Welcoming New Year In Red 🍒

Gopalpur @ Greenwood Group of Schools

31- Dec,22 Saturday We celebrated Red Day for Nur to grade-2, all the students were in sparkling Red symbol of energy, enthusiasm and joy. They have participated in songs, dance, rhymes few of them shared why they love Red. Students identified all the Red objects during show and tell activity. The variety entertainment was headed and mainly conducted by the pre-primary students of our school. It was a fun and festive day that the children enjoyed a lot.

The students of grade 3 to 7 were also a part of the program at the end they all have written their resolution on the balloon like Improvising our grades both academics as well as in disciplines and trying to be kind to everyone regardless of how others treat us can be considered as a good New Year resolution.

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The Principal Kavita Chawla wished Happy – Prosperous New Year to everyone and concluded the function.

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