A Day of Discovery:  One Day Kisaan Field Trip Adventure

The vibrant morning sun greeted a group of enthusiastic students as they embarked on an unforgettable journey organized by Greenwood High School, Hunter Road – a day in the heart of rural life, One Day Kisaan Field Trip.

Packed with excitement and curiosity, students eagerly boarded the buses, ready to explore the agricultural wonders that lay ahead.

The day kicked off with informative sessions, students gained insights into various farming techniques, crop cycles, and the challenges faced by the farming community.

From sowing seeds to harvesting crops, they actively participated in hands-on activities, fostering a deep connection with the agricultural process.

A highlight of the trip was the farm-to-table experience, where students were involved in sowing seeds.They gained a profound understanding of the journey from the field to the kitchen, emphasizing the importance of sustainable and locally sourced produce.

In a reflective session towards the end of the day, students shared their newfound knowledge and appreciation for the hard work put in by farmers.

The field trip not only broadened their understanding of agriculture but also instilled a sense of gratitude for the primary contributors to our food supply.

The One Day  Kisaan Field Trip was a resounding success, leaving an indelible mark on the students’ hearts and minds. As they boarded the buses to return home, the students carried with them a deeper appreciation for the agricultural community and a newfound sense of responsibility towards sustainable living.

The field trip served as a reminder that learning extends far beyond the confines of the classroom, offering valuable life lessons through firsthand experiences.

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