GN Foundation- REGIONAL MATHEMATICS TALENT HUNT @ Greenwood Erragattugutta

28/12/2022-Erragattugutta @ Greenwood Group of Schools

All the children have talent hidden in them. Many times, this hidden talent won’t show up itself. It has to be unearthed and help the children achieve their potential to the fullest.

GN Foundation is one that makes an earnest effort to bring out the knowledge, ability and talent among the Greenwood Children. A yearly talent test is conducted by this GN Foundation in our School. This test comes with a bonanza of Tablets, Medals, Books and Shields for the winners.

Today in our school the GN Foundation conducted RMTH(REGIONAL MATHEMATICS TALENT HUNT) for the Greenwood students of classes VI through X.

The most interesting, if not attractive, part of today’s test is that it has come out within a very appealing format with a number of questions in different levels of difficulty; a true attempt to bring out the real champion and help the validation of the test for future use.

Today, being the test day, an atmosphere of excitement, enthusiasm and expectation has set in the school campus right from the morning. The outcome of this effort; the real champions of Greenwood, is eagerly awaited.

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