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World AIDS Day is observed on December 1st each year  to raise awareness about the AIDS pandemic caused by HIV infection. It’s also a day to remember those who have died from AIDS-related illnesses.

The theme for the year 2023 is “Let Communities Lead”. The theme focuses on the need for social communities to come together to:

  • Stop misinformation
  • Spread awareness
  • Fight stigma
  • Support patients.

World AIDS Day has been observed since 1988. The day recognizes the tens of millions of people living with HIV/AIDS and the tens of millions who have died from AIDS-related causes.

This annual event serves as a reminder of the global struggle to end HIV-related stigma, an opportunity to honor those we have lost, and a rallying cry to commit to working toward a day when HIV is no longer a public health threat.

Over the past 35 years, there has been significant progress in addressing HIV and AIDS thanks to advancements in medical research, increased access to treatment and prevention, and a broader understanding of the virus.

Mt. D. Prabhakar Babu garu, councillor at ART, spoke about the positive and negative sides of using the cell phone. He urged the students to use the cell phone to learn about burning topics like AIDS and Good Touch and Bad Touch.

The program was presided over by Mrs Mary Jones.

D. Harshith Sai of Fantastic 4 spoke about Nutrition while A. Bhargav Sai Krishna and B. Bhargava Amruth of Fabulous 4 spoke about Balanced Diet and the benefits of Exercise and yoga respectively.

Y. Jessica of Furious V, spoke about the extent to which the HIV virus will negatively effect our internal system.

Preethi and J. Hemanth of Fascinate V spoke about ‘Balanced diet’ and our ‘Immune System’

Rishi Varma, Vikyath and Ram Kumar of Class VII  I.I.T, spoke not only about HIV virus and AIDS’s disease but also about the diet that is beneficial to the HIV patient.

Varshini and Bhargavi of Class VII IIT spoke about how the HIV virus effects our body negatively.

Sri Vyshnavi of Class. VI IIT gave a speech on AIDS while Renuka and Dhrushya Ananya spread awareness on AIDS.

B.Sreyas of Succulent VI gave a speech on AIDS Day.

G. Naveen of Elegant VIII spoke about Immunity.

Boys from Class. VIII IIT, N. Akshay Swaroop appraised everyone about the causes of AIDS while P.Sai Ganesh educated all present about the symptoms of AIDS. R.Srujan and B. Sai Harsha Akhil spoke about the Orizons of AIDS.

Girls from Class. VIII IIT, Akshara and Ch. Divya spoke about the Precautions and Prevention of AIDS

Pragna of Naive IX described the Human Immune System’

Druthi.of Class IX IIT spoke about the Symptoms of AIDS

Dinesh, Hanuvardh, Sravan and Beshu spoke about the prevention, symptoms and causes of AIDS while Shahil and Vinay spoke about the different Stages of AIDS propagation.

Finally, the vote of thanks was given by Mrs. Bala Durga.

Kudos to the science department who took special interest in training the students to perform the activities impeccably.

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