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Science clubs help in the development of scientific attitude and a genuine interest in science and scientific activities. They act as a supplement to the teaching-learning process in the classroom and the laboratory. They enhance the parts of the syllabus on a practical basis.

Mrs. Mary Jones introduced the occasion to the children while Mr. V. Satyanarayan the Principal spoke about the importance of participating in Science Clubs.

After a great start by the senior boys and girls from Abhyaas the global school, today the juniors across grades 3 to 5 have proved their calibre by participating in the science club activities with the same gusto as their seniors.

Bhargav Sai and Bhargav Amruth from Class 4 explained about how the human Digestive System works by using a model.

Gowtham and Prudhvi of Class 3 explained about the Parts of a Plant in a conversational method while displaying a real tree.

Jessica and Preethi of Class 5 enlightened the audience by giving factual information about the different types of Joints in our skeletal system by taking the help of a model. Later they asked a few questions to check how far their audience was attentive.

Finally, Hashrith and Delisha threw some more light on the working of our digestive system.

Club activities encourage students to develop a sense of unity and teamwork, learning how to work with others in reaching the same goals. They help learners develop social skills.

We, at Abhyaas the global school, have marked this day, 19 September 2023 to celebrate Science Club activities.

Mr. Chakravarthy began the celebration by speaking on the importance of Science club.

Boys of Class Succulent 6 performed an experiment on Light, reflection and shadow. They explained about shadows and the conditions necessary for the formation of shadows.

Boys of Class 7 IIT demonstrated and explained about how to recognise acids and bases by using natural indicators like blue and red  litmus papers and turmeric. They also gave examples of neutralization in everyday life experiences. They also showed how to change acids into bases and vice versa.

Boys of Class-8 IIT performed a simple but effective demonstration to explain the phenomenon called combustion, its cause and how to control it.

Girls of Class 8 performed an activity to talk about ignition temperature using balloons, one filled with water and the other with air. They explained about heat and temperature with reference to why we should not use mobile phones in petrol bunks.

Class 7 girls explained about the parts of the buccal cavity and its use. They also explained how and why we should maintain oral hygiene.

Pragna from Class 9 explained about DNA and chromosomes using a model.

Boys of Class-9 IIT took turns to explain about the different parts of a human cell and their uses. They also explained about the components of blood and the different types of blood groups. They also explained about the different parts of the brain and its role in our body. Later, they enthusiastically asked the audience a few questions to test their knowledge about science.

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  1. Being in abhyaas the global school I feel that abhyaas is the best cbse school in bhimavaram because the teachers take personal care towards the children

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