🪔 Diwali Celebrations Illuminate Greenwood @Mancherial with Enthusiasm 🪔

10/11/2023, FRI

@mancherial #Greenwood high school

Greenwood High School in Mancherial witnessed a vibrant and spirited Diwali celebration,The event kicked off with a Diwali clambic rally and a Pep rally, showcasing the creativity and energy of the young participants orchestrated by the primary children under the guidance of their principal Mr. Chandramohan, admin Mr. Ayub Baig, ACO Mrs. FareedaSomani, and other teachers. The theme of the event, ☘️”Go Green, Breathe Clean,”☘️ reflected a commitment to environmentally conscious festivities.

🪔 Diya making activity fostered creativity and cultural appreciation among students.

Students from various grades enthusiastically participated showcasing their artistic flair and innovation in making diyas.

Principal ,admin,and the ACO graced the occasion by lighting the ceremonial lamp, symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness and shared insightful speeches underlying the importance of unity in diversity and the spirit of Diwali.

The event was hosted by Shriyank and Lekshana, of Grade 5, who seamlessly guided the audience through the festivities. The celebrations unfolded with a captivating welcome dance by Mahalaxmi, setting the tone for an evening filled with cultural richness.

Sreetham Kesari, a 6th-grade student, delivered a heartfelt speech about the significance of Diwali, emphasizing the cultural and spiritual aspects of the festival. The primary children followed with an engaging skit, showcasing their talents and understanding of Diwali traditions Amuktha a student of 7th-grade IIT, added a touch of regional flavor with a Telugu speech, connecting the audience to the cultural diversity inherent in Diwali celebrations.

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Adding a touch of grace and elegance, the 8th-grade IIT girls presented a mesmerizing dance performance, captivating the audience with their skill and synchronization.

Abhiram, a 4th-grade student, delivered a charming speech, showcasing the innocence and enthusiasm of the younger participants.

Mahalaxmi returned to the stage with another enchanting dance performance, adding a burst of energy to the celebration. The event concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks by the anchors, Shriyank and Lekshana, expressing gratitude to all involved and reinforcing the message of eco-friendly celebrations.⚡

In essence, the Diwali celebrations at Greenwood High School not only illuminated the surroundings but also left a lasting impression of unity, cultural richness, and a commitment to a greener, cleaner future.🪔

Dear Parents and Students Happy Diwali 2023

from Greenwood School, @Mancherial

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