Sankranti Celebrations @ Greenwood Gopalpur

Gopalpur @ Greenwood Group of Schools

Makar Sankranti marks the day when the sun enters the Zodiac of Makar (Capricorn). Sankranti signifies the light; it gives the message of intellectual illumination and symbolizes the end of winter where days grow longer and the night shorter. The festival is celebrated across the country with different names and customs.

ā€œCelebrating festivals in school is to create the spirit of our cultureā€.

With this thought, GREENWOOD HIGH SCHOOL celebrated Makar Sankranti.

Sankranti is a highly regarded festival in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. This festival marks the harvest season. The three-day celebrations are called as Bhogi, Makar Sankranti and Kanuma respectively.

Parents showcased their artistic skills by participating in the Rangoli Competition. The assembly presentation done today consisted of role play of Hari Dasu, Bommala Koluvu, farmers. Students also sang songs, danced and many students dressed up as people of different states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra etc. Bhogi Pandlu was the special attraction of the event.

All students were dressed up traditionally, to create a festive atmosphere.
Kites are portrayed as a symbol of freedom, strength, and glory, The students enjoyed the celebration with a lot of bliss and enthusiasm.

Hope you always soar high just like the colourful kites that dot the sky.
Wishing a very happy Makar Sankranti!!

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