“Math’s Day Celebrations” @ Greenwood Mancherial

Mancherial @ Greenwood Group of Schools

On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Sir Srinivasa Ramanujan, Greenwood Mancherial branch, has conducted Math Expo with near about 200 working modules and projects.

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Principal Mr.Chandra Mohan, Mr.Ayub and coordinator Ms.Kanthi have garlanded the photograph of Sir Srinivasa Ramanujan and highlighted his contributions towards Mathematics in their speeches.

Mathematics related dances, songs and skits were performed by the children.
Students across the grades have presented their project works on solid shapes, congruency, similarity and equivalence, circles and parts, basic operations of Mathematics.

The core joy of learning Mathematics was presented through logical thinking games by rolling the dice, riddles, puzzles, etc. which helps in sharpening cognitive skills, reasoning and logical thinking.

The efforts put by our students have made the parents astonished and involved in playing mental math games. This small event showcasing the way our students enjoy learning with confidence and hands on experience, was applauded by the parents that have visited our campus today.

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