Enrollment of cadets to the NCC Army Wing -2024-25

The NCC enrollment for the training year 2024-25 was taken up on 14-03-2024 and 18-03-2024 in the school campus. The initial screening test was conducted on 14-03-2024 through a written test on basic awareness on India.

The physical test cum written test was taken on 18-03-2024. The school having two troops had this year taken 120 students both boys and girls.

Thus 80 boys and 40 girls were finalized through the physical tests involving basic exercise patterns and running. The cadets selected would undergo two years regimental training under the aegis of the 10(T) Bn. NCC.Warangal.

The training team lead by Subedar Major Suhas Kadam and Junior Commissioned Officer Chaurasia monitored the selection process.The other personnel involved being Mr. Shabbir, Mr.Basha and Nillesh.
The Associate NCC officer S. Radha krishnan, Officer Cadet M.Ramakrishna and Physical Education Teacher Kalyani helped out in having the cadets face the test positively.

They would be eligible to write the A certificate exam of the National cadet Corps.
The selected cadets were congratulated by the Principal (Academic) V.V.V. Naveen Kumar and Principal (Administration) T. Pavan Kumar for being inspired patriotically and choosing to be future role models by joining the largest uniformed youth force in the world.

They were appreciated by the Commanding officer Col. Ajayanand Khanduri for volunteering to take up a regimental way of life which in the long run shall shape them to be future leaders in various walks of life. The Director Dr. G. Baradwaja Naidu commended the cadets for their initiative which would help them join the various uniformed forces of the country.

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