‘Rangoli Competition’ @ Greenwood, Hasanparthy: A Burst of Colors and Creativity!

On 07th January 2024, Greenwood conducted an Inter-House Rangoli Making Competition account of Sankranti Festival 2024. It turned out to be a fantastic experience for our rock star girl students in classes VII to X.

They jumped in with full-on enthusiasm, the kind you usually see during festivals. The whole scene was about boosting creativity, teamwork, and soaking in our culture vibes. We set the stage for everyone to let loose and express themselves using the original and traditional form of art – Rangoli. It was all about bringing out that desi flair and letting the good times roll!

Rangoli making is all about unleashing your artistic side with some stunning colors. It’s like this amazing art form straight out of the Indian scene. It’s a way to let your imagination run wild and free. We create patterns using powdered lime, red ocher, rice flour, colored sand, quartz powder, flower petals, snazzy colored rocks, colored glitters, and more. It’s like an everyday thing in loads of Indian homes, but busting out the Rangoli skills usually goes down during festivals and big celebrations because it takes some serious time.

So, Rangoli isn’t just an art; it’s a tradition, a vibe, and a Desi way to add some color to our festivals. We express gratitude to our ancestors for preserving and passing down this remarkable art form!

144 young girls (24 Teams, Each team of 6 students) went all out, putting in loads of effort and throwing out some mind-blowing ideas. They were so into it! Each student showed off their skills by posting pictures of the awesome Rangoli they made. This competition lit a fire under them, pushing them to shine and show off their creative chops.

The competition saw a brilliant showcase of vibrant and detailed Rangoli designs, each reflecting the distinctive creativity and imagination of the participating students. Themes varied from traditional to contemporary, blending cultural heritage with modern aesthetics.

Moreover, the success of the competition wouldn’t have been possible without the active involvement and guidance of our respected Director Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu sir, Greenwood General Manager – Sri A. Prabhu Kumar sir, Academic Principal – Sri V.V.V Naveen Kumar sir, Administrative Principal – Sri T. Pavan Kumar sir, and Vice Principal Sri. V. Suresh Kumar sir. They played instrumental roles in guiding the teachers, coordinating with the staff, and supporting the students throughout the preparation and execution phases, ensuring the competition a resounding success.

A seasoned panel of judges assessed the Rangoli artworks, considering factors like the design selection, color coordination, how neat and clear it was, the creativity and of course the overall presentation.

The students not only showcased their artistic prowess but also gained insights into the deep cultural importance of Rangoli in Indian traditions. It was about ensuring their designs were top-notch and presentable.In the end, it wasn’t just a Rangoli competition; it was a celebration of colors, creativity, and the awesome talent our students have.

Voting was also conducted to decide the Winners of the Rangoli Competition. The Competition results will be announced shortly.

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