Celebrating Telangana Bhasha Dinotsavam

08/09/2023, Fri

#Greenwood High School @Mancherial

On the auspicious occasion of Telangana Bhasha Dinotsavam, a weekend program was organized by the Telugu Department to celebrate the rich cultural heritage and linguistic diversity of Telugu at Greenwood High School, Mancherial.

Distinguished dignitaries Mr. Chandramohan, Mr. Ayub Baig, and ACO Mrs. Fareeda Somani graced the occasion by joining us on the dais.

The program commenced with a warm welcome to all attendees, highlighting the significance of Telangana Bhasha Dinotsavam in preserving and promoting the Telugu language and culture.

A touching tribute to the legendary poet Kaloji Narayana Rao was paid with a garland decoration on his photo, symbolizing his immense contribution to Telugu literature.

The program featured a series of mesmerizing cultural performances by talented young participants:

‘Ganapati Stotram’ by Jaswika 1 st Grade A delightful invocation to Lord Ganesha.

‘ by Rakul Chandra 3rd Grade An ode to Goddess Saraswathi, the deity of knowledge and wisdom.

‘Gurusthuthi ‘by Vedabhanu 2nd Grade A heartfelt tribute to teachers and mentors.

Children Sang “Jaya Jaya He Telangana A rousing rendition of the Telangana state song, celebrating its pride and heritage.

“Theeya, Theniya Sona” Song by Varshitha of 4th GradeA melodious performance capturing the essence of Telangana’s beauty.

“Shanthi Sahanam Geyam” by Nehaswi and Aadwika 5th Grade. A serene rendition invoking peace and harmony.

‘Neethi Padhyaalu’ by Abhiram and Ishaan 4th Grade , reflecting on the values of justice and righteousness.

‘Vaana Devudaa Geyam’ by Akhira Vardhan and Varjith Chandra 3rd Grade a musical tribute to nature’s beauty.

The program featured inspiring speeches that added depth to the celebration:

Speech by Ch. Rishitha 8th Satish Dhawan about Kaloji Narayana Rao,an insightful address on the importance of preserving and cherishing the Telugu language.

Kaloji Kavithalu by 9th Grade Children ,a recitation of Kaloji Narayana Rao’s poignant poetry, celebrating his literary prowess.

Telugu Chamatkaara Padhyaalu by 7th Grade, exploring the wonders of the Telugu language through captivating verses.

‘Neethi Padhyaalu ‘by Shailendra 8th Aryabhatta , advocating for ethical values and moral principles.

Speech by Principal Mr. Chandramohan sharing wisdom and encouraging the audience to embrace their cultural heritage.

The program concluded on a high note with a heartfelt vote of thanks to all the participants, dignitaries, and attendees who made this celebration of Telangana Bhasha Dinotsavam a resounding success. It was a day filled with cultural vibrancy and a renewed commitment to preserving and promoting the Telugu language and its rich heritage.

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