• Preliminary Test (25th September 2023):
    Duration: 30 minutes
    Thirty questions covering a wide range of themes such as current affairs, sports, science,
    abbreviations, taglines, books & authors, geography, history, political science, entertainment,
    awards, superlatives & sobriquets.

  • Screening Test (3rd October 2023):
    Duration: 30 minutes
    Twenty-five questions covering diverse themes, like the above Preliminary Test.

  • Final Quiz Competition (18th November 2023) :
    Sixteen candidates were selected based on merit (four per house).
    Quiz was conducted in the Open Auditorium from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Scoring System:
Each team was given 10 seconds for a direct question and none for a passed question.
A direct question was awarded 10 points, and a passed question was awarded 5 points.

The winning house will be awarded 30 points, and the runner-up house will be awarded 20 points towards the year end house championship.

  • Team A (Vindhya House):
    S. Yashwanth Chandra (X Satish Dhawan)
    Ch. Ruthwika (IX Satish Dhawan)
    V. Siddharth Abhimanyu (X Satish Dhawan)
    VVV Sai Sankalp (VIII Satish Dhawan)

  • Team B (Himalaya House) – Winners:
    P. Abhinav (X Satish Dhawan)
  • P. Ritesh (X Satish Dhawan)
    K. Sathwik (X Kalam)
    K. Om (X Kalam)

  • Team C (Nilgiri House) – Runners-up:
    K. Shruthish Reddy (X Satish Dhawan)
    S. Parthiv (X Satish Dhawan)
    M. Saicharan (IX Archimedes)
    A. Sampreeth Reddy (IX Satish Dhawan)

S. Ashwik (X Aryabatta)
R. Lakshith Abhinav (IX Satish Dhawan)
P. Sai Siddartha (VIII Satish Dhawan)
J. Amarnath (X Kalam)

Rounds 1, 3, 6, and 7: Ch. Aaptika (X Satish Dhawan) & Rathod Alekhya (X Kalam)
Rounds 2 and 5: T. Manish (IX Satish Dhawan) & T. Arun Babu (X Satish Dhawan)
Round 4: Mr. Ranjit Behera (Social Science Faculty)

Score Keeper: R. Akshay Sandesh
Timekeeper: U. Shrehash
Technical support: D. Anurag, G. Vignesh & B. Shivamani

Kudos to all participants for their commendable efforts. We extend our gratitude to the Quiz Masters, participants, teachers, and staff for making the event a grand success.

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