An Epic Celebration of New Year’s Eve @ Greenwood!


The New Year’s Eve celebration at Greenwood High School, Hasanparthy, Hanumakonda on December 31, 2023, was spectacular filled with cultural performances, exciting activities, and joyful moments, marking the transition into the New Year 2024. Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu, the esteemed Director of Greenwood Group of Schools, adorned the event as the chief guest, adding to the grandeur of the evening.

The stage was really awesome with fancy decorations and shiny lights that made it look magical. The music was fantastic because of a really good DJ and a great sound system that made everyone feel like dancing. And you know what? They also put the whole thing on YouTube so that people who couldn’t attend the event could watch and have fun too!

The event started with a lot of important people arriving. Our Academic Principal Sri. V.V.V. Naveen Kumar sir, Administrative Principal Sri. T. Pavan Kumar sir, Vice Principal V. Suresh Kumar sir, Greenwood General Manager Sri. A. Prabhu Kumar sir, Chief Financial Officer Sri. Rabbani Shaik sir and our special guest, the honorable Director of our school, Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu sir, all came on time to the place. At 6 PM, everyone else started coming too, dressed up nicely and looking excited for what was going to happen.

Students from various classes showcased their talent and enthusiasm through a series of vibrant and entertaining dance performances:

Musical Performance by Vamshi and Team: Vamshi and his team kicked off the celebration with an amazing music performance. It really set a great mood for the rest of the evening!

Welcome Dance – Classical Dance by M. Ketheswar of Class X and V. Laxmi Thanishka of Class X
and her team:
Ketheswar’s performance was so elegant and graceful. His traditional dance was amazing and got everyone really interested. He moved his feet in really fancy ways and showed a lot of emotion, making the event start on a really nice note.

Dance by Class IV and V Girls – Swathilomuthyam: The girls from Classes IV and V showcased a lively performance, synchronizing their movements to the beats of “Swathilomuthyam,” radiating energy and enthusiasm.

Dance by Class V Boys – Dance for comedy song: The boys from Class V entertained everyone with their comedic dance routine, eliciting laughter and amusement with their playful choreography.

Dance by Class IV and V Boys – Jayegi Balle Balle: This performance by the boys from Classes IV and V was vibrant and energetic, showcasing their spirited rendition of “Jayegi Balle Balle,” captivating the audience with their synchronized steps.

Dance by Class VI Girls – Osey Ramulamma: The Class VI girls delivered a captivating performance, embodying grace and poise in their rendition of “Osey Ramulamma,” showcasing their talent and coordination.

Dance by Yagnasri and team of Class 7 – Telugu Songs Mix: Yagnasri and her team from Class 7 presented a medley of Telugu songs, displaying versatility and enthusiasm through their varied choreography.

Dance by Varshini and team of Class 7 – Folk song: Varshini and her team depicted the essence of folk culture through their dance, showcasing traditional movements and expressions, captivating the audience.

Dance by Tanisha and team of Class 8 – Arabic kuthu: Tanisha and her team showcased the vibrant and lively Arabic kuthu dance, exhibiting their energy and synchronization in this dynamic performance.

Dance by Hemavarshini and team of Class 8 – Western song: Hemavarshini and her team presented a dance for Western song, displaying contemporary choreography and style, showcasing their proficiency in modern dance forms.

Dance by Charitha and team of Class 9 – Afro Beats: Charitha and her team delivered a vibrant performance, infusing the stage with Afro beats. Their energetic moves and rhythmic synchronization were a highlight of the event.

Dance by Laxmi Sahasra and team of Class 9 – Western Song: Laxmi Sahasra’s team presented a mesmerizing rendition of a Western song, showcasing their versatility and skill through contemporary dance elements.

Dance by Sumana Sri and team of Class 10 – Mashup Song: Sumana Sri’s team delivered an engaging performance with a creative mashup of songs, demonstrating seamless transitions and diverse dance styles.

Dance by Tejashwini. R and team of Class 10 – Mashup Song: Tejashwini.R and her team presented another dynamic mashup performance, impressing the audience with their choreographic finesse and stage presence.

Dance by J.Abhilash and team of Class 6 – VilesiGolacheyi: Abhilash and his team from Class 6 showcased their talent through a spirited performance of “VilesiGolacheyi,” displaying their enthusiasm and coordination.

Dance by Vishwak and team of Class 7 – DJ Tillu: Vishwak and his team portrayed their dance skills with finesse, synchronizing their moves to the beats of “DJ Tillu” and engaging the audience with their lively performance.

Dance by Ashrith Sai and team of Class 7 – For a Song from Movie 9:45: Ashrith Sai’s team presented a captivating performance to a song from the movie “9:45,” showcasing their creativity and stage presence.

Dance by Shivamani and team of Class 8 – Koora Misam Remix: Shivamani and his team delivered an energetic performance to the remix of “Koora Misam,” displaying their synchronized movements and enthusiasm.

Dance by Vignesh and team of Class 9 – Not Ramaya Vastavayya: Vignesh and his team delivered an entertaining performance, presenting their unique interpretation of “Not Ramaya Vastavayya,” captivating the audience.

Dance by Sairam and team of Class 9 – MAD Remix: Sairam’s team presented an electrifying performance to the “MAD Remix,” showcasing their skill and enthusiasm through their choreography.

Dance by Hariharan and team of Class 10 – Single Kingulam: Hariharan and his team impressed the audience with their rendition of “Single Kingulam,” showcasing their dynamic dance moves and stage presence.

Dance by Sai Vardhan and team of Class 10 – Lingidi, Lingidi: Sai Vardhan’s team concluded the series of performances with an energetic and vibrant presentation of “Lingidi, Lingidi,” leaving the audience captivated by their skillful performance.

New Year Cake Cutting: A really special part of the celebration was when we all cut the New Year cake together. It’s like a tradition that shows we’re all together and starting a new year as one big group.

Under the mentorship of English teacher G. Krishna Rao, 10th-grade students Ch. Aapthika, R. Alekhya, R. Tejaswini, K. Rishika, and J. Srinidhi, along with 9th-grade students Md Jaseena and S. Sona Shree, anchored this vibrant New Year’s Eve celebration

The celebration was really awesome! There was so much fun, laughter, and happiness. It made everyone feel happier and memorable. It was a wonderful way to start the new year, and everyone will remember it forever.

Special Luncheon on January 1, 2024: The fun kept going the next day with luncheon for everyone at school. It was a great time for all of us to hang out, have fun, and enjoy good moments together, students and teachers alike with delicious dishes.

Cricket Match – Teachers vs. Senior Students: After lunch, there was a thrilling cricket match between the teachers and the senior students. Everyone played with a lot of energy and teamwork, and in the end, the teachers won.

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