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The Department of Mathematics under the guidance of the Management had organized a captivating Quiz Competition for Juniors (classes 6,7,8) on 21-12-2023 on the occasion of Mathematics day at Amphitheater of Greenwood. The event aimed to foster a spirit of intellectual curiosity and friendly competition among students while promoting a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

The event was meticulously organized by the Mathematics Department faculty, led by the Head of the Department Mr. Ranga Rao. The competition format included multiple rounds, each designed to challenge participants’ knowledge and problem-solving skills.

  • Motivational Round
  • Algebraic round
  • Arithmetic round
  • Symbol Identification Round
  • Audio Visual Round
  • Rapid fire round

A diverse group of students from classes 6,7,8 who were selected after the scrutiny process of Screening test, enthusiastically participated in the competition. The inclusive nature of the event allowed students to showcase their Mathematical prowess and engage in healthy competition.

G. HimaVamshi (VIII)N. Ojaswith (VIII)Ch. Sai Harshith (VIII)CH. Sahithi (VIII)
L.Jaya Vyshnavi (VIII)K. Sri Gayathri (VIII)V. Hasitha (VIII)G. Shreyansh (VIII)
G. Akash (VII)S. Thaman (VII)B. MeghaVardhan(VII)T. Mani Teja (VII)
P. Anudeep (VI)D. Sravya (VI)S. Vamshi Krishna (VI)A. Harshini (VI)
M. Sathwik (VIII)K. Ankith Reddy(VIII)Ch. Lekhana (VIII)B. Aravind (VIII)
V. Vyshnavi (VIII)A. Varshini (VIII)Dheeraj (VIII)P.Sharanya (VIII)
N. Sai Vidyakar (VII)P. Jaya Chandar (VII)Ashrith Sai (VII)T. Shalini Sri (VII)
M. Lavith (VI)P. Ram Rithik (VI)B. Thirtha (VI)MD. Sufiyan (VI)

The teams are divided into two sets, of which a set plays 3 rounds and another set 2 and the team after the discussion sent their best performer to the hot seat at the quiz for the rapid fire round. As expected, the Rapid fire round was like holding a live wire, with the excitement of the audience cheering for their team to win.

G. Himavamshi Reddy (Aravalli)

Ch. Lekhana (Nilgiri)

B. Aravind (Vindhya)

K. Ankith Reddy (Himalaya)

Faculty members from the Mathematics Department served as judges, ensuring fairness and impartiality throughout the competition. The judging criteria included accuracy, speed, and problem-solving ability, creating a dynamic and challenging environment.

After intense competition, the winners were announced and congratulated by the Academic Principal V.V.V Naveen Kumar Sir, recognizing the top performers for their outstanding knowledge and skills and appreciated the participants from other two houses for making it till there. He also added the importance of acting spontaneous which is always the case in real life and highlighted the importance of Mathematics in all parts of life.


G. HimaVamshi (VIII)
L.Jaya Vyshnavi (VIII)
G. Akash (VII)
P. Anudeep (VI)
M. Sathwik (VIII)
V. Vyshnavi (VIII)
N. Sai Vidyakar (VII)
M. Lavith (VI)


N. Ojaswith (VIII)
K. Sri Gayathri (VIII)
S. Thaman (VII)
D. Sravya (VI)
K. Ankith Reddy(VIII)
A. Varshini (VIII)
P. Jaya Chandar (VII)
P. Ram Rithik (VI)

The Mathematics Department’s Quiz Competition was a resounding success, providing a platform for students to showcase their mathematical acumen. The event not only contributed to the academic vibrancy of the department but also reinforced the importance of mathematics in fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The success of the quiz competition would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work of the organizing committee, faculty moderators, and enthusiastic participation from the students. Special thanks to the beloved Director Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu garu, Academic Principal V.V.V Naveen Kumar sir, Administrative Principal T. Pavan Kumar sir and Vice-Principal V. Suresh Kumar sir for their guidance and support for this Quiz. The department of Mathematics also like to express gratitude to the Quiz masters and Scorer who were very professional during the course of the Quiz. The event left a positive impact on both participants and the academic community at large.


  1. K. Snehitha
  2. Ch. Aapthika
  3. T. Amritha
  4. B. Keerthana
  5. K. Shruthish Reddy
  6. G. Akranth
  7. T. Arun Babu
  8. K. Om

The audience, comprised of students, actively participated in the event by attempting audience questions and receiving prizes from Mr. P. Akhil Reddy Department of Mathematics while enjoying the friendly competition. This not only added to the overall excitement but also encouraged a sense of camaraderie among the academic community.

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