Graduation Day – A Day of Celebrating Achievement and Accomplishment

A well decorated podium welcomed them all in the Greenwood Conference Hall. All the Grade 5 Greenwoodians assembled there with bubbling enthusiasm and exuberance.

The ceremony, marking the Graduation of these students from the Primary Level of education to a much higher Level of Secondary Education began with the arrival of the Director, Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu, the Academic and Admin Principal and Vice Principal.

Miss Modia Francis the Grade 5 Class teacher stuck a high beginning note for the ceremony with her well-chosen words of invitation. Her ease, confidence and language certainly matched the spirit of all these budding graduates.

She categorically explained what this ceremony means for the students of Grade 5. She went on to invite some of the grade 5 students to speak on the occasion, which most of them did with near perfection.

All expressed their joy and happiness to have achieved their goals set for their primary level of education. They assured the gathering of the elite members of the School Authority and Administration and the teachers that they would continue to practice the discipline and values that they acquired during their passage through the Primary.

The Director, Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu advised the students in many aspects explaining each and every new challenge these bubbling students are going to face in their next phase; the Secondary level of education, and expressed a firm hope that they would easily face and triumph over all the hurdles and challenges they come across.

He advised the children to learn and practice to read faster and comprehend what they read while reading itself. He reiterated the fact that this reading skill takes them very far in reaching their academic goals. He told that the transition from Primary to Secondary may appear to be strenuous, but it is not so at all. He assured that this transition would be smooth and steady for every one of the Young Graduates.

He further said that the new challenges such as the little reduced focus of the teachers, expansion of the syllabus and increased size of the subject content may easily be overcome with a little determination and perseverance.

welcome to educational world….

These small issues are the stepping stones for these children in becoming self-learners and life long learners. He further informed the children about the recently conceived changes of Central Board of Secondary Education in the examination system.

He explained in detail about the open book testing, and introduced them the Case Study Based questions, Competency based questions etc. He advised the children to read textbooks thoroughly to equip themselves to meet these new challenges. He insisted they all should learn the methods of Crisis Management and problem solving right from now. Finally he advised them to retain the discipline and value they acquired in the primary classes and further them during their Secondary phase. 

The Academic Principal Sri. V.V.V. Naveen Kumar and the Administrative Principal Sri. T. Pavan Kumar advised the children to focus more and more on the academics and learn to speak well in English. Both reiterated the importance of learning to write longer answers and essays on their own and improve the techniques of reading. Sri. V.V.V. Naveen Kumar advised the children to perfect their handwriting skill and skill of comprehending simultaneously while reading the texts. Sri. T. Pavan Kumar stressed on the importance of strengthening the basics of the subjects. He told the basics lay foundation for their Secondary education.

Sri V. Suresh Kumar, the Vice Principal advised the students to be regular in their studies, and be regular in their attendance.

Sri. A. Ramakrishna, the Class Teacher advised the children to be independent learners and become very strong in their academics.

After all these proceedings the Graduation Oath was read out by our beloved Director sir which was recited by the graduate students. This oath taking is followed by the presentation of the Graduation Certificate to each of these students. It was a spectacular array to witness each child, dressed in a lovely graduation Gown and a cap coming to the podium to receive this Graduation Certificate from the Director sir.

Taking the much-desired group photo of the children with all the dignitaries and teachers marked the end of this lovely day.

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