#good Touch #bad touch

What are good touches and bad touches ?

This slogan refers to the teachings that good touches are those that are not abusive (such as hugs from family, a pat on the back, or shaking hands), while bad touches are those that are abusive and involve touching a child’s private body parts.

Education starts at home and is taken to a higher level at schools and colleges. It is our collective responsibility as parents, teachers and school management to ensure that our wards are aware of the negative side of our society as prevention is always better than cure.

As per the level of the child’s understanding capacity, he or she must be warned against kidnappers and sexual abusers. Awareness about good and bad touch, over familiarity, blackmailing, bullying must be discussed both at school and at home. This is possible only when the child is comfortable and able to confide with us.

Vigilance is the need of the day as once the horrendous deed is done, there is nothing left to do but lament.

At #Abhyas The Global school# we make sure our Girls are safe by educating them time to time on these burning issues

3 thoughts on “#good Touch #bad touch”

  1. Somepalli Jyothirmaie

    Prevention is always better than cure. This awareness drive must be implemented in all schools. Kudos to Abhyaas the global school!!!

  2. Such an important thing you have discussed madam. Every student should be aware of this current situation in our society. Very happy that you let them know all these.. Thank you.

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