“National Mathematics Day” @ Greenwood Mancherial

Greenwood High School in Mancherial celebrated Mathematics Day ➕➖➗✖️with fervor and zeal, guided by Principal Mr. Chandra Mohan and efficiently administered by Mr. Ayub Baig and ACO Mrs. Fareeda Somani.

The event’s success was attributed to the commendable coordination of math teachers, namely Mrs. Soujanya Latha, Mr. Ramesh, Mr. Ramakrishna, and Mrs. Saba Firdose.

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Students from both primary and secondary levels exhibited their creativity through innovative and compelling displays. The afternoon program, hosted by Meerza Munib Baig and Ch. Sai Tejaswi, featured dignitaries who paid homage to Sir Srinivas Ramanujan and shared valuable insights.

The celebration encompassed a lively dance performance by grades 1 and 2, an inspiring speech by Sudiksha from 9th IIT, and an engaging dance by students from 2nd to 5th grade.

Adding a unique touch, students dressed up as renowned mathematicians, Prahasa as Nina Guptha, Sitara as Shakuntala Devi, Ayan Tez as Child Ramanujan, Shreyas as Srinivas Ramanujan, Rishi Varma as Aryabhatta breathing life into the subject.

A standout attraction was the extraordinary display of mathematical table recitation RRR Random Reversal Recitation, led by S. Thanushri of 8th IIT and K. Abhiram of 4th Lily. Additionally, a skit by 9th IIT girls eloquently conveyed the significance of mathematics in our lives.

Judges, including Mrs. Niharika, Mr. Rajesh Khanna, and Mr. Venkatesh, evaluated and selected the best contributions from both primary from 1st and 2nd classes V.Arjun Reddy, B. Saanvi grabbed prize and from secondary exhibits and in High School 6 th and 7 th classes first prize was grabbed by Madeeha Sadeem and Hanika and Amit chandra and Srithik Harsha and from and from 9th class Ist prize was bagged by B.Geethika, R.Amulya, B.Akshaya and the second prize was grabbed by K.Parichaya and U. Sirichandana with their innovative ideas. The event concluded with a felicitating the dedication of math teachers and mother teachers.

This occasion not only emphasized the importance of mathematics but also underscored the school’s commitment to nurturing a love for the subject among students.

The collaborative efforts of staff, students, and administration made Mathematics Day a memorable and enriching experience for all participants.

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