Telugu-Hindi Hub activities and Math and Science quiz extravaganza at Greenwood @Mancherial.

Under the visionary leadership of Principal Mr. Chandra Mohan, Greenwood High School has witnessed a vibrant celebration of linguistic and academic prowess through the Telugu-Hindi Hub activities. Guided by the dedicated administration of Mr. Ayub Baig and the able support of ACO Mrs. Fareeda Somani, the event showcased the rich cultural tapestry of Telugu and Hindi.

Anchored by the talented Harshith Choudary and Sahith from 5th Lily, the primary school segment dazzled with a variety of cultural presentations.

Students displayed their linguistic finesse by reciting traditional slokams and participating in the rhythmic varnamala geyam, showcasing the beauty of Telugu language.

The art of storytelling was brought to life as young talents narrated captivating tales, fostering a love for literature and oral traditions.

The cultural heritage of Telugu was further celebrated through melodious padhyaalu (songs) and an exploration of Telugu samvatsaraalu (traditional calendar years).

The event seamlessly transitioned into the world of Hindi, with engaging activities including Hindi geyam (songs) and learning Hindi numbers.

The highlight of the day was a short skit named “Mathimarupu Eega,” skillfully performed by the talented 3rd class children. The skit not only entertained but also conveyed the importance of math in everyday life.

The intellectual vibrancy extended to the high school level, with an enthralling Math and Science Quiz ,organized by Mr.Ravi and Mr. Venkatesh .

Principal Mr. Chandra Mohan commended the efforts of both primary and high school students, emphasizing the importance of a holistic education that embraces linguistic and scientific excellence.

The Telugu-Hindi Hub activities and the Math and Science Quiz not only showcased the linguistic diversity and academic prowess of the students but also highlighted the school’s commitment to fostering a well-rounded educational experience.

The event was a testament to the collaborative efforts of students, teachers, and administrators in creating a vibrant learning environment at Greenwood High School School.

  1. Karthik UKG
  2. J. Riyansh (1class)
  3. V. Datri Sahasra (1class)
  4. Aashi Nandan (2Lily)
  5. Shreyan (2Rose)
  6. T. Harshavardhan (3 Lily)
  7. R. Varjith Chandra (3Rose)
  8. S. Arohi (4 Lily)
  9. Y. Hari Charan (4Rose)10. Ch. Siddhi (5 Lily)
  10. Ch. Aaradhya (5Rose)

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