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The 1971 war the Indo-Pakistan one – created & new nation called
Bangladesh. It had come from the old East Pakistan

The point of 1970 in the history of Pakistan was marked by the general
elections which were won by the Mukthi Bahani Party lead by Sheikh Mujibur
Rehman of the East Pakistan.

This was not liked by the political leaders of west Pakistan. Thus a great altack
on the common popular of East Pakistan took shape.

This resulted in the people leave East Pakistan and reach West Bengal in
Thus India was forced to take up military action to uphold the human valued of
the commonality in East Pakistan.

VIJAY DIWAS – 16 December 1971
In Celebration of the historic milt rap victory over Pakistan in the year 1971
war we bring to your certain aspect of the war whish was the greatest achievement
for any Armed activity all over the world.

  1. It was the first time in a short span of 13 days a decisive with was possible.
  2. It was the first time a large force of the Pakistan arm of 92, 0000 troops
    surrendered to the Indian Armed forces in ‘Dhaka’.
  3. It was the first time a small bottle for the post of Lone waala – guarded by
    around 120 soldiers was secured against the attack a range full Armed Tank
  4. It was the first time the Indian Air force intervention at Lonewala secured the
    victory using the must less advanced aircrafts.

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