Math Trivia 2K22 @ Greenwood Hunter road

Hunter Road @ Greenwood Group of Schools – 28/10/2022 :

Empty minds are a devils house. So to keep the minds of the youth busy and running Greenwood High School held a Math Trivia Junior 2K22 on 28th October 2022. Students of class 6th,7th and 8th were given the opportunity to participate in the Trivia and showcase their talent. The teams were selected with a pre exam written by all the students of Grade 6-8. From them 16 students were selected. Nearly an audience of 500 students had gathered and the program starts.

The program started in the afternoon session with the introduction of all the teams

( Team – A ) – Prajwal Vanchanagiri, Angesh, Amrutha Varshini and G Suhas

( Team – B ) – Hamsika, Md Faizan, Akhil and Shyam Mayank

( Team – C ) – Sahasra , Praneeth, Aarushi and A Harshith

( Team – D ) – MD Zaid, MD Saif , Manvith and Vaishnav

They Introduced the 6 rounds which the teams will be competing in;

  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • General Knowledge
  • Geometry
  • Visual Round
  • Rapid Fire

Our Beloved Principal, Vice Principal, ACOs and one of the most important person Prabhu Kumar Sir were present as the most awaited Trivia had begun.

All the rounds were head within a given time limit to the four teams, audience was also given chance to answer and win chocolates throughout the competition. This made the audience even more attentive towards the questions. With every round the air was becoming heavier as there was a close competition going on, towards the finale Team-C was leading and placed 1st followed by the Runner-up team – A.

::::::::: 1 st Place( Team – C ) ::::::::::::
::::: 2 nd Place ( Team – A ) ::::::

Participation certificate was given to all the students as rightly said participating is more important than winning. Group photos were taken with all the participants and Words of encouragement were given by Prabhu Kumar sir

With this the Math Trivia had come to an end.

Reported by Ishwarya Salla, Mahija Markala, and Samiha Fathima of Class VIII (Newton), with inputs by Ms. Rida, English Teacher.

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