” Maths Quiz – Senior ” @Greenwood Erragattugutta

The Department of Mathematics organized a captivating Quiz Competition on 22-12-2023 as part of GANIT WEEK which is celebrated on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Sri Srinivasa Ramanujan, to promote academic excellence and foster a spirit of healthy competition among students. The event aimed to assess and enhance the participants’ mathematical knowledge and problem-solving skills. The event is graced by the Honourable Director Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu Garu, General Manager Sri. A. Prabhu Kumar sir, Academic Principal V.V.V Naveen Kumar sir, Administrative principal T. Pavan Kumar sir, and Vice-Principal V. Suresh Kumar sir guided and supported us in conducting this Quiz competition.

The competition saw enthusiastic participation from 32 students across 9th and 10th classes from all houses selected after evaluating the screening test for the scrutiny. The participants showcased a diverse range of mathematical talents, creating an atmosphere of excitement and intellectual engagement.

G.AkranthCh.AapthikaS. ParthivK. Bhanu Prasad
G.Sai ShanthoshiN. KarthikB. ArunG. Rohith
M.TrishulM. Bhargav RaoM. Ram CharanA. Nikhitha
S.AbhiramE. LekhyaA. SushanthG. Harshith
K.TharunkumarP. Abhinav SharmaK. Shruthish ReddyK. Koushik
S.AshwikSunsarasinghM. DeepakB. Dakshith
R.Lakshith AbhinavT. SiddharthaS. HaneeshmaCh. Ruthwika
G.RishwanthV. DarwinS. VyomakeshL. Anjith

The quiz is comprised of multiple rounds, each designed to test different aspects of mathematical proficiency. These rounds included general mathematical knowledge, problem-solving, and application of mathematical concepts to real-world scenarios. The questions were carefully crafted to challenge participants while ensuring a fair and engaging competition.

  • Arithmetic Round
  • Algebraic round
  • Geometry round
  • Ramanujan round
  • Logical ability round
  • Rapid fire round

A panel of judges, consisting of faculty members from the Mathematics Department, evaluated the participants based on accuracy, speed, and problem-solving approach. The judging criteria aimed to recognize not only the depth of understanding but also the ability to apply mathematical principles effectively.

After intense competition, the winners were announced and congratulated by Director Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu Garu and appreciated all the participants who made till there.

He further added that the importance of mathematics in real life has grown so much high in recent times and advised all the children to focus on the real life and Act accordingly. He also appreciated the department of Mathematics led by Head of the Department Mr. Ranga Rao for organizing the beautifully crafted Quiz Competition.

S. Parthiv – Class 10
B. Arun – Class 10
M. Ram Charan – Class 9
A. Sushanth – Class 9
K. Shruthish Reddy – Class 10
M. Deepak – Class 10
S. Haneeshma – Class 9
S. Vyomakesh – Class 9

Ch.Aapthika – Class 10
N. Karthik – Class 10
M. Bhargav Rao – Class 9
E. Lekhya – Class 9
P. Abhinav Sharma – Class 10
M. Sunsara Singh – Class 10
T. Siddhartha – Class 9
V. Darwin – Class 9

The Quiz Competition received positive feedback from both participants and audience. It served as a platform for students to showcase their mathematical excellence and encouraged a sense of team work among the participants.

The success of the quiz competition wouldn’t have been possible without the collaborative efforts of the Mathematics Department faculty and the participants.

Their dedication and enthusiasm contributed to making the event a memorable and intellectually stimulating experience. The department of Mathematics also like to extend the gratitude to the Quiz masters and scorer who were very professional during the course of the quiz.

  1. K. Snehitha
  2. A. Lasya
  3. T. Amritha
  4. B. Keerthana
  5. B. Likhith Sheshan
  6. M. Sai Abhinav
  7. R. Loushik
  8. K. Om