Greenwood High School Hub Activities at Mancherial on 25th November


Under the leadership of Principal Mr. Chandramohan, admin Mr. Ayub Baig, and guidance from ACO Fareeda Somani, Greenwood High School held a vibrant hub of activities on November 25th.

The Math Bee engaged students in a stimulating Dice 🎲 game, focusing on addition and multiplication. The forward-backward numbers activity, accompanied by playful dog and cat sounds, added an interactive dimension.

The collaborative effort resulted in a successful learning experience, reinforcing the importance of mathematics in an engaging and enjoyable manner.

Underlining the school’s commitment to holistic education, a Science Activity titled “Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy” was conducted. Students delved into the intricacies of nutrition, exploring the food pyramid with a diverse range of elements including oils, sweets, dairy products, dry beans, eggs, fruits, bread, cereals, and pasta.

The event aimed not only to impart knowledge but also to emphasize the significance of maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet.

The interdisciplinary approach of merging fun with education was evident as the students not only gained insights into mathematical concepts but also grasped the importance of healthy eating habits.

This initiative, spearheaded by the dedicated team and the school’s administration, showcased the commitment of Greenwood High School to nurturing well-rounded individuals.

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