Club Activity @ Hunter Road Campus

Greenwood @ Hunter Road : Activities are a part of school life. Greenwood High School has taken the initiative to introduce Club Activities for to the students of our institute. English language is a work in progress. Have fun with it.

With this The Club Activities came to a start on 21 st October 2022 with students of Grade 7( Raman, Bose, Einstein and Newton) performing skits.

The session started with lots of Zeal and enthusiasm. The students were geared up and were looking forward for various activities that educate, brighten and enlighten the young brilliant minds.

Life is a drama and we are all actors. 

We started the performance with The Ruby house of all the sections, The show continued with Sapphire house followed by Diamond house and concluded with Emerald house. 

Prizes will be distributed to the best four performances.

The program came to an end with Principals speech. She has encouraged, appreciated and inspired all the students to participate and get the opportunity to go stage and gain lots of confidence.

With this healthy note the program had ended.

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