Telugu & Hindi Club Activities @Abhyaas the global school

Abhyaas The Global School @Bhimavaram, Ap

Today, Abhyaas the global school conducted Hindi and Telugu club activities.

Punya Satya Sri and Eekshitha of Class 9,

Sri Vaibhavi and Mahidhar of Class 6 IIT recited Neeti Padhyaalu.

Srujan, Ganesh, Akshay and Harsha Sai Akhil of Class 8 IIT, Aditya of Class Succulent 6 and Mounica 7th IIT recited a few slokas from the Bhagvad Gita.

Rup Shaker and G Krishna asked a few riddles in Telugu.

Ritwik and Sahvas Class 7 also asked another set of riddles in Telugu.

Vaibhavi and Vaishnavi of Class 6 Gen sang a patriotic song in Telugu called Maa Koddi Tella Dora Tanamu.

Vaishnavi of Class Succulent 6 gave a thought in Hindi

Deekshitha spoke about trees in Hindi.

Mani Teja recited a poem Pani Rinji in Hindi

Guna Shekhar Class 6 translated the names of Weekdays from Hindi to English.

Beshu, Prudhvi, Dinesh, Sravan and Hanuvadh of Class 9 performed a Skit in Hindi.

Dhedeepana Class Shrewd 7 spoke about computer in Hindi.

Aman Khalid of Class 6 IIT spoke about the Indian flag in Hindi

Kudos to the teachers who supported and trained their children to take active participation in the club activities.

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