Annual Day 2023-24 (Primary) Greenwood @Hunter Road

The annual day is a day when the entire school comes together to celebrate the past year’s successes and achievements. This is a day of great importance for the students, staff, and faculty. It is a time to reflect on the year’s accomplishments and to look forward to the future. It also involves a lot of fun and joy the children bring to all, through their performance on stage.

Greenwood High School, Hunter Road had celebrated its 12th Annual Day on 1st March 2024. 

All the students and their parents were invited to witness this sensational evening. 

Our beloved Director Dr.G. BharadwajaNaidu,  Principal Manjula Devi, Vice Principal Mr. Mahender  and ACOMs. Rumana  had graced the event with their presence. 

Here is a Glimpse of how we celebrated our annual day.

The event began with great excitement and zeal as our graceful dancers began the ceremony with their skillful steps and invited the dignitaries on the stage to kindle the traditional lamp to commence the event on an auspicious note.

During the process our melodious singers had enticed the gathering with their voices. 

Reminiscing the achievements of the year 2023-24 our ACO  had taken the chance to address the gathering with our success. Maam had enlightened everyone about the team spirit, values, talent in extra curricular activities, academic success, leadership qualities  that we Greenwoodians possess.

Maam had also shared with us about the various events in which out children had qualified outside the school. Maam had concluded With gratitude to the parents ,teachers and management for their support in making all the programs successful.

Vice Principal Mahender sir addressed the gathering by assuring the parents that extra activities are equally important for a child’s development as much as studies. He appreciated the positive words of the teachers and explained how they can be a life changing situation for a child. Good words reflect good energy. He concluded the speech by saying that each child has a special talent and its out duty to identify them and give them a chance.

Our beloved Principal Manjula Devi Maam addressed the gathering by  appreciating our dedicated teachers and staff, who has worked tirelessly to organize and guide our students in these activities. Your efforts have truly brought out the best in our student.Participation in these activities not only enhances their academic performance but also helps in building their confidence and personality. It provides them with a platform to explore their interests and talents, ultimately helping them become well-rounded individuals. She concluded the speech by saying that  we will continue to work together to nurture and empower our students, helping them reach greater heights of success and excellence.

Our Director Dr. G. BharadwajaNaidu sir addressed the gathering about the the importance of spending quality time with students. He highlighted the impact of meaningful interactions and shared experiences in strengthening parent-child bonds. Director sir encouraged parents to prioritize spending dedicated time with their children, engaging in activities that foster communication, understanding, and mutual growth.

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