An Educative Workshop on.. “GOOD TOUCH & BAD TOUCH.”

Mancherial @ Greenwood Group of Schools

A day was specially dedicated to safeguard and protect our children and give them the warmth of wellbeing through a planned program on “Good touch and Bad touch”. The children learnt to identify the “No touch” areas and understood that who are safe adults and whom to report when there is an alarming situation .They also learnt to handle strangers and say ‘NO’ to uncomfortable touch.

The moto of the session was to enlighten the children that their body belongs to them and they need to stay safe and secure.

Good touch is a wonderful way to create bonding with children, they are nice, warm and make us feel protected. Where as, the bad touch is a feeling of fear, discomfort and distress.

This workshop was conducted ,Mrs. Anitha, Mrs. Kanthi and Mrs. Nita, who brought out the importance by demonstrating with dolls and students on live.

Children are taught the difference between the safe zones and red zones of their own body. They also learnt swim suit rule to understand it in a better way.

The session winded up with some special defense tips performed by Ms. Chaitanya to safeguard themselves in unexpected situations.

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