“CBSE” board exams-2023 for “class 10”

Greenwood Group of Schools

CBSE Board Exam 2023 Datesheet Updates, Download CBSE 2023 Time-Table Live at The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on Thursday released the date sheet for the 2023 board exams. The detailed board sheet is now available at the official CBSE website —

According to the official notification, the CBSE board exams 2023 for class 10 will commence from February 15, 2023 and conclude on March 21, 2023. Similarly, class 12 board exams will take place between February 15, 2023 and April 5, 2023. Exams will begin at 10:30 am. Most exams will be of three hours duration and conclude at 1:30 pm, while some will be of two hours duration and conclude at 12:30 pm.

From the Director’s Desk…

Dear Students,

My warm wishes to you. I want to suggest you how to utilize our REVISION PROGRAM to get maximum benefits.

I feel that no one in this world is born without intelligence.

God has given every one the same composition of mind. It depends on you how to utilize it for your success.

If you have a definite target in life, you can easily collect all your
powers and focus them on that goal.

If you remain determined for your goal, just like the pole star, you would not be affected by any challenges or struggle of your life. If you become a pole star, your future generations would respect you and follow in your footsteps.

The famous English poet, Robert Frost, has written a poem. I would like to quote some lines here to focus more on that topic

Woods are lovely, dark and deep,
And I’ve promises to keep.
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Here, the line “And miles to go before I sleep” has been repeated.
This is an emphasis on the self-determination and strong resolution of a person who wants to do a lot before he sleeps (dies).

You are self-illuminated, just like the Sun. You possess fuel in the form of energy and wick in the form of willpower. Then, which power can stop you from getting lighted up or move towards your goal?

You keep sharpening your willpower and caliber at all points of time. Learn to trust yourself. You possess unlimited powers within you. Do not let your self-confidence go down. Keep yourself enlightened and aware;

if you do so on a consistent basis, no one can stop you from succeeding.

The most beautiful thing in this world is to see your parents smiling and
the next best thing is to know that you are the reason behind that smile.

Most of the students are functionally very strong and behaviorally very weak and often their reason for failure is not lack of knowledge or hard work but lack of motivation and positive attitude. And for you to have positive attitude towards your preparation, it is very important to answer the following question.

” Why am I studying” ?

Every task should have a sense of purpose or motive behind it.

So, first define the purpose whether

  • it is your passion
  • to make your parents happy
  • or something else.

Some important tips to follow :

# Results of a survey said that the difference between topper and slow learner is not much in terms of subject knowledge, intelligence or hard work, but the major difference is in terms of study techniques and approach towards exam.

# You should possess a great determination so that you are ready to quit (sacrifice) the most important things you like. (Watching movies or chatting with friends or something else)

# Have concrete faith in you. You are what your thoughts are. If you think you can, then you can.

Small Tip: To achieve this state of mind, stop speaking negative about anyone or anything and see the magical power of your brain.

To get benefit in revision plan :

# Though we give a revision plan, every student must plan again in that according to his/her abilities. Suppose if you are given 2 hours for Social, then you should preplan how and what to study in that given time.

# Analyze yourself daily in the night whether you prepared the whole day as you wished. If not, then list out the mistakes made by you like chatting with friends, wasting time, not taking care of health etc. and plan accordingly how to rectify them the next day.

# Write your purpose in a book to excel in exams and read that daily at least once.

# Teachers are there to guide and support you. So, you should not hesitate to ask them even a single thing which obstructs your growth.

# This is exclusively for those who struggle to pass in the exams. Follow the
instructions given by your teachers sincerely. Do not think negatively about
them. They are just to guide you and support you.

# Suppose if you are good at Maths then give more time for preparing other subjects.

Mindset before writing an exam.

# Say to yourself before writing every exam that this is the final exam and you should put forth your maximum efforts to excel in it.

# Don’t forget to revise what you had read so many days before the exam.

# Every exam conducted will show how you have prepared for that exam.

# Your performance in exams indicates your preparation.

# Every exam gives you a chance to rectify yourself before writing the final exam.

What to do after an exam is conducted (or) papers are given back?

Analyze yourself in the following areas.

Have I presented in order ?

  • Handwriting
  • Neatness
  • Mistakes
  • Your absolute ( maximum) score.

Plan yourself how to rectify the above .

Write all the mistakes done by you in a book, Inspite of your sincere efforts, you have committed that mistakes. Hence, you should revise every time from then onwards before writing any exam in that chapter.

# Rectification is the only way to develop yourself.

Things to be kept in mind:

# You are going to revise each chapter you have studied only after 2 months. So you have to revise thoroughly now itself so that it takes very less time after 2 months.

# Your daily analysis and performance analysis in exam are going to take you to the expected peaks.

# Never think of any other thing or the persons till you reach your goal.

How to overcome exam tension?

  • Speak openly with your friends or teachers about your problem and follow their suggestions.

(Mind is like a parachute, it works best when it is open)

  • One more suggestion is that it would be better if you get experience before writing the
    schedule tests. i.e. ask your friend / teacher to conduct a pretest and analyze not to repeat the mistakes.


Whenever you are not getting out of your problems,

read this once again. You will definitely find a solution.



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Educational Trip for class 6-8

An educational trip is very useful. It enables the students to visit different places. They learn many things when they go to various places. The educational trip enriches their knowledge and broadens their outlook.

This year Greenwood High School had organized an educational trip on 7th and 8th December 2022 for students of grade 6 – 8 .

The trip was divided into 2 days

( Day 1 : All the Grade 6th student and 2 section of 7th )

( Day 2 : All the Grade 8th students along with the other 2 section of 7th)

Students and parents were informed about the trip one week in advance.

Our ACO Harshavardha  sir personally informed all the section of 6th 7th & 8th about the trip and the details that were to be kept in mind during the journey. 

Students were told to bring snacks and lunch as the trip duration was 7 hours. 

On the fixed days students had gathered in the school ground and boarded the bus at 9 o clock, along with their guide teachers. Five busses were allotted for the  students followed by 2 guide teacher per bus. Finally  We hit the road. 

First, the students were taken to Regional Science Center which is 3.6 KM from school. There they saw many different experiments. working models, machines and theoretical projects as well. 

What excited the students most was a machine where they could  check their weights on different planets of our solar system. 

They got to experience different illusions and see the model of a human DNA. 

They also learnt how 3 Dimensional images actually look 3D and the theory behind it. 

By the time the tour of the Science Center was done it was almost 12 o clock. Students had their snacks in the rest area, played some games and looked around, they also found some weight lifting equipment which were connected to science topics. 

The second part of the tour began at 12:30 as the students boarded the busses and began the journey to Nagarjuna Milk Product Dairy which is approximately 30 KM from the Regional Science Center. It took us about 1 hour to reach the Dairy. As soon as the busses reached students and staff had lunch from 1:30 to 2:00. 

Finally the tour of the dairy farm started. Students were divided into groups of 4 to enter the dairy and explore the process: How the milk is heated in bulk, how the sweets are made, how paneer is processed and stored. They also showed the equipments used for the chill room, where all the frozen items are stored.  

After the tour, students purchased yummy and tasty flavored milk ( Badam and pista) and  ate doodh peda sweet which was made fresh in the dairy. The manager treated the students with a glass of milk and biscuits after the tour. 

We called it a day and 1st bus left the dairy around 3:15 followed by other busses in the interval of 5 minutes each. ACO Harshavardhan Sir and Srikant Sir guided the students all along  and made the trip easy going. 

Students really enjoyed the trip and learned many new things during the tour. They also made the journey to and fro really lively with many different games played throughout. It was indeed an unforgettable trip. 

We thank the management for organising this Educational Field Trip for the students. 

(Ms Rida – English Department)

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Greenwoodians Awardees and Message by Director Sir

Greenwood Group of Schools @ Hunter Road

Morning assembly is a part of every school life. Children come together for the prayer and see different informative acts done by one respective class. 

Greenwood assemblies are unique in their own way. Every Thursday the school cabinet comes together to show their leadership quality and help the students learn some values with fun. 

Today (17-11-22) our Director Sir Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu sir had come to the school premises and started the proceeding by hoisting the Indian Flag, everyone gave a salute and sang the national song to respect the flag. It was follow by our Head-girl hoisting the school flag and then Ruby president hoisting the Ruby flag.

Click below link for More photos & Videos :

Word of encouragement were given by the head-girl as the mid term exams are approaching.

Good thought with its meaning made the day whole lot better. 

A lot of activities were held in Greenwood in the past month. In presence of Director Sir, we took the opportunity to reward the students who did their best and appealed themselves throughout the activities held in school.

First English Club activity ( class 7)  winner were announced and certificate were given,

1st and 2nd prize were crowned to students of 7th Bose who showcased their amazing acting skills.

Science Club activity (class 8)  winners were announced and certificates were given,

1st prize – 8th Newton 

2nd prize – 8th Ramanujan

Coming to the big event GIST. To encourage all the young minds, not one or two but multiple certificates were given to students from Each category of Science.

 Students were joyful and decides to Move Heaven and Earth for the upcoming events.

Coming to the finale, certificates were given to NCC. National Cadet Corps students, who went to the CATC (Combine Annual Training Camp – IX) in the month of November. 

Director sir expressed his thoughts and appreciated all the students for their achievements. He also motivated all the other students To Come Off With Flying Colours in the upcoming exams.

(Ms.Rida – Department of English)

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Winter Sports Carnival  2022 and CHILDREN’S DAY Celebrations @ Greenwood Erragattugutta

Greenwood Group of Schools @ Erragattugutta

Children are the best creation of God. They spread happiness in every season. Post covid, these smiles are evident on the faces of every child at Greenwood High school, Erragattugutta.

To commemorate Pandit Jawaharlal’s Nehru’s birthday, on Nov 14th the Greenwoodians celebrated the day with great vigor and excitement. Another marvelous thing about this day is that “The Winter Sports Carnival 2022” kicked off to a wonderful start. All around the campus, fun and excitement  filled the minds of our enthusiastic kids.

The program commenced at 8.45am with the arrival of the chief guest of the day our beloved Director Sri. Dr. Girrem Bharadwaja Naidu.

Click below link for More Photos & Videos

He was accompanied by chief Administrative officer Sri A.Prabhu Kumar, Academic principal Sri V.V.V.Naveen Kumar and Administrative Principal Sri T.Pavan Kumar. A warm welcoming and ushering ceremony followed thereafter Our school Head girl – K. Jashmitha and Head boy  L. Karthik officially welcomed the guests to the ceremony. Sports captains B. Anirudh Sharma and K. Reethu Patel lead the chief guests to the dais with the accomplishment of NCC students, Marching squadrons. Children’s with dumbbells, Hoops and lezims added color to the March.

Later, the program was officially opened by offering prayers to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Our Director Sir hoisted the National Flag and the winter sports carnival Flag. A colorful and vibrant March past of all the 4 houses captains, Agni House Captains – Mr. G. Abhiram and Ms. J. Bhuvana, Brahmos House Captains – Mr. S. Deekshith and Ms. K. Tirhsika, Prithvi House captains – Mr. A. Sudeep and Ms. M. Sanjana and Tirshul House Captains – Mr. K. Stalin and Ms. R. Sai Srujitha, Sports and games participant students with their mentors followed by children with dumbbells,lezims and hoops added much color to the March past during the guard of honor.

Our Director Sir later released the winter sports carnival poster and the schedule of the sports carnival. A white dove representing peace, freedom and love was released soaring into the sky. With the lightning of the torch, the winter sports carnival was officially inaugurated. The dumbbells drill by the boys, lezim dance by the girls and the hoops performance by the students excited the entire audience who kept applauding throughout. This was followed by Prize Distribution.


Class – IV     B. Pranith

Class – V      R. Kushi

Class – VII     V. Yashwanth

Class – VIII    S. Anvesh Chandra Reddy

Class – IX      K. Maniteja

Class –  X      M. Rea

Class – X       V. Srivardhan


Class – IV    D. Devansh

Class – V     Ch. Sai Manaswith

Class – VI    J. Sriram Reddy

Class – VII   E. Pranathi

Class – VIII  K. Aditya Raman

Class – IX    E. Pooja Sri

Class – X     G. Jashwanth


Class – IV    P. Atharva

Class – V     S. Vishwateja

Class – VI    N. Sidda Laxman Reddy

Class – VII    J. Nandishwar

Class – VIII   T. Akshara and K. Adithya

Class – IX     J. Pallavi and  K. Prasanth

Class – X      M. Hansika, Aman Thakur and M. Nishindra


        A fun filled volley ball match was officially declared open with the chief guest Sri Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu being introduced to the teams. This was followed by volley ball and throw ball matches for boys and girls. There was an air of relief evident on the faces of all our kids. The winter sports carnival will extend to the whole week from 14-11-2022 to 19-11-2022, where we would be witnessing some neck to neck races and breaking of records. A variety of children’s day programs like skits, dances and speeches added much vigor to the day. A Hindi skit presented by the primary students kept the audience filled with laughter. On the whole everything in Greenwood is fun filled vibrant and at the same time educative.

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        Math Trivia 2K22 @ Greenwood Hunter road

        Hunter Road @ Greenwood Group of Schools – 28/10/2022 :

        Empty minds are a devils house. So to keep the minds of the youth busy and running Greenwood High School held a Math Trivia Junior 2K22 on 28th October 2022. Students of class 6th,7th and 8th were given the opportunity to participate in the Trivia and showcase their talent. The teams were selected with a pre exam written by all the students of Grade 6-8. From them 16 students were selected. Nearly an audience of 500 students had gathered and the program starts.

        The program started in the afternoon session with the introduction of all the teams

        ( Team – A ) – Prajwal Vanchanagiri, Angesh, Amrutha Varshini and G Suhas

        ( Team – B ) – Hamsika, Md Faizan, Akhil and Shyam Mayank

        ( Team – C ) – Sahasra , Praneeth, Aarushi and A Harshith

        ( Team – D ) – MD Zaid, MD Saif , Manvith and Vaishnav

        They Introduced the 6 rounds which the teams will be competing in;

        • Arithmetic
        • Algebra
        • General Knowledge
        • Geometry
        • Visual Round
        • Rapid Fire

        Our Beloved Principal, Vice Principal, ACOs and one of the most important person Prabhu Kumar Sir were present as the most awaited Trivia had begun.

        All the rounds were head within a given time limit to the four teams, audience was also given chance to answer and win chocolates throughout the competition. This made the audience even more attentive towards the questions. With every round the air was becoming heavier as there was a close competition going on, towards the finale Team-C was leading and placed 1st followed by the Runner-up team – A.

        ::::::::: 1 st Place( Team – C ) ::::::::::::
        ::::: 2 nd Place ( Team – A ) ::::::

        Participation certificate was given to all the students as rightly said participating is more important than winning. Group photos were taken with all the participants and Words of encouragement were given by Prabhu Kumar sir

        With this the Math Trivia had come to an end.

        Reported by Ishwarya Salla, Mahija Markala, and Samiha Fathima of Class VIII (Newton), with inputs by Ms. Rida, English Teacher.

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        Prizes, Prizes, Prizes and Accolades

        Brain Hunt, a Hunt for Talent

        (Erragttugutta Mother Campus): Brain Hunt is a weekly program initiated by Greenwood and continued for a very long time. The pandemic has put a pause to it, sadly. This is a Search for Talent among the students of the school. This academic year due to the efforts of our beloved Director, Dr. Bharadwaja Naidu and Academic Principal, VVV Naveen Kumar and the Educational Secretaries from the School Cabinet Brain Hunt has made a tremendous comeback. The winners for this week are:

        Class IV : R. Arohi
        Class V : D. Varshitha
        Class VI : K Ashwith
        Class VII : Shraddha Singh
        Class VIII : Ch Rishi Ganesh
        Class IX : T Amritha
        Class X : B Smarani

        All these winners are felicitated by our Director Sir during the Prayer Meeting with gifts, today, the 26 September 2022.
        Academic Prizes for Toppers of Periodic Assessments
        Cash prize of FIVE HUNDRED RUPEES each is given to the toppers of the Periodic Assessment – 2 from each of the classes from VI – X. This award is a permanent one and will be given for the toppers of the future assessments also.
        The toppers of Periodic Assessment – 1 who have won this award are felicitated by our beloved Director Sir during today’s Prayer Meeting.
        The winners for this award are:
        Class VI : N Sai Vidhyakar
        Class VII : D Sakshitha
        Class VIII : Ch Ruthwika
        Class IX : Ch Apthika
        Class X : M Rea

        All these toppers are congratulated and appreciated by our Director Sir and advised all the students to work hard to win these prizes in future.
        Smt. G. Narayanamma Award for Academic Excellence
        During this prayer meeting the Girrem Narayanamma Academic Excellence Award, a Yearly Award, is announced for this academic year 2022-2023 as is done every academic year. This is a yearly cash award of TEN THOUSAND RUPEES given to the topper from the class X by Our Beloved Director SIR In the memory of his mother Smt. G, Narayanamma Garu.

        Inspired by this wonderful gesture of our beloved Director Sir our Chief Administrative Officer Sri Alapati Prabhu Kumar has come forward to announce a yearly award of FIVE THOUSAND RUPPES in the memory of his mother Smt. A. Rajeswari for the academic topper from the class IX.
        Also encouraged by this gesture is our Principal Sri. VVV Naveen Kumar, who has come forward to announce an Yearly Award of FIVE THOUSAND RUPEES in the memory of his father Sri. Veda Rama Mohan Rao for the academic topper from the class VIII.
        Our Director Dr. G Bharadwaja Naidu Sir has spoken about the duty of a child to his parents and appreciated the initiative taken by Sri A Prabhu Kumar and Sri VVV Naveen Kumar.
        Warm Greetings were given to one and all.

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        G-Times, Greenwood’s Magazine, is launched in Hunter Road Campus

        G-Times, the much awaited magazine of Greenwood High School is launched by honourable Director Sir Shri Dr . G Bharadwaja Naidu gaaru, at the Hunter Road Campus of Greenwood High schools. Director Sir unveiled the logo and launched the website with the url
        CAO Prabhu Kumar Sir, Principal Manjula Devi, Vice-Principal Mahender, and ACOs K. Srikanth and K. Harshavardhan are present on the occasion, and cheerfully applauded the new initiative.

        Director sir encouraged all the students to visit the website during the holidays. Also, he mentioned how Greenwood High School recruited, for the first time, an engineer to look after the software related matters of GTimes. He also introduced Software Engineer & SMM Mr. Naresh and appreciated his efforts in turning Gtimes a reality in a short time.

        Addressing the gathered students on the occasion, Director Sir Bharadwaja Naidu mentioned how Greenwood is always ahead of others in taking student and parent friendly initiatives. Gtimes, the online magazine is accessible to all students and parents with a few clicks. He underlined that all can easily access academic calendar, student cabinet details, regular updates about various school programs, and different activities taken up in the school, etc.

        The portal will also host a Students Blog where students can write about their school, life and on such issues that are relevant to their peers and useful to society in large, he underlined.

        Director Sir concluded his speech wishing everyone present a Happy Dassara.

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        G Times, the mirror of greenwood (Gtimes website launched)

        Erragattugutta (Greenwood High School) : This day, 21 September 2022, is indeed a memorable day in the annals of Greenwood Group of Schools.

        Today, our beloved Director Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu along with our Academic Principal, Sri VVV Naveen Kumar and Administrative Principal Sri T Pavan Kumar has launched the much coveted and awaited ‘Gtimes Website’ powered by Greenwood Group of Schools.

        :::::: Mr. Ananthula Naresh, Software Engineer and SMM of Greenwood Group of Schools has designed and developed it.

        :::::: While addressing the students, teaching and non-teaching staff of Greenwood Residential School, Hasanparthy, Hanamkonda, on this happy occasion, Dr. Bharadwaja Naidu enlightened one and all about the usefulness of this Website. He said that the information about the Greenwood Group of Schools would now be available to the students, parents and the staff at their fingertips.  

        ::::::::: The students, teachers and the parents can now access the school activities, profiles of students and teachers with ease. The School calendar, holiday and examination schedule will also be available on this website.

        :::::: Our beloved Director Sir added that soon more and more features are going to be to enhance the utility of this website. He further said that this Website caters not only to the Greenwood Residential Campus but also to the other Greenwood Campuses like Greenwood High Schools at Gopalpur, Hanamkonda, Hunter Road, Warangal and Mancherial also.

        Every member of the Greenwood Family felt very much elated and overjoyed about this Website.

        Now all the members of the Greenwood Family may visit this Website at 

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        Greenwood Innovations in Science and Technology

        Greenwood high school,  Hunter Road Day Campus organized GIST – 2022 (Greenwood Innovations in Science and Technology) on 30th Aug 2022 (Tuesday).

        • For better conduction of the fair the themes have been identified and allocated to guide teachers to oversee the preparations.
        • The themes and guide teachersare as follows.
        1. Fun with Science – Mrs. Shailaja Reddy
        2. Science in Daily Life – Mrs. Nasreen
        3. Little Toys and big Science – Mr. Pradeep
        4. Fun with Indicators  – Mr. Ramesh
        5. Marvelous magnetics – Mr. Dharmadev
        6. Wing of Anatomy – Mrs. Shahida
        • In all across the themes and subjects 90 projects have been exhibited that day. It would not have been possible without unwavering support of the director sir and the school management. Science department is thankful for that.
        • As a part of school level Idea sharing competition, in our GIST – 2022, Director Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu sir and dignitaries including their District Science officer Srinivas Sir and District Co-ordinator Kiran sir gave their feedback and suggestions to our junior scientists, who made our program successful.

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        Self Governance – A Promise for the Future

        Self Governance has emerged as the major attraction of the teachers day Celebrations.

        Many students dressed up as their teachers and teaching their regular lessons enthralled one and all of the school.
        It appeared that many students of our school has passion for teaching.

        This indeed is a very promossing sign for the future of our country.

        Self Governance – A Promise for the Future :::::: Greenwood High School – Erragattu gutta, Hanmakonda

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        Teachers Day – Hounouring Teachers is Honouring our Future

        Today, the Teachers Day was celebrated in our Greenwood High School to mark the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan our former President of our country. 

        Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was a great scholar and philosopher and was a much-decorated teacher.

        Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu, the Director of our Group of Schools accompanied by Sri Prabhu Kumar, the CEO of our Group of Schools, Sri VVVV Naveen Kumar, the academic Principal, Sri Pavan Kumar, the Administrative Principal and all the teachers were invited to the dais with Guard of Honour.

        The celebrations started with the hoisting of our National Flag by Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu followed by the floral tributes and breaking of the coconuts to mark this auspicious occasion.

        The cutting of the cake marked the beginning of honouring the teachers and the other support staff with flower bouquets and beautiful mementoes.

        Dr. Bharadwaja Naidu delivered an awe-inspiring speech highlighting the value and importance of a teacher in the lives of children. His message was marked these golden words, “Trust your teacher, you will learn everything.”

        Many students spoke on the occasion thanking their teachers and lauding their efforts to enlighten them in all speres.

        Teachers are then made to play some interesting games in front of the children which amused the children and teachers alike.

        The cultural activities that followed entertained one and all.

        Today will be cherished as one of the finest and most memorable day in the lives of one and all who took part in these celebrations.

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