Celebrating the Rich Heritage of Telangana’s Languages!

09/09/2023, Sat

#Greenwood High School @Gopalpur, Hnk


At Greenwood High School, we take immense pride in celebrating ‘Telangana Bhasha Dinosthavam’ to coincide with the birth anniversary of noted Telangana poet Kaloji Narayana Rao. As a poet and freedom fighter, Kaloji played a crucial role in the promotion of the culture of Telangana.

On the auspicious occasion of Telangana Bhasha Dinotsavam, we remember and celebrate the profound contribution of Kaloji Narayana Rao to the language and culture. Happy Kaloji Jayanti!

“Celebrating Telangana Telugu Bhasha Dinotsavam, Rich Tapestry of Telugu Language and preserving its culture and traditions.”

The air was filled with enthusiasm and pride as students and teachers gathered for the special assembly to celebrate Telangana Telugu Bhasha Dinotsavam on the 9th of September, a day dedicated to honour the rich heritage of the Telugu language.

The assembly commenced with the lighting of lamp by the principal, Mrs.Kavita Chawla, Mrs. Swarupa & Mrs.Padma Telugu department . A child dressed up as Kaloji paid a great tribute to this great poet by spreading awareness to raise voice against atrocities.

A valuable speech was given by the Sai Chethan if grade-4 which stated and reminded the importance of preserving and promoting the language and its cultural significance. The event featured various activities such as recitation of poetry and songs. A melodious song rendered by Vinnuthana & group filled the atmosphere with a sense of nostalgia and pride.

The students exhibited their artistic talents through beautiful skit and Niharika of grade -2 was traditionally dressed as Telangana Thali, their performances which not only entertained but also educated the students about the richness of the language.

Addressing the gathering, the principal, Mrs. Kavita Chawla highlighted the cultural significance of the Telugu Language. She stressed the importance of preserving and passing on this linguistic treasure to future generations and conveyed Telugu Day greetings to the teachers and the students.

Telangana Telugu Bhasha Dinotsavam is a day for us to reaffirm our dedication to this cause.

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