Student Cabinet Election Held in Greenwood @ Hunterroad


Hunter Road @ Greenwood Group of Schools

The day had began with beloved Director Sri. Dr. Girrem Bharadwaja Naidu garuCAO A. Prabhu Kumar garu and Principal Manjula garu hoisting the National Flag and the dignitaries spoke about the value of Vote and the importance of the right to vote with slogans like “YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE”, “BE BRIGHT AND VOTE FOR THE RIGHT”  

Greenwood High School takes pride in preparing the future leaders and familiarizing the students with Democratic Process like elections to make them responsible citizens of our nation. on 09/02/2023, cabinet elections were held in Greenwood High School with lot of fanfair

Elections are a crucial part of democratic process. Elections  give everyone a chance to select their leaders and determine their future. Involving the students in the election process is a good idea since today’s students are tomorrow’s citizens.

School adorned a festive vibe all around. Everyone was excited to cast their vote to select the next cabinet. Since the elections notification was out, there was a buzz in the air all around. Students who had come forward to contest were asked to choose a symbol of their choice and present a manifesto


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The following students have contested in the elections with the symbol mentioned alongside:

Director sir had a talk with all the contestants standing in the elections and gave them his precious word of advice on how to lead and be a good leader. His  words made a deep positive impact towards the contestants.

Election started at 10:30 AM. All the students were asked to vote from classes V to X. The students eagerly stood in a queue to vote.

M. Johnson of VI-Ramanujan said that “I don’t know what to say, but I am happy like everyone else. I am going to cherish these moments” 

K. Aishwarya of VII- Raman said that “I feel so empowered to know that I have a say in electing the school cabinet”

Harish Roy of VIII- Newton said that “I am thrilled to cast my vote for the first time” 

Sana Hurmain of IX- Kalam said that “I am excited to cast my vote and be a part of selecting the next cabinet”

A. Vaishnavi Reddy of X- Kalam said that “I am happy and sad. It’s my last election in the School. Nevertheless, I extend my best wishes to all the contestants in the fray and my best wishes to the new cabinet” 

(Reported by D. Rachana and M. Tejaswi Reddy IX-Kalam

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