Greenwood Winter Sports Carnival Unveiled: A Grand Opening Ceremony of Winter Sports Carnival 2023-24

10/11/2023, FRI

#Greenwood High School, Hasanparthy, Hanumakonda

The crisp November air was filled with anticipation as Greenwood High School, Hasanparthy, gathered on 10 November, 2023 for the grand Opening Ceremony of the Winter Sports Carnival 2023-24. Excitement and camaraderie were palpable, setting the stage for a day of spirited competition and celebration.

The event began with a dignified procession, as the audience rose to welcome our esteemed guests. Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu, the honorable head of our Greenwood Group of Schools, along with Sri. A. Prabhu Kumar, General Manager, Sri. VVV Naveen Kumar, Academic Principal, Sri. T. Pavan Kumar, Administrative Principal, and Vice Principal Sri. V. Suresh Kumar, were escorted to the dais with a meticulously performed Guard of Honour, reflecting discipline and respect.

The opening words were eloquently delivered by R. Alekhya from the 10th Kalam section. Alekhya’s speech resonated with passion and eloquence, emphasizing the significance of the Winter Sports Carnival in fostering teamwork, discipline, and the spirit of healthy competition.

The solemnity of the occasion deepened as Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu, the respected head of our institution, hoisted the Indian National Flag. The fluttering tricolor served as a poignant reminder of our unity and shared national pride.

With hearts filled with patriotism, the entire assembly joined in unison to sing the National Anthem. The harmonious rendition echoed through the school grounds, reinforcing the spirit of unity.

The official inauguration took place with the hoisting of the Greenwood Winter Sports Carnival Flag. This symbolic act marked the commencement of the much-anticipated sporting extravaganza.

A vibrant parade followed, showcasing the diversity and unity within Greenwood High School. NCC cadets, Students Council members, All the four House Captains of Aravalli, Himalaya, Nilgiri and Vindhya along with their Members and Mentor Teachers, marched proudly, reflecting the rich tapestry of the school community.


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The official poster for the Greenwood Winter Sports Carnival: 2023-2024 was unveiled by Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu, capturing the essence of the upcoming events. The visual spectacle showcased the variety of sports and activities, generating excitement among the participants and spectators.

Winter Sports Carnival Pledge and the Torch Relay:

The entire gathering solemnly took the Greenwood Winter Sports Carnival Pledge, administered by Dr. Sri. G. Bharadwaja Naidu, a commitment to fair play, sportsmanship, and unity. The collective promise echoed the ethos that would define the days ahead.

Later, A torch relay took place when Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu lit the torch and passed it to the torch bearers from different houses, symbolizing the passion and determination inherent in sports, commenced, spreading the spirit of sportsmanship throughout the school grounds.

Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu and Sri. A. Prabhu Kumar addressed the audience, sharing valuable insights on the importance of sports in education and personal development. Their words inspired and motivated everyone present.

During his speech, Director Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu expressed that organizing the annual winter sports carnival is a cherished tradition at Greenwood. Medals and certificates will be awarded for first, second, and third places in competitions such as Cricket, Khokho, Basketball, Throw Ball, Tennikoit, Carroms, Volleyball, Badminton, Chess, and Athletics.

Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu also mentioned that these sports event will span 15 days, with students grouped under the names of four prominent mountains: Aravalli, Nilgiri, Vindhya, and Himalaya. Emphasizing the physical strength gained through the sports meet, he noted that robust physical health often correlates with academic excellence. He suggested the students to identify their unique sporting interests and to excel in their chosen disciplines.

Furthermore, he highlighted the importance of sports achievements, particularly for those competing at the state and national levels, as such accolades prove beneficial for higher education.

The Director underscored that engagement in sports contributes to enhanced mental stability, instills the ability to gracefully accept victory and defeat, and fosters friendly relationships and camaraderie among students.

Clapping the Clapper – a Sign of the Beginning of the Sport Event:

The rhythmic clapping of the clapper resonated, officially marking the beginning of the Winter Sports Carnival. The collective energy in the air was electric, heralding the start of the much-anticipated sports events.

Inaugural Sports Matches:

The day culminated in thrilling sports matches, including the senior boys’ volleyball match between Nilgiri and Himalaya, won by the Himalaya team with two points, and the senior girls’ handball match between Aravalli and Himalaya, won by the Aravalli team in two straight sets.

The successful execution of the Opening Ceremony was a testament to the meticulous planning and coordination by the organizers. The event, expertly anchored by CH. Aapthika of 10th Satish Dawan under the mentorship of G. Krishna Rao, Teacher of English, set the stage for an unforgettable Winter Sports Carnival:2023-2024 at Greenwood High School.

The collective enthusiasm and sportsmanship displayed promised an exhilarating season ahead.

Report by: G Krishna Rao (Teacher of English)

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