Grand 75th Republic Day Extravaganza.

A Tapestry of Patriotism unfolded at Greenwood Gopalpur during the grand 75th Republic Day Extravaganza. Commencing with a reverent tribute, Sri. Mr. A. Prabhu Kumar, our General Manager and Mrs. Kavita Chawla, the Principal, garlanded the photos of visionary national leaders. This reflective moment set the tone, acknowledging sacrifices that paved the way for our democratic heritage.

The tricolor unfurled during the flag hoisting ceremony symbolized our collective commitment to justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity. Witnessing this poignant moment embodied the spirit of our democratic republic. A disciplined student parade showcased strength through unity and teamwork, echoing the essence of discipline ingrained in our armed forces.

Transitioning to the cultural segment, LKG/Nursery talents sparkled in Fancy Dress performances, followed by UKG students who mesmerized with a patriotic dance. Grades progressed, presenting captivating Welcome Dances and lively Punjabi Saare performances celebrating our rich cultural diversity.

Class 3 took center stage with a dynamic dance to “Tere Jalwa,” accompanied by a poignant Hindi speech eloquently capturing the essence of our diverse heritage. Class 4 continued with a speech by Nehanth, followed by graceful Girls Dance and an energetic Boys Dance, showcasing dynamism and talent.

The program climaxed with Class 6 girls’ musical prowess and dynamic dances to “Desh Rangila” and “Tere Mitti” by the talented Class 7 girls. These performances served as a crescendo, resonating with the pride and spirit of our nation.

The 75th Republic Day celebration deepened our sense of unity, instilled pride in our heritage, and inspired a collective commitment to the continued progress and prosperity of our great nation. The event also included a Prize Distribution ceremony, recognizing achievements from various mid-term events

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