by the rules of the games and playing it fare. All the students enthusiastically cheered throughout the program.

After the ceremony, first match of boys’ voylleyball between teams A & E of Diamond House took place. Director Sir shook hands with the two teams accompanied by the respective Captains and wished the teams all the best. On the other side of the ground, girls’ Dodgeball match was held between Teams B & C of Diamond House. Director Sir was introduced to the players of the teams by respective Captains and with Director Sir tossing the coin, the match began. There started a sporting spectacle for the full week.

Reported : Sidra Hureen and Harshini Madishetty of Class IX-Newton.

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“Ganith Week” @ Greenwood Erragattugutta

Erragattugutta @ Greenwood Group of Schools

GANIT WEEK, a program conceived, designed and organized by the Greenwood’s Department of Mathematics to commensurate with the Maths Day Celebrations, marking the Birth Anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujanon 22 December 2022, was conducted in our School.

MATHS TRIVIA, the Quiz Competition was conducted at two levels, one the Junior Quiz Competition that has been conducted for the students of Classes 6 through 8 on 05 December 2022, and the other, the Senior Quiz Competition for the students of Classes 9 and 10 on 08.12.2023.


Dear Parents Admissions are open now in Greenwood Schools, for any enquiry call this number

98665 14516

A very meticulous, fair and transparent procedure was followed for the selection of students for the final round of this competition. A Screening Test was conducted on 25 November 2022 for juniors and on 30 Nov 2023 for seniors. In this test, as many as 450 enthusiastic students took part at the Junior Level and as many as 550 students took part at the Senior Level.32 students representing the four Houses of the school; AGNI, PRITHVI, BRAHMOS and TRISHUL, was shortlisted to take part in the final round of this competition for each of the two levels..

The 8 participants shortlisted students from each House are divided into 2 groups of 4 each. These groups have shared thefive Quiz rounds of this Quiz Competition; Motivational Round, Algebraic Round, Ramanujan Round, Visual Round, Rapid Fire Round.

The first of these rounds, the Motivational Round, is considered to be a warm up for the Quiz. Each group has got 3 questions weighing 20 points each for a direct question and 10 points for a passed question.

The second round, the Algebraic Round, consisted of 16 questions in all. These questions were based on the algebra, which is an integral part of School –Maths Curriculum.

The third round, the Ramanujan Round, consisted of questions based solely on based on the biography of Ramanujan. Through this round the unique features of Ramanujan’s life were presented to one and all. This round consisted of eight questions.

Juniors – Winners – AGNI House
Seniors – Winners – AGNI House

The fourth round, the Visual Round, is the most challenging round of this Quiz Competition. This Round required the contestants to identify images of the Mathematicians. To increase the spirit and thrill of the competition and to reduce the wild guessing as well, Negative Points were introduced in this round.

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Opening Ceremony of Annual sports meet @ Greenwood Hunter road

“Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it. Autograph your work with excellence. “Jessica Guido Bono

Opening Ceremony of Annual sports meet at Greenwood High School, Hunter road.

If there is one field of life which teaches us the most valuable lessons about perseverance, patience in fact what constitutes a perfect character, it is sports. Thus, on the 27th  December, to 30th December 2022, Greenwood High School has organized  Annual Sports Meet for the Primary School.

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“What children need most are the essentials that grandparents provide in abundance. They give unconditional love, kindness, patience, humor, comfort, lessons in life. A child needs grandparent to grow a little more securely into an unfamiliar world.” So we have invited Grand Parents of students from Nursery to II for the sports meet .

The Program started with the Flag hoisting by our Principal Ms. Manjula Devi ,followed with the splendid March Past by the four house groups and than Lighting of torch .

The little tots of Grade -2 came up with scintillating performances as they danced to the melodious tunes with  Hula Hoop .

 Formation of  GWHS by Grade I  students  tied the entire show and left everyone spellbound with cheerful faces. 

 The event was characterized by the sweet and savory relationship between the grandparents and the grand children in the Zumba dance  with hands held together portraying their fondness and affection for each other. The children were very excited to showcase their love for their grandparents and this was evident on their faces while they were performing. It was a moment of elation to see the happiness ushering in the faces of all the grandparents who made the most of this wonderful day with happiness.

The Games  started with the ‘Oath Taking Ceremony’ by the students  in which they pledged to play with sportsmanship besides keeping in mind all the rules and regulations of different events.

First game started with LKG students “Funny Bunny Carrot Race” in which the grandparents and the children participated.

The students of  Nursery  played “Tie and Fly “ game along with grandparents.

Principal  Ms. Manjula Devi addressed the gathering  and  explained the benefits of playing sports, how it helps to stay fit both mentally and physically. she requested the students to participate in more sports activities. She also  reiterated the role of Grandparents in all our lives, as Grandparents are “ A little bit of parents, a little bit of teacher and a little bit of friend”.

The Grandparents appreciated and shared their views on the Greenwood High School   effort to make a connection between the generations through these events.


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English Club Activity grade-8 ; Young Actors of Greenwood High School

Hunter Road @ Greenwood Group of Schools

You need three things in the theatre – the play, the actors and the audience, and each must give something.   ~ Kenneth Haigh 

With this being said Greenwood High School has this time  given the opportunity to showcase their amazing acting skills to the students of Grade 8 as a part of Club Activity. 

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The English Club Activity which was carried out on 16th December 2022 was enhanced with the presence of Principal Manjula ma’am, ACO Harshavardhan Sir, and all the teachers of English Department. The program started with great enthusiasm and excitement of the students. 

All the sections of grade 8 (Bose, Einstein, Newton, Raman and Ramanujan) gathered in the school ground around 1:30 PM, and the show began at 2 o’clock. 

The session started with an  amazing  role-play of grammar topic Parts of speech by students of Bose, followed by the breathtaking performances of  the students from Einstein with topics like Respect everyone and Power of Intelligence.. The two sections sparked great excitement among the audience who encouraged them throughout.

The program continued with the students of Newton who showed their stunning acting skills. The audience was especially active throughout their performance and appreciated them for their work. Each and every group has performed wonders, but the highlight performance for this section was Say No To Drugs. 

Moving forward we welcomed Raman students to make the stage theirs. The students showed their  wonderful skills and presented topics like Save Nature and  Time and Tide Waits  for None.

Moving towards the final performances, the stage was taken over by the students of Ramanujan, who not only imparted lessons but also gave the elements of laughter to the audience with topics like The king and the Golden touch and Environmental safety

All the little performers were appreciated by Principal madam for their tremendous performance. . The students expressed their gratitude as they got a chance to show their skills and talents. Through this activity they gained a lot of confidence and are eager to participate in the upcoming activities as well. 

Special thanks to all the teachers of the English Department who encouraged and guided the students along this process. 

The only way to conquer stage fright is to get up on stage and play. Every time you play another show, it gets better and better.

With this note the session came to an end. 

Ms Rida – English Department

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‘Social Club Activity of class 6’ @ Greenwood Hunter Road

Greenwood Group of Schools @ Hunter Road

Continuing with the initiative to conduct regular club activities for the students, Greenwood High School held yet another club activity on 2nd December, 2022 for the students of 6th standard

The Social Club Activity was graced with the presence of the Principal Manjula Ma’am, ACO Harshavardhan Sir and HOD of Social Science Sudheer Sir. The students of 6th grade (Raman, Ramanujan,  Bose and Newton sections) presented various activities in like model exhibitions and presentations on historical monuments, the solar system, volcanic eruption etc. They also dressed up in various traditional attires of different states of India to showcase the diversity of our country. 

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The students also showed their strong attachment to the country by dressing up and portraying our historic freedom fighters and politicians who have made a mark in the nation building. They performed skits on various topics like Ashoka and the Kalinga War; groups of people who are subjected to discrimination: apartheid system in South Africa; evolution of humans, etc. 

The program concluded with the Principal’s note where she appreciated the students  and encouraged them to always seize every opportune moment to improve themselves and also announced the winners of the day. A team from each of the four sections was chosen as winner. The teams which made it to the list included Emerald team of 6th Raman, Emeral team of 6th Ramanujan, Diamond team of 6th Bose and Ruby team of 6th Newton. 

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‘Social Club Activity’ @ Greenwood Hunter Road

Greenwood Group of Schools @ Hunter Road

Activities encourage children of all ages to pursue their interests, build friendships with other kids, and learn new skills. All of these life skills help to build children’s confidence and give them a sense of accomplishment.

So Greenwood High School has organized Social Club Activity for grade IV on 9.12.2k22.

Social Club activities inculcate various democratic values and qualities like tolerance, equality ,freedom and leadership etc. among the children.

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Our Beloved Principal ,ACO were present as the most awaited Social Club Activity had began..

The programme started with the  dance on the national song of India ,it was the mesmerizing  performance given the pretty girls of Grade IV , the programme  continued  with the importance of  Social studies and its branches .

To teach the children moral values ,life lessons  and to inculcate good manners, social behavior, and respect for elders  a skit have been performed.

There are different regions in India and each region shows different cultures and traditions. Unity in diversity in India is living proof that despite different religions, cultures, and languages people of India live together with love and peace, to show this the children were dressed in costumes representing different states of  India. It was a treat for the eyes to see them dressed in colorful  attire. They  greeted in their local language and prepared famous dishes of that state .

Group photos were taken with all the participants and Words of encouragement were given by Manjula Madam.

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“POT LUCK LUNCH ” @ Mancherial Greenwood

Mancherial @ Greenwood Group of Schools

Relishing a surprise dish brought by their dear friend is the theme of this garden party.

Greenwood as usual has come up with this unique creative idea of POT LUCK LUNCH.

It is a communal gathering where children of Primary bought variety of dishes which are homemade and are enjoyed by their lucky school mates and friends.

It created more fun among students and brought out the mood of celebration with their songs, dances and fun games.

The theme of this POT LUCK LUNCH is to pull all the five senses into the experience. Not only that,it also helps developing bonding among pupil irrespective of their caste,creed and gender.

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Winter Sports Carnival  2022 and CHILDREN’S DAY Celebrations @ Greenwood Erragattugutta

Greenwood Group of Schools @ Erragattugutta

Children are the best creation of God. They spread happiness in every season. Post covid, these smiles are evident on the faces of every child at Greenwood High school, Erragattugutta.

To commemorate Pandit Jawaharlal’s Nehru’s birthday, on Nov 14th the Greenwoodians celebrated the day with great vigor and excitement. Another marvelous thing about this day is that “The Winter Sports Carnival 2022” kicked off to a wonderful start. All around the campus, fun and excitement  filled the minds of our enthusiastic kids.

The program commenced at 8.45am with the arrival of the chief guest of the day our beloved Director Sri. Dr. Girrem Bharadwaja Naidu.

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He was accompanied by chief Administrative officer Sri A.Prabhu Kumar, Academic principal Sri V.V.V.Naveen Kumar and Administrative Principal Sri T.Pavan Kumar. A warm welcoming and ushering ceremony followed thereafter Our school Head girl – K. Jashmitha and Head boy  L. Karthik officially welcomed the guests to the ceremony. Sports captains B. Anirudh Sharma and K. Reethu Patel lead the chief guests to the dais with the accomplishment of NCC students, Marching squadrons. Children’s with dumbbells, Hoops and lezims added color to the March.

Later, the program was officially opened by offering prayers to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Our Director Sir hoisted the National Flag and the winter sports carnival Flag. A colorful and vibrant March past of all the 4 houses captains, Agni House Captains – Mr. G. Abhiram and Ms. J. Bhuvana, Brahmos House Captains – Mr. S. Deekshith and Ms. K. Tirhsika, Prithvi House captains – Mr. A. Sudeep and Ms. M. Sanjana and Tirshul House Captains – Mr. K. Stalin and Ms. R. Sai Srujitha, Sports and games participant students with their mentors followed by children with dumbbells,lezims and hoops added much color to the March past during the guard of honor.

Our Director Sir later released the winter sports carnival poster and the schedule of the sports carnival. A white dove representing peace, freedom and love was released soaring into the sky. With the lightning of the torch, the winter sports carnival was officially inaugurated. The dumbbells drill by the boys, lezim dance by the girls and the hoops performance by the students excited the entire audience who kept applauding throughout. This was followed by Prize Distribution.


Class – IV     B. Pranith

Class – V      R. Kushi

Class – VII     V. Yashwanth

Class – VIII    S. Anvesh Chandra Reddy

Class – IX      K. Maniteja

Class –  X      M. Rea

Class – X       V. Srivardhan


Class – IV    D. Devansh

Class – V     Ch. Sai Manaswith

Class – VI    J. Sriram Reddy

Class – VII   E. Pranathi

Class – VIII  K. Aditya Raman

Class – IX    E. Pooja Sri

Class – X     G. Jashwanth


Class – IV    P. Atharva

Class – V     S. Vishwateja

Class – VI    N. Sidda Laxman Reddy

Class – VII    J. Nandishwar

Class – VIII   T. Akshara and K. Adithya

Class – IX     J. Pallavi and  K. Prasanth

Class – X      M. Hansika, Aman Thakur and M. Nishindra


        A fun filled volley ball match was officially declared open with the chief guest Sri Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu being introduced to the teams. This was followed by volley ball and throw ball matches for boys and girls. There was an air of relief evident on the faces of all our kids. The winter sports carnival will extend to the whole week from 14-11-2022 to 19-11-2022, where we would be witnessing some neck to neck races and breaking of records. A variety of children’s day programs like skits, dances and speeches added much vigor to the day. A Hindi skit presented by the primary students kept the audience filled with laughter. On the whole everything in Greenwood is fun filled vibrant and at the same time educative.

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