National Science Day Celebrations at Greenwood High School, Mancherial Branch

29/02/2024, THU

The National Science Day celebrations at Greenwood High School, Mancherial Branch kicked off with a grand ribbon-cutting ceremony, welcoming esteemed dignitaries and guests to explore the exhibits showcasing the wonders of science.

The event was meticulously organized under the guidance of Principal Mr Chandra Mohan and ACO Mrs. Fareeda Somani to the science department Mr. Rajesh Khanna Mr. Venkatesh,Mr. Balakrishnan, Mrs. Sheetal,Mrs. Meera Mrs. Niharika Ms.Shaheen,Ms Tejaswi.

The afternoon session was expertly anchored by Vinuthna and Sai Charan of 5 th Rose 🌹guiding the audience through a series of engaging and enlightening activities.

Importance of Science: Sri Sahasra from 5 th Rose 🌹delivered a compelling speech on the significance of science, emphasizing its crucial role in shaping our world and addressing contemporary challenges. Primary students from 5th class took the stage to perform a skit to express their perspectives on the advantages and disadvantages of technology, showcasing their insights under the coordination of Mrs.Meera.
Scientists photos and explanation Stephen from 5 th Lily as C .V .Raman,
Nihan as A.P.J Abdul Kalam Vainasree from 4 th Lily as Kalpana Chawla.

A tribute to the renowned scientist CV Raman was presented, accompanied by a detailed explanation of his contributions to the field of science.

A lively fancy dress competition ensued, with young talents from pre-primary and primary grades dressing up as community helpers, highlighting the diverse roles individuals play in society.

Athiran from UKG as doctor
Sai Vighnesh UKG as farmer
Manveer from UKG as doctor
Saanvi from UKG as teacher.
Saurya Vardhan from UKG as police.

High school students Ridha from 9th IIT and Vaibhav Rao delivered thought-provoking speeches, inspiring their peers with their insights into scientific innovation and exploration.

The winners of the science expo were announced, with Mahalakshmi from first Lily and D. Shreyan from 2 nd Lily emerging victorious in the primary category.

The high school students captivated the audience with a skit exploring the clash between superstition and science, under the coordination of Mr. Venkatesh
Exciting blindfold activity by B. Aaradhya and a mesmerizing naphthalene magic show by 8 IIT students S.Thanushri and Ch.SaiTejaswi added an element of intrigue and wonder to the event. Principal Mr. Chandramohan delivered a heartfelt speech, expressing gratitude to the organizing committee and highlighting the importance of fostering a love for science among students.

The event concluded with a vibrant dance performance by primary students, choreographed by Shaheen madam, leaving the audience with a sense of joy and celebration.

Sai Charan from 5 th Rose extended a warm vote of thanks to all participants, organizers, and attendees, acknowledging their contributions to making the National Science Day celebrations a resounding success.
We are excited to annonce that Vishnu Sai Varma from grade 6 received
🏅🏆The prestigeous inspire award under the guidance of physics teacher Mr.Rajesh Khanna.

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