Adieu-2022 & Welcome-2023

Erragattu gutta @ Greenwood Group of Schools

It has been a tradition in Greenwood to bid Good Bye to the bygone Year and Welcome the new year with a lot of fervour. And the 31 December 2022 was no exception to this.

Elaborate arrangements were made to celebrate this event with lots of pomp and gaiety. The children under the guidance of the Greenwood Art and Craft Department decorated the stage so well to set the stage for a wonderful event.

The pillars of the Greenwood, that gave a solid foundation for Greenwood, Sri. Challa Dharma Reddy garu and Sri. DR. Girrem Bharadwaja Naidu garu, Sri. Alapati Prabhu Kumar garu, Sri. Shaik Rabbani garu, The Academic Principal Sri VVV. Naveen Kumar and the Administrative Principal Sri T. Pavan Kumar graced the function by their presence.

The first ladies of the school, Smt. Jyothi garu and Smt. Padmasree Garu has added the rainbow colour to this lovely occasion by their gracious presence. The very presence of these eminent ladies and gentlemen itself brought in the much-deserved festive look to the Greenwood Open Auditorium.

This ceremony was started with the auspicious prayer invoking Lord Ganesha by rendering the shloka ‘Sukhlambaradharam’ by a group of girls. This was followed fittingly by a Welcome Dance, ‘Aigiri Nandini’ by Kushi and her friends.

And then the cloud burst of many dances and songs and lots of fun and cheer marked the rest of the program. The following list shows the extensiveness of this program presented by the Greenwood Children.

Many a time the audience had to hold their breath in wonder and surprise at the talent exhibited by our children.

Soon after the excitement of the dances is over the excitement of the sports set in. The major event of the sports ‘The Winter Sports Carnival’ was conducted from 14-11-2022 to 19-11-2022. It was very fitting that the winners of the individual events, group events belonging to all Houses (Agni, Brahmos, Prithvi and Trishul) were felicitated with a lot of grandeur.  

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A very transparent and meticulous system was followed by the Department of Sports and games in deciding the winners by giving a very fair chance to one and all. The winners of each event was awarded five points, the runners up three points and those in the third position got 2 points. The cumulative total points were taken into consideration in deciding the Overall Winter Sports Carnival Championship of the school.

Certificates and medals were distributed to the all the winners. It may not be exaggeration if one says that light lit on the faces of the winners at that moment was brighter than the Neon lights used to light up the Open Auditorium.

Our beloved Director, Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu lauded the efforts of the Physical Education Teachers for having conducted the Winter Sports Carnival with thumping success.

When the clock struck 12 as a ritual, the Cake Cutting was done by all the eminent dignitaries. This was followed by the exchange of ‘New Year Greeting’ among one and all.

Sri. Challa Dharma Reddy garu, our beloved Director while greeting the children advised them to focus on the academics as they have to take their examinations soon. He also wished a lot of good luck for them for their oncoming examinations.

Dr. Bharadwaja Naidu garu, the Stalwart of Education and our beloved revered Director, has commended the children in their efforts in making everything a success story in our school. He advised them to work hard for their oncoming examinations; the board examinations for the class 10 students and the Periodic Assessment 3 for the rest of the school. He further reiterated the fact that our school has got the best of the infrastructure and the students have got the advantage of the services of very good teachers who all well qualified and committed and are always ready to help the students in their studies.

Talking about the two principals, Sri. VVV. Naveen Kumar, the Academic Principal and Sri. T. Pavan Kumar, the Administrative Principal said that the School Management is extremely happy the way these two principals are coordinating and cooperating with each other and leading the school to greater heights. He also mentioned the fact that both these principals are of high standards of academic administration irrespective of their designations. He expressed the strong hope that under their administration the academics of the school certainly would scale new heights.

He further appealed all the teaching staff to put in their best efforts to push the standard of Greenwood Education a step up.

Thus Greenwood gave a fitting farewell to the year 2022 and a befitting welcome to the year 2023.

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