ncc a platform for cadets to learn the Army way of life

Erragattugutta (Greenwood High School ) :

The day in the camp starts with the roll call at 6.00 am followed by hour of physical training and outdoor sports such as Cross country running, Kho Kho, Tug of war, Volley Ball and other sports . After an hour rest for Breakfast, the cadets are trained in Drill and other Military Subjects such as Map Reading, Field Craft and Battle Craft as well as motivated to take up adventure sports such as parasailing , Mountaineering , Rock Climbing and Trekking.

The cadets get exposed to the military strategies such as section formation, fire and movement of a group of soldiers to close in an attack by the enemy.

The Cadets also Learn Practical aspect of first-Aid, a basic fire fighting techniques and how to handle of incase of fire emergencies.

The Cadets get instructed in weapon training and also have the chance to handle weapons.

The camp thus help the cadets to be selected for the Republic Day parade every year through the rigorous training.

The cadets get an awareness on Blood Donation , organ donation as well as legal aspects that help them appreciate social togetherness. This helps them to pickup leadership skills and be future leaders.

Cadets also learn to maintain health and hygiene through yoga and other exercises.

Therefore, the camp routine helps the cadets appreciate the four cardinal principles of leadership

  • Obey with a Smile
  • Be Punctual
  • Make no excuses
  • Work hard and without fuss and

The Director Sir Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu appreciated the regimental way of life that cadets learn in the camp which helps them to have skills to tackle future life challenges and thus be model citizens.

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