Telugu Bhasha Dinotsavam in Abhyaas The Global School

29/08/2023, TUE

@Bhimavaram,AP #Abhyaas The Global School

Gidigu Venkata Ramamurthi a great son of Andhra Pradesh is instrumental in simplifying orthodox Telugu Literature into easy language which can be understood even by the unlettered layman. To honor this great personality, Telugu Bhasha Dinotsavam is celeberated on 29 August every year to commemorate his birth anniversary.

We at Abhyaas the global school have dedicated this day in his honour by organizing poem recitation by children right from LKG to grade 9.

Sravanthi of grade 10 gave a speech about the greatness of Telugu language while Telugu teacher Shyamala Madam sang a song about the greatness of Telugu language.

The little ones of grades 1 to  3 told a few moral stories and poems.

Finally grade 10 girls collectively sang an inspiring song on Telugu vs English.

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