A Prize Distribution Ceremony @ Greenwood, Hasanparthy


@Greenwood High School, Hasanparthy,

On 13 October 2023, Greenwood High School, Hasanparthy proudly hosted a Prize Distribution Ceremony during a special Assembly held to recognize and celebrate the achievements of our students in the “Maths Surprise Test“, Brain Hunt, Spell Combat-1, Origami Craft Competition by Classmate, Waste to Wonder Craft Competition held by NCC 10(T) Battalion, Periodic Test 2 Toppers, CBSE Science Challenge-2023 and Felicitation of Mr. Naresh Ananthula.

The guests Academic Principal Sri. V.V.V. Naveen Kumar, Administrative Principal Sri. T. Pavan Kumar and the Vice-principal V. Suresh Kumar have invited the Honourable Director of Greenwood Group of Schools Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu as the chief guest to give away the Prizes to the winners and felicitate Mr. Naresh Ananthula. We, the Greenwoodians, were honored to have our school renowned director, Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu, as the guest speaker for the event as well.

The event was a momentous occasion, where students and teachers gathered to applaud the hard work and dedication of our young scholars. Prizes were awarded to acknowledge the accomplishments of our students. The awardees walked up to the stage, received their certificates, and were cheered on by their teachers and peers. And had a special memorable photo shoot with the Chief guest, guests and student educational secretaries and so on. Here’s an overview of the key lists of the prize winners competition wise:

Surprise Test : The Surprise Test is the part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the fundamental concepts of mathematics among students in grades 4th to 9th. It is conducted on every weekend.To give you an idea of our award recipients, here’s a summary of the winners in Surprise Test -4 & 5 Winners :

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1. K. Vinay                                     

 2. B. Ashrith Sagar                     

3. B. Nehal  


1. M. Rithwik –  James Watt     

 2. M. Eshwar  –  Graham Bell  

 3. Vihan – James Watt  


1. P. Anudeep  – Pasteur           

2. M. Lavith  – Pasteur

3. T. Avishanth Reddy  – Pasteur


1. N. Sai Vidhyakar  – Hippocrates 

2. R. Omkar  – Tesla  

3. A. Rishitha   – Hippocrates  


1. T.Bhuvanyu Sai   – Satish Dhawan

2. G. Akhil  – Satish Dhawan   

3.Ch. Sai Harshith Reddy  – Satish Dhawan


1. B. Dedeepya Lakshmi – IX Satish Dhawan

2. K. Satyanand – IX Satish Dhawan

3. Ch. Ruthwika – IX Satish Dhawan



1. K. Vinay                                    

 2. B. Ashrith Sagar                   

 3. A. chaitanya


1. N. Rishi Varma – James Watt

2. M. Eshwar – Graham Bell 

3. P. Neha – James Watt  


1. P. Ram Rithik  – Pasteur       

 2. M. Lavith  – Pasteur             

 3. Sk. Faizan   – Pasteur


1. N. Sai Vidhyakar  – Hippocrates

 2. N. Laxman  – Tesla    

3.  S. Thaman   – Hippocrates 


1. A.Vineel Chandra – Kalam 

2. G. Hima Vamshi Reddy – Satish Dhawan

3. K. Harshavardhan   – Satish Dhawan


1. B. Dedeepya Lakshmi – IX Satish Dhawan

2. E. Samardhan  – IX Nobel 

3. K. Adithya Raman – IX Archimedes

Brain Hunt Championship : The Brain Hunt Championship is a weekly intellectual competition held at Greenwood High School, Hasanparthy. It challenges students to showcase their critical thinking, problem-solving, literature and general knowledge skills. Participants from all grade levels compete for the title Champion, recognizing outstanding cognitive abilities and creative problem-solving approaches. The event encourages a culture of intellectual curiosity and innovation among the school’s students, fostering a love for learning and intellectual exploration. Let’s take a look at the list of prize winners:


1. Rathod Arohi  – V James Watt

3. D. Varshitha    – VI Aristotle

4. P. Abhinav Goud – VI Darwin

5. J. Rohith  – X Aryabhatta


1. Rathod  Arohi – V James Watt

2. S. Raghavendra – VI Aristotle

3. Ch. Varun – VIII Satish Dhawan

4. B. Suhas – IX Vikram Sarabhai

5. T. Sai Shreyesh – X Aryabhatta

6. M. Sai Abhinav – X Satish Dhawan


1. M. Phanindra Reddy – IV Charaka

2. K. Sahanisha – V James Watt

3. V. Preshith – VI Pasteur

4. K. Sreeshanth – VIII Rutherford

5. M. Thrishul Kumar – IX Kalam

6. M. Adithya – X Visveswaraya

Spell Combat-1: Spell Combat is a highly-anticipated contest at our school that challenges students to showcase their spelling prowess. It garners enthusiastic participation across various grade levels. Students put their spelling skills to the test in a friendly yet fiercely competitive environment. Here’s a concise summary of our prize-winning students:

SPELL COMBAT – 1 Winners


1. B. Ashrith Sagar


1. M. Radhakrishna – James Watt

2. S. Varun – James Watt

3. A. Suraj – James Watt

4. G. Siri – James Watt

5. Rathod Arohi  – James Watt

6. Ayush Jhodi – Graham Bell


1. M. Anurag – Hippocrates

2. A. Rithika – Hippocrates

3. N. Sai Vidhyakar – Hippocrates

4. G. Akash – Hippocrates

5. N. Muni Prasad – Jenner

6. G. Devender – Jenner

7. A. Sai Krishna – Jenner

8. G. Eshwar – Tesla

9. T. Mani teja – Tesla


1. R. Rishi Kumar – Thomson

2. K. Teja Hasini – Satish Dhawan

3. Shraddha Singh – Satish Dhawan

4. D. Sakshitha – Satish Dhawan

5. D. Pranay Paul – Satish Dhawan

6. Ch. Varun – Satish Dhawan


1. N. Sai Kumar – Archimedes

2. T. Sai Teja – Archimedes

3. K. Akshith Reddy – Archimedes

4. G. Aravin – Archimedes

5. J. Vishwa Teja – Archimedes

6. T. Manish – Satish Dhawan

7. E. Shiva – Satish Dhawan

8. S. Srinidhi – Satish Dhawan

9. G. Archana – Satish Dhawan

10. K. Siri – Kalam

11. G. Sai Kruthika – Kalam

12. Ch. Varshitha Priya – Kalam

13. V. Sai Akshith – Kalam

14. J. Suprathik Goud – Vikram Sarabhai

15. B. Thirumal Reddy – Vikram Sarabhai

16. M. Ashwith Goud – Vikram Sarabhai

Origami Craft Competitionby Classmate: In collaboration with the renowned stationery brand, Classmate by ITC India Ltd., Livingstone Foundation International organized an engaging Origami Craft Competition exclusively for students in Grades 5 and 6. This creative even was designed to ignite the artistic potential of our young learners.To provide an overview, here is the compilation of our prize recipients:



First Prize – V. Shreyank ( James Watt)

Second Prize – J. Ayush ( Graham Bell)

Third Prize – P. Atharva ( James Watt)

Class – VI

First Prize – Ch. Manaswith Reddy (Pasteur)

Second Prize – B. Snithika(Aristotle)

Third Prize – Md. Sufyan (Pasteur)

Class – VI

First Prize – J. Suprathik(Darwin)

Second Prize – K. Rithwik(Darwin)

Third Prize – K. Shreansh(Darwin)

Waste to Wonder Craft Competition held by NCC 10(T) Battalion: On 29th September 2023, as part of the Special Campaign 3.0 and in commemoration of Swachh Bharat Diwas, a Swachhata Abhiyan competition was organized at 10(T) Bn. NCC Warangal, under the guidance of the Directorate General of the National Cadet Corps (DGNCC), Delhi. The event witnessed the active participation of six dedicated girl cadets from our school.

The competition revolved around the theme, “Waste to Wonder: Creative Artistic or Functional Items from Waste Materials.” This theme not only emphasized environmental consciousness but also challenged participants to exhibit their creativity and innovation in recycling waste materials.Our school proudly fielded six enthusiastic girl cadets who demonstrated their commitment to the ideals of cleanliness and sustainability.

Now, we’ll provide an outline of the individuals who clinched prizes:

1. B. Keerthana – X Bhatnagar

2. T. Charwitha – X Bhatnagar

3. M. Hanshita  –  X Bhatnagar

4. T. Sai Rakshitha – X Bhatnagar

5. P. Nakshatra – X Edison

6. E. Haripriya – X Edison

Cash Prize for PERIODIC TEST – 2 Toppers: A cash prize worth Rs. 500 (Cheque) was presented to the exceptional students from grades 6th to 9th who secured the first rank in Periodic Test 2. This prestigious honor was bestowed by Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu, the esteemed Director of the school. To outline the achievements, here is the list of our esteemed PERIODIC TEST – 2 Toppers Rankers:



S. VAMSHI KRISHNA – 582/600  –    96.6%


K. AVANTHIKA – 578/600 – 96.3%


B. ARAVIND –  578/600 – 96.3%


T. KRISHI ASHWITHA–459/500-91.8 %

CBSE Science Challenge-2023: Science is woven into our daily lives, enabling a profound comprehension of our world. It empowers critical thinking, problem-solving, and informed choices.

To kindle curiosity, promote inquiry, and cultivate higher-order thinking among students, CBSE had conducted the CBSE Science Challenge 2023, for CBSE school students designed for grades 8 to 10. This test was conducted in the month of April- May 2023 in Two Levels. Level – 1 at school level and Level – 2 across country level. Level – 1 was conducted for the all the students of class 8 to 10 students of our school. Out of them, six were enrolled for level – 2.

1. D. Koushik – VIII

2. D. Sakshitha – VIII

3. G. Arjun – IX

4. G. Karthi Chandra Reddy – IX

5. K. Shruthish Reddy – X

6. D. Kausal – X

CBSE has selected 45 students from class X among CBSE Schools across the country as Best performers.

D. Kaushal – Class X stood as best performer among the top 45 best performers. CBSE has awarded Mr. D. Kaushal with a merit certificate. Greenwood presented a medal of Excellence for his achievement.

CBSE has also given participation certificates to all the level – 2 participants.

The Felicitation to Mr. Naresh Ananthula : On the occasion of the 1st anniversary of the G-Times web portal, Mr. Naresh Ananthula, a distinguished Software Engineer specializing in SEO and SMM whose expertise and dedication have been instrumental in catapulting the portal to new heights achieving a phenomenal 2 lakh CPC milestone, was felicitated and presented with an award by Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu expressing his deep appreciation for his outstanding work. His expertise in SEO and SMM played a pivotal role in boosting the portal’s online presence, engagement, and success.

The Chief Guest’s Speech: Sri. Dr. G. Bharadwaja Naidu delivered an enlightening talk on the beauty of learning things and acquiring knowledge which is the foundation for every student’s future. He also extended his heartfelt congratulations to all the awardees and expressed his gratitude to all the teachers for their unwavering support in this educational endeavor.

The event served as a strong motivator for our students to continue their educational journey with enthusiasm and passion. It was a memorable day that celebrated the pursuit of excellence in all aspects and showcased the bright future that lies ahead for our students.

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