Christmas Celebrations _ Gopalpur Greenwood

Greenwood Gopalpur’s Christmas Celebrations were a joyous affair, adorned with students donned as Santas and angels.

The esteemed Principal, Kavita Chawla, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The festivities unfolded with the melodious carols presented by the Choir group, setting a festive tone.

The younger students, from UKG, added a charming touch with their lively dance to the tune of Jingle Bells.

Following this, students from grades 1-3 showcased their Christmas dance, infusing the atmosphere with infectious energy. A skit portraying the birth of Jesus captivated the audience, adding a spiritual dimension to the celebration.

The 6th and 7th-grade girls brought their artistic flair to the forefront with a captivating dance performance. As the day concluded, certificates were awarded to the accomplished students who excelled in various arts and academic pursuits throughout the year.

The event served as a heartwarming culmination of the year’s achievements and festive spirit at Greenwood Gopalpur.

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