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Math clubs can have many benefits for children, including:

Developing knowledge and understanding, applying math in real-life situations, strengthening cross-curricular links, providing opportunities to try new things, enhancing mathematical reasoning skills,promoting collaborative learning, developing math resilience

Boosting self-confidence, cultivating creativity and most of all – building a positive relationships between teachers and children

Math clubs can also help children:

  • Explore math beyond textbooks
  • Develop their explorative, creative, and inventive faculties
  • Inculcate the habit of self-study and independent work
  • Offer an ideal avenue for a free exchange of mathematical ideas
  • Promote frank and helpful criticism of mathematical ideas
  • Math clubs can be social occasions that provide opportunities to showcase being a math champion and help children become math catalysts and math ambassadors themselves.

The Mathematics teachers at Abhyaas the global school organized a few Maths club for students across Grades 1 to 9 to encourage them to put on their thinking caps.

From the junior team, T. Suhas Ram, Y S. Sai, D. Relina Princess, M. Ghanan Karthik and S. Dakshayani of Class 1 performed an activity using body parts to measure length such as hand span, foot span and cubit and foot pace.

Class 2 pupils, T. Reuel Shekhar, T. Harshika, T. Lohitha and M. Abhi Ram performed an activity to explain Shapes.

R. Revanth Avinash and P. Vikas of Class 3 performed an Activity to demonstrate measurement of objects like pencil, eraser and book with a scale while N. Yuva Kireeti and G. Saniya performed an activity to explain Time .

Class 4 students V. P . Sanjayana,

P.S.R.Thanmai, N. Nishitha Varma and K.V.S. Madhurima performed an activity to explain about Mass and Measurement.

N. Manvitha, Bhaghya and B. Cherithesh explained about Capacity through an activity.

Class 5 students, V. Preethi and V. Kodanda Venkat explained about the concept of Time while M.V.Karthik explained about Mass and Weight.

Coming to the senior school, Pragna of Ruby House did the anchoring.

B. Sreyas   of Class VI enlightened the audience about the different types of fractions.

Sk. Halimunnisa and S. Bhavya of Grade VI IIT an activity on HCF.

Varshini and Rishith from the audience did a given sum using the play way method.

B. Lakshmi Chaitanya and M. Sindhu of Class VII explained about the different types of triangles.

A. Ramkumar of Grade VII IIT explained about the Anglesl Sum  Property of a triangle using cutouts of interior angles of a triangle.

M. Krishna Varma, G.Chidvesh Pavan and K.Vijay Venkatapathi Raju  conducted a Quiz.

S. Sai Durga of Class VII IIT recited the squares of numbers from 1 to 20 by heart.

G. Harinarayana  of Grade VIII-IIT recited the cubes of numbers from 1 to 15.

K. Bejasri and Sk. Munthaj VIII performed an activity to explain the concept of Inverse Proportion.

G. Shyam of Class VIII conducted a very proactive Quiz.

S. Hanuvadh, S. Prudhvi and Y. Harsha of Class IX performed an activity on ‘Circle to Cone’ and also asked a few questions to their audience regarding circle and cone.

R. Vennela and P. J Harshita of Class IX have explained about the different types of Lines and Angles.

V. Druthi and D. Pragna of Class IX explained about the Cartesian Plane.

All of this was possible because of the Mathematics teachers who encouraged the students to showcase their talents. Kudos to them.

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