International Sparrow Day event at Warangal Public School

During the International Sparrow Day event at Warangal Public School, under the guidance of Vikasa Tarangini, prizes were awarded to the winners of painting, essay, and lecture competitions organized for students from various schools.

The Chief Guest, Acharya Ramana Rao, the director of National Institute of Technology Water, emphasized the need to evaluate the natural resources provided by nature to humanity. He stressed the importance of protecting the environment, including birds, especially during the summer. University academic dean Dr. Shamita stated that one can learn valuable life lessons by studying the Bhagwat Gita from a young age. Dr. Bachu Radhakrishna, president of Reddy’s Joint Warangal district, and several other distinguished guests also attended the event, including the wife of Vedic scholar Narasimha Telikan, director’s wife NV Jyoti, in charge of Child Vikasa Tarangini Subhash Reddy, Dayakar Reddy, and Tanuja.

Our principal Ms.Kavita Chawla appreciated students and shared importance of birds. Let’s save BIRDS .

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