“Ganith Week” @ Greenwood Erragattugutta

Erragattugutta @ Greenwood Group of Schools

GANIT WEEK, a program conceived, designed and organized by the Greenwood’s Department of Mathematics to commensurate with the Maths Day Celebrations, marking the Birth Anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujanon 22 December 2022, was conducted in our School.

MATHS TRIVIA, the Quiz Competition was conducted at two levels, one the Junior Quiz Competition that has been conducted for the students of Classes 6 through 8 on 05 December 2022, and the other, the Senior Quiz Competition for the students of Classes 9 and 10 on 08.12.2023.


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A very meticulous, fair and transparent procedure was followed for the selection of students for the final round of this competition. A Screening Test was conducted on 25 November 2022 for juniors and on 30 Nov 2023 for seniors. In this test, as many as 450 enthusiastic students took part at the Junior Level and as many as 550 students took part at the Senior Level.32 students representing the four Houses of the school; AGNI, PRITHVI, BRAHMOS and TRISHUL, was shortlisted to take part in the final round of this competition for each of the two levels..

The 8 participants shortlisted students from each House are divided into 2 groups of 4 each. These groups have shared thefive Quiz rounds of this Quiz Competition; Motivational Round, Algebraic Round, Ramanujan Round, Visual Round, Rapid Fire Round.

The first of these rounds, the Motivational Round, is considered to be a warm up for the Quiz. Each group has got 3 questions weighing 20 points each for a direct question and 10 points for a passed question.

The second round, the Algebraic Round, consisted of 16 questions in all. These questions were based on the algebra, which is an integral part of School –Maths Curriculum.

The third round, the Ramanujan Round, consisted of questions based solely on based on the biography of Ramanujan. Through this round the unique features of Ramanujan’s life were presented to one and all. This round consisted of eight questions.

Juniors – Winners – AGNI House
Seniors – Winners – AGNI House

The fourth round, the Visual Round, is the most challenging round of this Quiz Competition. This Round required the contestants to identify images of the Mathematicians. To increase the spirit and thrill of the competition and to reduce the wild guessing as well, Negative Points were introduced in this round.

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