A Celebration of Achievement: Greenwood High School’s Prize Distribution Ceremony

On 15th April 2024, Greenwood High School, Hasanparthy held its Prize Distribution Ceremony during a special assembly. It was a big celebration, honoring students from 4th to 9th grade who did well in academics and different competitions.

The event started with a warm welcome to our esteemed chief guest Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu including Academic Principal Mr. V.V.V. Naveen Kumar, Administrative Principal Mr. T. Pavan Kumar. and Vice Principal Mr. V. Suresh Kumar. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu, the Director of Greenwood Group of Schools, was the chief guest who handed out prizes to the young achievers.

Students were recognized for their achievements in competitions like Maths Surprise Test 14 & 15, Brain Hunt – 11 to 16, English Spell Combat – 4and Periodic test 4. They also celebrated success in Art and Craft event like Live Pencil Sketch and the notable achievements in games & sports like 45th Telangana State Level Junior Boys Inter District Handball Championship-2024, Chess Tournament and 8th T-10 Overarm Cricket Sub junior &Senior National Championship.

The ceremony was a special occasion where students and teachers united to celebrate the dedication and achievements of our young scholars. Each winner was cheered on stage by their friends and teachers, with beaming smiles all around. They proudly accepted their certificates, prizes, and badges. To cherish these moments forever, there was also a special photo session with the chief guest and other important guests, capturing the memories for the future.

Maths Surprise Test 14 & 15 tested students’ Maths skills and quick thinking. It wasn’t just about knowing stuff, but using it in tricky situations. The winners showed great skills and understanding of Maths. Here’s a summary of the winners:

Brain Hunt – 11 to 16 : The Brain Hunt Championship at Greenwood High School challenges students to show off their smarts in critical thinking, problem-solving, and general knowledge. Students from all grades compete to be crowned Champion, promoting curiosity and innovation, and a passion for learning among students.Let’s take a look at the list of prize winners:

Spell Combat-4 : Spell Combat is a popular spelling contest at our school where students demonstrate their spelling skills. It draws enthusiastic participation from students of all grades who compete in a friendly but competitive atmosphere. Here’s a brief summary of our prize-winning students:

Cash Prize for Periodic Test-4 Toppers and Summative Assessment – 2 Topper : Outstanding students from grades 4th to 8th, who secured the first Rank in Periodic Test 4, and student of Class IX who secured first rank in Summative Assessment – 2 were awarded a cash prize worth Rs. 500/- and a Medal of Excellence. This prestigious honor was given by Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu, the esteemed school director. Here’s the list of our top achievers.

Live Pencil Sketch : Prizes were awarded to winners of the Art and Craft event, including those who excelled in Live Pencil Sketching, at Khila Warangal. It was a celebration of creativity and talent, recognizing students’ artistic skills. Let’s have a glance at the list of prize winners:

Welcome to Educational world……

State Level Junior Boys Inter District Handball Championship : Greenwood High School proudly celebrates its victory in the 45th Telangana State Level Junior Boys Inter District Handball Championship – 2024. G. Aashrith of IX Vikram Sarabhai Secured First Place in 45th Telangana State Level Junior Boys Inter District Handball Championship – 2024, held at Paidipally, Warangal from 8th March to 10th March.

Overarm Cricket Sub junior&Senior National Championship : Greenwood High School Students secured SECOND PRIZE at STATE LEVEL in  8th T-10 Overarm Cricket Sub Junior, Senior National Championship , organized by T -10 Overarm Cricket Association, Telangana at Hyderabad from 24th March to 26th March.

The Chief Guest’s Speech : The Chief Guest, Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu, delivered an inspiring speech highlighting the importance of learning and knowledge for students’ future. He congratulated all the awardees and thanked the teachers for their support.

The event motivated our students to continue their educational journey with passion. It was a memorable day celebrating excellence and the bright future ahead for our students.

Report by: G. Krishna Rao (Teacher of English)

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Math Trivia 2K22 @ Greenwood Hunter road

Hunter Road @ Greenwood Group of Schools – 28/10/2022 :

Empty minds are a devils house. So to keep the minds of the youth busy and running Greenwood High School held a Math Trivia Junior 2K22 on 28th October 2022. Students of class 6th,7th and 8th were given the opportunity to participate in the Trivia and showcase their talent. The teams were selected with a pre exam written by all the students of Grade 6-8. From them 16 students were selected. Nearly an audience of 500 students had gathered and the program starts.

The program started in the afternoon session with the introduction of all the teams

( Team – A ) – Prajwal Vanchanagiri, Angesh, Amrutha Varshini and G Suhas

( Team – B ) – Hamsika, Md Faizan, Akhil and Shyam Mayank

( Team – C ) – Sahasra , Praneeth, Aarushi and A Harshith

( Team – D ) – MD Zaid, MD Saif , Manvith and Vaishnav

They Introduced the 6 rounds which the teams will be competing in;

  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • General Knowledge
  • Geometry
  • Visual Round
  • Rapid Fire

Our Beloved Principal, Vice Principal, ACOs and one of the most important person Prabhu Kumar Sir were present as the most awaited Trivia had begun.

All the rounds were head within a given time limit to the four teams, audience was also given chance to answer and win chocolates throughout the competition. This made the audience even more attentive towards the questions. With every round the air was becoming heavier as there was a close competition going on, towards the finale Team-C was leading and placed 1st followed by the Runner-up team – A.

::::::::: 1 st Place( Team – C ) ::::::::::::
::::: 2 nd Place ( Team – A ) ::::::

Participation certificate was given to all the students as rightly said participating is more important than winning. Group photos were taken with all the participants and Words of encouragement were given by Prabhu Kumar sir

With this the Math Trivia had come to an end.

Reported by Ishwarya Salla, Mahija Markala, and Samiha Fathima of Class VIII (Newton), with inputs by Ms. Rida, English Teacher.

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