Superb Saturday @ Greenwood Hunter Road

In order to reduce pressure on  children and make it more interesting  Greenwood High School has organized  fun day  on every  Saturday.

It was a day full of fun activities and games. Witnessing an enthusiastic response and participation, the excitement started with stories and jokes  presentation by the students which was a great way to showcase their  talent. The students were engaged in an artistic endeavor that fostered their creative spirit by doodling their favorite cool and tasty delicacy.


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Nursery 1 to 10th class

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The enjoyment to the day was enhanced when they had their favourite  potluck lunch .The day culminated wherein the children grooved to the rhythm of the music. The smiles on the students’ faces were proof of the grand success of the day and set the pace for every school day to be as joyful as the Fun Day.

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