New Beginning for the New Academic Year 2023-24

Dear Students and Parents,

Finally, the much awaited Monsoon has hit our region and brought a respite from the scorching sun. Around the same time, new academic year has begun too. It’s time for parents and students to get back to that demanding routine, after a month long summer vacation.

Beginning of the academic year presents new challenges, I understand, but also new opportunities, I say.

For the students, it’s an opportunity to start a fresh, leaving behind the last year and last year experiences and set new goals, academic or personal, for the forth coming year. Of course, review, an honest and sincere one, of the last year performance and achievements to take confidence and get going on is always advisable.

When one prepare a plan for the next academic year, keeping the lessons learnt last year in mind and planning not to repeat the mistakes are better be ensured. Remember, each academic year takes you closer to realizing your career and life goals. Wise are those who would see the larger picture and build themselves for the future.

It’s easy to build a wall brick by brick over a period of time than to build it over night.  Likewise, those who build them every year, grow competent enough to deal with any situation and emerge as winners from adverse situations too. So, realize that new academic year is new opportunity to grow and build for that desired future.

For parents, this time of the year is a troublesome period as students who are used to holidays don’t readily change their routine and cooperate. Motivating them to go to school, do homework and complete their assignments on time would be challenging, I reckon. But, it is also of paramount important to follow up with students until they get used to. It’s best if parents can reach out to the school and teachers to discuss the academic plans of the year and encourage the child follow accordingly.

For higher classes, particularly for Class X students, guiding the students to prepare a plan of approach and daily schedule and keeping them motivated to follow the same diligently works wonderful.

I extend my warmest best wishes to everyone for the upcoming academic year.

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