Every Diya That Lights Up The World Brightens Up With Joy

Hunter Road (Greenwood High School) : To remove the darkness of ignorance within us and replace it with the light of hope and knowledge instead. The festival of lights came alive at The Greenwood High School on 22ndOctober 2022, when the pre primary and the primary school wore a festive look with children wearing colourful dresses.

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The Program began as the Dignitaries were invited on the stage. Welcome was given to them by the children.
We started the main event with the Prayer led by the LKG children, followed by speeches and slogan by UKG children.

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Whats a program with a little dance and music. The first dance performed was done by the kids of nursery and pre-primary. Following by a musical song from UKG.

Students of Grade 1st and 2nd came up with heart felt Slogan on Diwali and kept the enthusiasm on the students awake.
A dance performance was done by grade 1st children.

A very interesting story was told by Adity on the festival Diwali. Followed by an amazing footwork of Grade 2 children.
To help the younger one learn a drama was performed by the senior primary students of Grade 4th and 5th so help the others learn the Value of Diwali.

Lastly a Dance was performed by Grade 3rd and 5th students.
The function conclude with a message by School principal Ms.Manjula Rani,who offered her warm wishes to the children and reiterated that children should celebrate a pollution free Diwali and if they want to burn the crackers ,only few they can that to in the presence of the elders only.

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Telangana Rashtra Bhasha Dinotsavam- 2022

Erragattugutta (Main Campus) 9 th Sep 2022 :

Telangana Rashtra Bhasha Dinotsavam is celebrated on 9th September every year in Telangana State

This date was chosen to commemorate Kaloji Narayana Rao’s birth anniversary. He was a renowned writer, poet of Telangana and a pioneer in the formation of Telangana state.

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GREENWOOD HIGH SCHOOL celebrated Telangana Rashtra Bhasha Dinotsavam on 9 September 2022 with gaiety and good cheer. Students dressed up in colourful, traditional attire as Telangana Mata. They recited poems, sang songs and danced on Telugu songs related to the event, describing the glory of Telugu Language.

Director Sri.Dr G. Bharadwaja Naidu garu, Chief administrative officer Sri A.Prabhu Kumar garu, Academic Principal Sri.V.V.V Naveen Kumar garu and Administrative Principal Sri.T.Pavan Kumar garu advised the students not to neglect their mother tongue while learning other languages.

The students paid tributes to the noted protagonist of Telangana through their speeches and activities. On the whole, this was a very colourful, fun and informative event.

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Hunter Road ( Greenwood High School ) : October 15 is Global Handwashing Day, a global advocacy day dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of handwashing with soap or handwash liquid as an effective and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives.

The time to give emphasis on hand hygiene is now – and it requires collective action to bring about a real change.

Maintaining good oral health is especially important among the children of primary and Greenwood High School has conducted an activity on “The importance of Brushing of teeth and Washing of Hands” for classes from Nursery to 2nd
today i.e., 15.10.22


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