‘Social Club Activity’ @ Greenwood Hunter Road

Greenwood Group of Schools @ Hunter Road

Activities encourage children of all ages to pursue their interests, build friendships with other kids, and learn new skills. All of these life skills help to build children’s confidence and give them a sense of accomplishment.

So Greenwood High School has organized Social Club Activity for grade IV on 9.12.2k22.

Social Club activities inculcate various democratic values and qualities like tolerance, equality ,freedom and leadership etc. among the children.

Click below link for Videos of this activity


Our Beloved Principal ,ACO were present as the most awaited Social Club Activity had began..

The programme started with the  dance on the national song of India ,it was the mesmerizing  performance given the pretty girls of Grade IV , the programme  continued  with the importance of  Social studies and its branches .

To teach the children moral values ,life lessons  and to inculcate good manners, social behavior, and respect for elders  a skit have been performed.

There are different regions in India and each region shows different cultures and traditions. Unity in diversity in India is living proof that despite different religions, cultures, and languages people of India live together with love and peace, to show this the children were dressed in costumes representing different states of  India. It was a treat for the eyes to see them dressed in colorful  attire. They  greeted in their local language and prepared famous dishes of that state .

Group photos were taken with all the participants and Words of encouragement were given by Manjula Madam.

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