Special campaign 3.0 /Swachhata Abhiyan/Swachh Bharat Diwas/ Swachhata Hi Seva competition held on 29 Sep 2023

29/09/2023 Fri # Greenwood High School Erragattugutta ( Main Campus )

As a part of the Special campaign 3.0 /Swachhata Abhiyan/Swachh Bharat Diwas/ Swachhata Hi Seva competition held on 29 Sep 2023 at 1030 at 10(T) Bn. NCC warangal under the aegis of the DGNCC, Delhi, six girl cadets of the School took part. The theme of the competition being on:

(i) Waste to Wonder: Creative artistic or functional items from Waste materials.
(ii) Waste to Wealth:- Develop entrepreneurial ventures using recycled materials.

The DGNCC had in a circular clearly mentioned the awards for the directorate level entries.
Thus the battalion level had nearly 30 schools and 11 colleges participating.
The cadets of our school presented a village model with a caption ‘Indian Village over the border’ depicting the war front at the bordering villages in the country.

Using newspaper wastes, the cadets created a normal household, women at the water point and a well designed well. These were laid on a platform of greenery crisscrossing roads over Armed tanks parked nearby.

Cadets who won the first prize in the concept Best from waste.
1. M. Hanshitha – TG2022JWA207441
2. P. Nakshathra – TG2022JWA207461
3. B. Keerthana – TG2022JWA207459
4. T. Sai Rakshitha – TG2022JWA207469
5. E. Haripriya – TG2022JWA207468
6. T. Charvitha – TG2022JWA208508

The exhibit was adjudged the first prize and forwarded to the NCC Group at Warangal by the Commanding officer Col. Ajayand Khanduri.

The commanding officer appreciated the effort of the cadets in bringing out Creative endeavor. He hoped the cadets would further advance over the Group level, Directorate level and the National level.

The cadets were appreciated for their effort by the Associate NCC Officer, First officer S. Radha Krishnan and the Officer Cadet M. Ramakrishna.

The Director Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu appreciated the cadets, the Art team of the School for guiding the students in their effort.

The Principal (Academic) V.V.V. Naveen kumar and Principal (Administration) T. Pavan Kumar spoken on the ways children need to learn to use waste materials in a proper way to have them reused and recycled in a creative way.

General Manager Sri. A. Prabhu Kumar spoken on the need to guide students in Creative paths so that their innate talents can be well unearthed for the future generations.

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