A Grand Salute to the Nation: 75th Republic Day Celebrations @ Greenwood High School, Hasanparthy.

The 75th Republic Day of India was celebrated with great enthusiasm and patriotism at Greenwood High School, Hasanparthy, Warangal on 26th January, 2024. It was a momentous occasion as it marked the completion of 75 years of the adoption of the Constitution of India, which is the supreme law of the land and the source of its democratic values.

The Republic Day celebration at Greenwood High School, Hasanparthy, was a splendid event to commemorate the 75th Republic Day of India. The event was attended by the honourable guests, the teachers, and the students. It was graced by the presence of honourable Director Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu sir, the honourable chief guest of the day, Sri. G. Yellappa Naidu sir, the esteemed General Manager, Sri. A. Prabhu Kumar sir, Academic Principal Sri V.V.V. Naveen Kumar sir Administrative Principal, Sri. T. Pavan Kumar sir, Vice principal – Sri. V. Suresh Kumar sir, and other dignitaries.

The event included various activities such as speeches, prize distribution, and cultural programs. It was a reflection of the patriotic spirit and the cultural heritage of the school and the nation. This report presents a detailed account of the event and its highlights.

The event began with the introduction to the event by the anchors – G. Sahasra of 9th Class and O. Anusree of 10th class. They welcomed the guests and the audience and highlighted the significance of the Republic Day. The dignitaries were welcomed onto the dias with a guard of honour by the NCC cadets of the school. The anchors of the event are Ch. Aapthika, R. Alekhya, O. Anusree from 10th class and G. Sahasra from 9th Class.

On reaching the dias, the chief guest and other guests garlanded the portraits of Dr. BR Ambedkar, a visionary Indian political leader and social reformer, fought against caste discrimination and played a pivotal role in drafting the Constitution of India, and Gandhiji, who is also known as Mahatma Gandhi, an Indian lawyer, politician, social activist, writer who became the leader of the nationalist movement against the British rule of India and revered as the Father of the Nation. The guests also cracked coconuts ritually on this auspicious occasion as a part of paying tributes to the freedom fighters. The National Flag was hoisted by the chief guest and the national anthem was sung by all.

The event was marked by a spectacular parade by the students of the school. The parade was led by the school band, followed by the NCC cadets, the sports teams, and the cultural clubs. It displayed the discipline, dedication, and diversity of the students. It also showcased the patriotic spirit and the cultural heritage of the country. The parade was witnessed by the honorable guests and the teachers. It was applauded and appreciated by everyone present. And it was a fitting tribute to the nation and its constitution on this auspicious occasion.

The event proceeded with the speeches by the students on various topics related to the Republic Day and the achievements of India. The students spoke eloquently and confidently on the contributions of Freedom Fighters. They also expressed their views on the current issues and challenges faced by the nation and the role of the youth in overcoming them. The speeches were followed by the speeches by the teachers who shared their insights and experiences on the importance of the Republic Day and the values of democracy and secularism.

Speeches by Students:

V. Shrayank – V (James Watt) 

J. Pravinya – VI (Aristotle)

Tirtha – VI (Aristotle)

M. Satwik Reddy – VI (Aristotle)

K. Avantika – VII (Raman)

D. Yashaswi – VII (Raman)

L. Thanisha – VIII Kalam

L. Geethika – VIII Curie

V.V.V. Sai Sankalp – VIII Satish Dhawan

A. Chandra Kaladhar – VIII (Thomson)

Ch. Srikar Lokesh – VIII (Rutherford)

A. Alekhya – IX Sushrutha

N. Navya – IX Kalam

S. Ashwik – X (Aryabhatta)

P. Bharath Chandra – (X Aryabhatta)

G. Siri – V James Watt

Speeches by Teachers:

J. Ramesh – Head of Telugu Department

P. Jyothi – English Teacher

The speeches by the guests were the highlight of the event. Dr. Sri G Bharadwaja Naidu, the Director of the school, congratulated the students and the staff for organizing such a splendid event. He also praised the achievements of the school in various fields and motivated the students to excel in academics and co-curricular activities.

He urged the students to uphold the ideals of the Constitution and to be responsible citizens of the country. He emphasized the need for preserving the unity and diversity of the country and for promoting the culture and heritage of India. Sri. A. Prabhu Kumar, also appreciated the efforts of the school and the students. He also encouraged the students to participate in social service and to contribute to the development of the nation.

The prize distribution ceremony was the next segment of the event. The winners of various competitions held in the school were felicitated by the guests. The competitions included Drawing, Rangoli and Mehendi, Student of the month, Most helpful student and leadership awards. The winners received certificates, trophies, and medals for their outstanding performance.

First Prize                      –        A. Chaitanya

Second Prize                  –        M. Sravan

First Prize                      –        R. Arohi

Second Prize                  –        Narendra Tanaji

First Prize                      –        Ch. Manaswith Reddy 

Second Prize                  –        N. Sanvi

First Prize                      –        G. Ashrith Sai

Second Prize                  –        T. Maniteja

First Prize                      –        K. Sri Gayathri

Second Prize                  –        K. Nakshatra

First Prize                      –        E. Lekhya 

Second Prize                  –        S. Nazreen Nisha

1.       K. Vinay – Class IV Charaka

2.       R. Arohi – Class V James Watt

3.       S. Vamshi Krishna – VI Pasteur

4.       S. Rithu Priya – VII Raman

5.       L. Thanisha – VIII Kalam

6.       B. Abhicharan  – IX Satish Dhawan

7.       J. Raja Narasimha Reddy – X Aryabhatta

1.       T. Shravan – IV Charaka

2.       A. Nikshepen  – V James Watt

3.       G. Vivek – VI Aristotle

4.       E. Harshith  – VII Swaminathan

5.       G. David      – VIII Avogadro

6.       B. Nakshatra – IX Kalam

7.       M. Thrishul  – IX Kalam

8.       K. Deepak  – X Watson

9.       P. Nakshatra  – X Edison

10.  B. Shivamani – X Kalam

1.       Ch. Ajay Kumar – VI Aristotle

2.       K. Bhavisyak – VII Mendel

3.       G. Pranay Reddy – VIII Satish Dhawan

4.       S. Dheeraj Kumar – VIII Thomson

5.       N. Sai Kumar – IX Archimedes

6.       Md. Yasir Arfaath – X Pythagoras

7.       B. Arjun – X Kalam 

1. E. Lekhya – X

2. J. Srinidhi – X

3. M. Rithika – IX

4. N. Navya – IX

5. K Rishika –X

6. V. Samkruthi – X

1. T.  Charvitha – X

2. R. Jesika – X

3. Ch. Likshitha – IX

4. S. Sai Shashira – VIII

5. E. Pranathi – VIII

6. V.  Honey – VIII

1. U. Dimpu Amrutha – X

2. E. Poojasri – X

3. D. Poojitha – IX

4. B. Poojitha – IX

5. B. Nakshatra – IX

6. L. Geethika – VIII

First Prize :   E. Lekhya – IX Sushrutha

Second Prize : M. Pooja – IX Sushrutha

Third Prize :    V. Novika – X Satish Dhawan

The cultural programs were the final and the most entertaining part of the event. The students showcased their talents and skills in various forms of art and culture. The programs included dances, lezim drill, dumbbell drill, hula hoops performance, and pyramid formations. The dances were based on patriotic themes and folk styles. The drills and the formations were performed with precision and coordination. The hula hoops performance was a unique and colouful display of agility and grace. The cultural programs enthralled the audience and filled the atmosphere with joy and pride.

Dumbbell drill by Class VIII Boys: The boys of class VIII performed a dumbbell drill with precision and synchronization. They moved their arms and legs in perfect alignment with the music and the commands. They also demonstrated various formations and patterns with the dumbbells. The drill was a display of discipline and fitness.

Lezim Drill by Girls:The girls of classes VI to VIII performed a lezim drill, which is a traditional Manipuri dance form. They also wore colorful costumes and accessories to enhance their beauty and grace. The drill was a tribute to the rich cultural diversity of India.

Dance by Boys of Class IV – VI : The boys of class IV – VI danced to the song “Punya Bhumi Na Desham“. The dance was about the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for attaining freedom of for us from Britishers.

Dance by Class IX boys : J. Sairam and his team

Dance by Girls of Class IV – VI: The girls of class IV – VI danced to the song “Edhi Mana Bharatham”. The dance was a expression of the love and respect for the nation.

Hula Hoops Performance by Boys of Class VIII and IX: The boys of class VIII and IX performed a hula hoops performance, which is a form of gymnastics using hoops. They spun, tossed, caught, and rolled the hoops with agility and coordination. They also formed various formations and patterns with the hoops. The performance was a demonstration of the skill and creativity of the students.

Pyramids by Boys:The boys of classes VI to X displayed their strength and coordination by forming various pyramids on the ground. They also performed some acrobatic feats while balancing on each other. The audience was amazed by their skill and agility.

The event concluded with the vote of thanks by the head boy and the head girl of the school. They expressed their gratitude to the guests, the teachers, the students, and the staff for making the event a grand success. They also thanked them for their support and cooperation. They wished everyone a happy and prosperous Republic Day.

The 75th Republic Day of India Celebrations at Greenwood High School was a memorable and remarkable event. It was a reflection of the spirit and the values of the school and the nation. It was a tribute to the heroes and the martyrs of the country and a celebration of the glory and the diversity of India.

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