Director sir surprisingly visited the NCC Camp in Mamunoor!

Erragattugutta ( Greenwood High School ) : It is already known that 37 cadets of Greenwood High School 15 girls and 22 boys are attending the CATC-VIII camp at the Police Training Centre in Mamunooru which is being organised under the supervision of 10(T)Bn. NCC Warangal from 14-10-2022 to 21-10-2022.

Our honourable and beloved Director Mr. DR. G. Bharadwaja Naidu garu, accompanied by C.A.O Mr .A.Prabhu Kumar and Administrative Principal Mr . T. Pavan Kumar, has paid a visit to the CATC-VIII camp on 17th evening and spent his valuable time with the students in the camp and encouraged them to take part in the camp activities with great enthusiasm. The surprise visit of the director sir made the cadets to have cheerful and memorable moments with him.

Today’s Rifle Shooting in NCC Camp

  • As a part of NCC training today (18-10-2022) morning, the cadets have been given training in rifle shooting in which all the cadets have taken part with great interest and anxiety.

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Telangana Rashtra Bhasha Dinotsavam- 2022

Erragattugutta (Main Campus) 9 th Sep 2022 :

Telangana Rashtra Bhasha Dinotsavam is celebrated on 9th September every year in Telangana State

This date was chosen to commemorate Kaloji Narayana Rao’s birth anniversary. He was a renowned writer, poet of Telangana and a pioneer in the formation of Telangana state.

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GREENWOOD HIGH SCHOOL celebrated Telangana Rashtra Bhasha Dinotsavam on 9 September 2022 with gaiety and good cheer. Students dressed up in colourful, traditional attire as Telangana Mata. They recited poems, sang songs and danced on Telugu songs related to the event, describing the glory of Telugu Language.

Director Sri.Dr G. Bharadwaja Naidu garu, Chief administrative officer Sri A.Prabhu Kumar garu, Academic Principal Sri.V.V.V Naveen Kumar garu and Administrative Principal Sri.T.Pavan Kumar garu advised the students not to neglect their mother tongue while learning other languages.

The students paid tributes to the noted protagonist of Telangana through their speeches and activities. On the whole, this was a very colourful, fun and informative event.

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